IVF anyone?
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Marina - May 3

Julie,I wish we could afford 3 times!Our state and insurance doesn't cover anything has to do with infertility.We did not take that deal where you pay $ 25000 and have 3 tries with frozen cycles, because first, we were positive we'll succeed on a first try(don't ask me why,we just did and our doctor was very optimistic considering me as a very easy case) and second,I don't think I could do it over and over again without turning our life into a nightmare.So,we have what we have-may be 2 more FETs(hopefuly I will get my baby from the first) and I'm done.I wish I had a grandpa millionere to sponsor me.We can't go broke ,I still have one child to worry about and put him through college.
Have anybody had saline songram-what this for and why they do it for frozen cycle?I got a call from my clinic (I have an appt.on Mon. for that) and she was so happy to inform me that we have to pay $1200 on Mon. because "as you know insurance doesn't cover it"
We just paid $1500 for all the blood tests and now this?
And they need half for the FET also.In the begining they told as like it's not a big deal-Oh,FET,it's only around $3000-4000.Well,from what I see so far-it's close to $6000.Not include monitoring after.Hopefully it's all worth it.


vw79girl - May 3

I had a Sonohysterogram. I think it is to check the lining and make sure there are no abnormalities in the uterus that will effect the pregnancy. I am not sure why you need one now in particular. I think for me, I had to have one once a year. I can't believe how much it costs! That is awful.
I feel for you with all of the financial issues. If we didn't do that shared risk program through Integramed/ RSC in Lexington Mass. We never could have afforded to do anything else. It seemed to be the best possible chance giving us 3 fresh and 3 frozen if it happened that way. As I had said before, we were lucky enough to have our bloodwork, u/s and meds covered. The other $17 grand was our responsibility. We were done after this fresh cycle as there were no left overs. I too have often wished I had a rich unlcle or grandparent. The loan we took out should be paid off by the time our munchkins are @ 5 years old. BUT...it will be worth it. :)

I know this will all be worth it for you too Marina. Try to have faith and hang in there. Where do you live that your ins. doesn't cover anything?


Marina - May 3

Lisa,I live in Minnesota and my DH and I-selfemployed(we are hairstylists) and we have to buy our insurance,nobody provides it for us.Not to mention,it cost us $700/month for 3 people,they don't cover until you are with the regular OB at 8 weeks.
Yeah,I hear you with your loan-and it's probably on the top of your house,cars ,ect.At least ours is.
I guess it's in my interests to have that sonogram done to check if everything ok after what happened.
Sorry for whining.
I see you passing 12 weeks mark! Yahoo!!!!


lyly14 - May 4

Lisa- that is so funny about the names. I hate when a perfectly beautiful name gets ruined by an annoying kid! lol

Marina- I can't believe that you pay so much for you health insurance and it doesn't cover your bloodwork or water sonogram. What are you paying for? That is a bit ridiculous. I can understand fertility meds, IUI or IVF but all that bloodwork. Those were medical tests not fertility. They are looking for thrombophilias and other disorders. That is crazy. As far as the water sonogram I have never had one either. Maybe because you had such a late m/c they want to check your uterus to make sure you don't have an abnormality that will cause you to be unable to carry a pg to term. I have a feeling my new RE is going to make me have one before I do the FET also.


Jules614 - May 4

Lisa - I can't wait to hear what the sexes are of your little ones. I am so happy for you!!!!

Marina - I understand not being able to come up with $25,000. If it wasn't for insurance covering IVF, we would have never been able to afford it. We are struggling with the thought now of having 2 children. I decided to give up a high profile job in the city to be close to home in case my children need me in a time of emergency. I believe family comes first. Especially after what I have done to get pregnant both times - I am not letting anything slip through my fingers.

Well it's late. I have my best friend's baby shower tomorrow. Kaitlyn is kicking as I type.



Marina - May 4

Lyly,the insurance we got is Medica for induviduals,and for some reason they consider these tests as an infertility testing,it drives me crazy because the sonogram is not exactly for IVF,they do it for many other reasons and I'm going to talk to my RE about this-maybe he can put this in different words so they can look at this test as a post m/c follow up or something and cut the cost for it somehow.And I really don't think anything is wrong with my uterus,maybe it's a standart procedure before IVF/FET,may be they need to see if I don't have any polips or cyst,the lining-I'll find out more on Mon.
You are VERY LUCKY you live in one of a very few states that cover IUIs and IVFs-at least you don't have to worry about financial part as the rest of us do.And the price we pay just riducules-the rest of the world do it for half of the money.But...this is totaly different story!


lyly14 - May 4

Marina- That really stinks. The blood tests you had were for clotting disorders that women with miscarriages often have. You are actually at risk for dvt, thrombosis, stroke, etc if you have them which are medical not just for miscarriage/infertility. You should really talk to your insurance company about getting them to cover some if not all of it. It is worth a shot. The worst that can happen is that they may say that they were not medically necessary (since you have not had a clot or stroke then why look for these disorders). The sonogram also looks for fibroids as well as polyps all of which are not necessarily just a fertility problem. Maybe if you claim you have irregular bleeding and that is why they are doing this sono you can get that covered too. I really hope they pay for these tests, it is a shame that you have to pay out of pocket for the IVF let alone all the other stuff. I am fortunate that my insurance covers everything. They originally told me they would not cover the ICSI, because dh is not on my plan and it is for male factor, but when I got my explanation of benefits I saw they paid for it. I am waiting for them to realize and take back their money and charge me. I think that it would be so stupid for them to cover the IVF and not the ICSI given the chance for failed fertilization. The fact that they would be willing to pay out all that money with the chance of complete failure seems silly, but then again insurance companies aren't really logical. Good luck with the whole insurance thing. You are paying alot of money for your insurance. You deserve a break and if you fight it the right way you may get somewhere. Just get you doctors to justify the medical need (not just for fertility).


vw79girl - May 4

Well Girls...Here I am at 12 weeks finally...sigh. I was so happy to see that ticker this morning!

Debbie, I am having my anatomy scan on June 26th so I am a couple weeks behind you. I can’t wait for that one. On Thurs. they said the u/s will be 70% accurate, combined with the bloodwork will make it 90% accurate. How was your scan itself? Did they tell you anything that day? and how did the bloodwork end up? I just want Thurs. overwith. It is hard to know how you will feel if things come back at a high risk as they say the tests aren’t completely accurated especially with twins. My OB said it is much more difficult to pinpoint things when there are two in there so who knows what we will find out.

Jules...I KNOW...I can’t wait to find out what they are too!!! :)
How was the baby shower? I bet those are so much more fun when you are pregnant yourself. I love that Kaitlyn is always kicking when you are writing to us. I can’t wait to feel that kicking. Do you remember when it really started?

Marina, that is so much per month considering what they won’t cover. What insurance co. are you with? Since you are a hair stylist, I will tell you that I got my hair cut on Friday. It was down to my shoulders with lots of layers. It was kind of getting long and stringy so I went back to my a line bob which always looks cute. Not quite stacked in the back but I am thinking of going a little shorter so the angle is more dramatic.

Resh and Ronda how are you guys doing?

Jen, I bet you are still floating on cloud 9 after your good number on Friday.

Lyly, only a week and a day until the 12th! :)



jenfrancis - May 4

Lisa - Yay on the 12th week!!! Awesome! You are doing great! I talked to my sister and she said one of her twin boys was always behind! He was smaller in the womb and was born nearly half pound lighter. But today, his head is bigger, cant wear hats we just bought him, and he is wider and taller! SO what do ya know!

Marina - I bet the insurance did not cover it because of the diagnosis the lab put down (or the dr). My dr. knew we were out of pocket and they put pregnancy as the diagnosis (not infertility). After all it is for us trying to get a pregnancy.
Either way, fertility diagnosis and testing should be covered. I would have thought you would have a deductible too, anything after the deductible should be covered! I will be sure not to choose that insurance.
Chin up, this may be the magical cycle! I hope the FET goes great!

Jules - I am so thrilled to read about Kaitlyn kicking too, it always makes me smile!

Heck yeah I am on cloud nine! Its heaven knowing everything is going fine! I am on a countdown till the 14th! I will come back right away and tell you guys what we see. :o


vw79girl - May 4

Thanks Jen, I so hope that is the case with my little angel. I feel like 12 weeks is a turning point and if something were to have gone wrong with that one by now, if it wasn't meant to be, it wouldn't still be fighting.

A great book I am reading among others: The Pregnancy Bible(Your complete guidee to Pregnancy and early Parenthood). Stone and Eddleman are the editors. It's an excellent book with some great pictures. I love reading what each week will bring in my books and knowing that one more week is under my belt. :)

Marina, sorry I didn't see that you had said which Ins. Co. it was. I have never heard of that one.


lyly14 - May 5

Hi girls- I hope everyone had a good weekend. I have only one more week to go before I see the new RE. I am going to call my regular guy this week to get copies of my medical file and check if they have heard anything as far as their contract. I am still having the consult with the new guy regardless.

Lisa- I pray you have 2 perfectly healthy babies when all is said and done with this pregnancy.

Marina- when do you leave for your vacation?

Julie- How are you doing? Any spotting or bleeding?

Debbie- Any results yet?

Ronda and Reshma- How are you girls doing?


JasJulesMom - May 5

Hi Ladies so much to catch up on . I was so busy this weekend. My kids are toooo active but I guess better that then them sitting in front of TV. Between Dance, baseball, birthday parties grocery shopping and laundry work today seems like a vacation.

Anyway just got off the phone with the lab and my screening came back negative. So as they explained since my age is 37 I would have had a 1 in 350 chance of Trisomy 18 since the test came back negative , there is now a 1 in 10,000 chance. As far as Down syndrom my age would be 1 in 100 but with the screening the odds are now 1 in 1056. So I am happy fopr now. The next test will be at 16 weeks AFP for Spina Bifida.

Lisa they did not say anything to me the day of the test about the ultrasound. They only thing I heard was today. Since the numbers are good, I am not going to follow with an amnio.

Lyly- Seven more days, you must be getting so anxious.

Lisa- My friend also had twins. One always smaller than the other. She actually delivered at 29 weeks because she had an incompetent cervix. Bigger twin was 3 lbs 15 oz smaller 3 lbs 1 oz. Now they are almost 5. Smaller twin is now larger. So keep the faith and good luck with your screening.


vw79girl - May 5

Thanks Debbie, I am hoping all of these success stories with people with twins(one being larger than the other) hold true for me. I too worry as I am also 37. That is great that the numbers are good and they aren't asking for an amnio. I am so happy for you. That is such a sigh of relief I am sure. Thursday cannot come soon enough for me. I really think then the week 16 test will be fine for you too. Yay! :)
Thank you too Lyly...I appreciate all of the positive thoughts and prayers. I was looking at my u/s this morning and the little one really doesn't look that far behind in comparrison anymore. Unless it is me just doing some wishful thinking. One more week girl! and then you can get the ball rolling. :)

Lower back pain...anyone else having any. I am really feeling it today.


Jules614 - May 5

JenFrancis - I am so happy to hear you are on cloud 9. Pregnancy i such an amazing gift!

Lyly - Glad you are seeing a new RE. What made you decide to change. I am feel better - thanks for asking.

JasJulesMom - Glad to hear your kids are active.



lyly14 - May 5

Julie- I had originally decided to see a new RE only if I had to do another fresh IVF. Since my last one had such a hard time with my retrieval I felt it was in my best interest to try someone else. The new one is listed as a center of excellence on my insurance plan and I know people who used him and after trying for over 10 yrs he finally got them pg. In the mean time I really wanted to stay with my current RE for the FET but since he keeps getting pushed off by the lab as to his rights to use it I went ahead and scheduled a consult (couldn't hurt right). I figured whoever came through first. The new RE actually owns and runs the lab that my old guy was using. So instead of waiting for him to get his contract I went straight to the source!


JasJulesMom - May 5

Julie glad to hear you are feeling better.

Lyly I definitely think you made the right decision changing to the new RE. Who has time or patience to sit around and wait for a new suggestion.

Lisa- I am sure Thursday will be fine. Pregnancy is so funny, all we do is wish and hope for it to happen and then as excited as we are when it does, we also are worried for all 9 months, not to mention the rest of their lives.



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