IVF anyone?
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lyly14 - May 9

Hi girls- lots going on here! Everyone seems to be getting good news at there appts.

Lisa- I am so happy your screening went well. It seems like both your babies are doing well

Julie- I never heard of "Zadie". My daughter calls her grandparents "Saba" and "Safta" which is hebrew for grandpa and grandma. Is Zadie a yiddish term?


Jules614 - May 9

Lyly - I have no idea. Have you heard of "Bobie" for grandma? I do think Zadie is Yiddish but I don't know for sure.



vw79girl - May 9

Jules, good luck with your appt. hope everything is good.

Lyly, you will be joining us real soon. :) I am praying for ya

Debbie, I haven't bought anything significant. Just a few Peter Rabbit Books as that will be the "theme" no matter the gender. I am going to paint a mural on the wall this summer. I think you are at a good point to start buying things. My mom insists we start stocking up on diapers starting soon.

Okay, I really need to get to bed. goodnight my friends :)


lyly14 - May 9

Lisa- I hope you are right. Peter Rabbit was the theme for my dd's room when she was born. I still have her crib blanket light switch and a small musical pillow. I had those wall clings that were all the characters on the wall. I absolutely loved that theme.

Julie- I think I have heard bubie before. We never used any of those terms just nana and popa. My daughters grandparents are from isreal which is why she uses the hebrew terms for them.


vw79girl - May 9


TGIF girls!!!


Arabsrcool - May 9

Hi girls,


I'm glad everything went well with your appointment. Sounds like the twins are both going to make it!


hang in there, you are almost there. Pin down your new RE and gets some dates.

I hear you girls on the weight gain. I have lost about 6lbs of the 15 I had gained so far. I am still struggling with the nasty cold and its really put a damper on my eating. My m/s is still here however, plus the drainage, so I am still kissing the trash can or toliet on a regular basis. I started heavier with this pg then I have ever been, 145 lbs, I'm 5'8. I normally weighed about 135-138, but the stress of the whole infertility thing pushed my weight up. I have been pretty lucky that I really haven't struggled alot with my weight until this journey started.

Flower shopping went great, and the orange and purple flowers really go well together. My dd is thrilled.

I don't go back to doc until the 22nd. Was having some pains in the abdomen last night, just hoping it was gas, feel ok today, just stuffy. Hope doc does another u/s on 22nd, but OB I'm seeing is very conservative, so I doubt it.

I haven't started buying anything for baby yet. I am going to wait until I know the sex.....if its another girl (which I think it is) I should have enough clothes if the sizing/season works out.

MY dh is going to get a vasectomy today. He decided that we have 10 embies still frozen, so if we want more kids after this one, we would use those instead of trying a fresh IVF again (which we couldn't afford anyway). Seems weird however, we went through so much to get pg, now he is getting a vasectomy. He is just afraid we would be one of those couples that at 45 find out they pg (you hear about weird things like that all the time when people had trouble getting pg). Hope everything continues to go well with this pg!. He didn't want to wait until we had the baby, go figure!



Jules614 - May 9

Ronda - let me know how your DH feels after his procedure. My DH will begetting one a couple weeks after I deliver. We don't have any frozen embryo's so until i deliver - no procedure.

I have my Ob appointment at 10:30 a.m.



JasJulesMom - May 9

Lisa- So glad to hear everything went great. Both babies seem to be progressing nicely. Since my screening has come back negative the only additional tests I have coming up are the AFP at 16 weeks and the anatomy scan at 19. Wow a 3D u/s sounds great. I was thinking about having one but was not sure about the expense.

Sounds like we all have different names our kids call their grandparents. My dd calls he granmother VoVo which means grandma in portugese.

So my Mom called me last night to tell me she has shingles, I am about to call OB and make sure that I am at no danger or the baby either. Wish me luck!!!


vw79girl - May 9

Debbie~I think that they will just do that second bloodwork for me on the 4th and then measure out my risk ratio from there. I don't think I am having the AFP. Just the anatomy scan (can't wait for that!!!) on June 26th. I still think the little one is a girl and the big one is a boy. That would be amazing!!!

I think the 3-D US costs @ $100. My tech told me not to pay for one that she would just do one on me. I am truly blessed with everyone at that place. They are wonderful.

Ronda, I hope you are feeling better by Sun. so you can enjoy Mother's day. take care of yourself. Just bat your eyelashes at your OB that day and maybe you will get a scan slipped in there. :)

My mom will be called Yia Yia as that is grandmother in Greek.

I am waiting to find out the sexes before buying anything major. I am just thinking how nuts it will be to have TWO of everything. I imagine my mom is going to throw me a giant shower as this is a huge deal that I am finally pregnant. I plan to only register for what I really really need so hopefully I get almost everything.

Debbie, Def. call your dr. re: the shingles. Just to be on the safe side.

Julie, hope your appt. went well. :) let us know

I am so glad it is Friday.


JasJulesMom - May 9

Lisa- Somehow I have a feeling the big one is the girl and the little is the boy. My kids were born that way. He was 7lbs 7oz and she was 9lbs 15oz. Granted they were not twins, but I just have a feeling.

I called my OB and he said since I already had the chicken pox the baby and I are immune to shinglkes. You cannot get shingles from someone just chicken pox from the shingles if you never had them. They also said both my kids should be fine because they both had the chicken pox shot. They just said I should stay away from her as a precaution until her blisters go away. I was laughing and told my MOM I would ring the bell on Sunday after leaving her gift on the steps and then RUN.
She though that was pretty funny!!!


vw79girl - May 9

I cannot wait to find out Debbie...the suspense is fun, but I am so looking forward to knowing!

That is funny about your Mom. Well that is good to know as I have also had chicken pox. I have to be careful working in a school. The nurses know I am pregnant so if anything comes up they can let me know.


Jules614 - May 9

I just wanted to let you know my OB appointment went well. I gained 1/2 pound in two weeks. My blood pressure was 120/74 and Kaitlyn's heartbeat was 145. I will take my diabetes test in two weeks. My next Ob appointment is going to be 6/5. After that one, I will start going every two weeks rather than once a month.



Jules614 - May 9

I have never had the chicken pox - but my blood work says I am immuned.



vw79girl - May 9

I love it when co/workers feel the need to put in their two cents about everything re: baby names, finding out what the sexes are etc. Everyone is a critic I swear and some can be so insensitive. Obviously I experienced both of these things today. grrrrrrr :(


Jules614 - May 9

vw79girl - what did the say?



JasJulesMom - May 9

Great News Julie. Glad to hear all is going well.

Lisa- I defitely am with you. I am at the point I do not want to tell anyone what names we are thinking of because someone always has something to say to ruin it for you!! Just ignore them and enjoy the journey.



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