IVF anyone?
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lyly14 - May 1

Julie- with the internal u/s they don't always see a polyp on the cervix especially if it is small. I think they actually have to look in there. I had a cath before but I was really young I don't really remember much except it wasn't pleasant.


vw79girl - May 2

Julie~ Glad to hear that everything was well with you and the baby. It is strange that they can't pin point what the heck is going on with the bleeding. I am glad you had the ultrasound for reassurance though.

Girls~ I had my first OB appt. today, the breast exam and internal etc. My OB seemed very enthusiastic and hopeful that everything with the Nucal will go well. I will have that in a week on 5/8. My weight is on target I guess. I am 127 lbs. and have gained 4 lbs. since the last time they weighed me which was 4 weeks ago so the nurse said that is fine and that one lb. to 1.5 lbs. a week is good and normal. It is possible that I have a yeast infection. The dr. wasn't sure if it is that or the progesterone. I had a lot of discharge but again he said that is normal. He tried to hear the heartbeat on that doppler thing. He said that he would do an ultrasound if he couldn't hear the heartbeats from the babies or at least one of them. He kept hearing mine so he did the ultrasound!!! They both looked good and I saw the heartbeats on both. Twin 1 was very active and thrusting up and down and waving. Twin 2 looked to be napping but I was psyched to see that it looked like it was still growing. Honestly, it looks almost as big as the other one but I am sure when they do the measurements etc. it will still be a little behind.
I felt really good when I left there today but I know I will be nervous as it gets closer to the test next Thurs. Keep them both in your prayers if you will. :) :)

Debbie~ They said they will know right then and there when they do the u/s and see the measurements if everything is okay or not. What is the blood test for exactly as I know they are doing one on me just before the u/s.

Good luck tomorrow Jen! Fingers crossed and prayers for you!!! My beta that they did the third time was 7717. That is when everyone insisted it was twins. AND...they were right.

Ronda and Reshma and Lyly, hope you girls are doing fine. :)


vw79girl - May 2

I forgot to add that today she did the u/s on my belly finally instead of internally! :) a nice change~!


JasJulesMom - May 2

I know what you mean Lisa about the belly ultra sound. It was such a long time coming but so much less invasive. They said they send the blood to a lab because apparently the baby releases different hormones into the blood and based on the levels they measure, it can determine whether or not you are at higher risk for abnormalities. That coupled with the nucal measurement will determine whether or not they feel you should do further testing.

Lyly- I have my fingers, toes and everything else crossed for you. It is getting so close now. Before you know it you will be on the 2ww. The 12th is just around the corner.

Julie- Glad to hear the baby was doing well. Hope you can get to the bottom of the bleeding, I know it must be driving you nuts.

JenFrancis- Good luck today. Hope your numbers are GREAT!!!


Jules614 - May 2

Lyly - Thanks for the encouraging words.. ha ha ha

vw79girl - So glad your twins are doing well. i think you will do just fine. Kaitlyn is kicking my right side as I type away!

JasJulesmom- 13 weeks - you must be relieved to be free of your first trimester!!!!



vw79girl - May 2

Jen........:) how were your numbers?


lyly14 - May 2

Debbie- Only a week from Monday! I am going to call my RE on Monday and ask for copies of my records. I feel like a traitor, but I have to do what is best for me and unfortunately waiting for him to get his contract is just too hard. I guess I will know where I stand on the 12th.

Jen- I am praying your numbers are great! Keep us posted.

Julie- Sorry but hopefully you wont be bleeding anymore by then and you wont need the cath! Is is any better today?

Ronda and Reshma- Where are you girls? How are you doing?


Jules614 - May 2

Lyly - only a drop of blood this morning - but some days I have a drop and later it omes back. I never know.



lyly14 - May 2

Julie- I have the same thing everyday for the past 6 weeks or so being on the bcp. It is really annoying, but you have the added worry of the baby. It really stinks.

Marina- How is it going? Did you start you bcp yet? When do you start the lupron?


vw79girl - May 2

Girls, when I was on the bcps, all of the spotting made it so confusing. I only did them once and told them I was not doing them again. I felt like I was constantly having my period, hated it! :(

Lyly, THANK GOD we had vacation last week, this cold raw weather stinks!

How are Ronda, Reshma and Marina?

On Sunday I will hit the 13 week mark! :)
I go to church every Sunday and pray for all of my girls. I am so thankful to have all of you to talk with!



lyly14 - May 2

Lisa- I hate the bcp I was only supposed to be on them for a few weeks and then do the transfer in April but obviously that hasn't happened. Not to mention I am really not supposed to be on them because of my risk for blood clots, then again all the IVF meds put me at the same risk and so does pregnancy. So no matter how you look at it I am at risk!

I can't wait for the warm weather to come back. My dd keeps trying to run out of the house without a jacket. She doesn't get it. I keep hearing "Mom it is spring, I don't need to wear a warm jacket!". This weather really stinks.

13 weeks? Is your ticker behind?


Jules614 - May 2

I think I spotted in between periods when I was on BCP. That was so long ago. Haven't been on BCP in 8 years!


vw79girl - May 2

Lyly, I am a dork, I meant 12 weeks. 3 months...safety zone. So yeah my ticker is right. :)


jenfrancis - May 2

Numbers Ladies -

Ok, my first beta reading at 10dpt was 224, today they expected at least 2000, I got 3400!!!!

SO, ANY PREDICTIONS AS TO HOW MANY Little Boogars are in there?
Still could be one, right?


Jules614 - May 2

jenfrancis -

Great numbers but even the high ones end up singletons. Given you put 3 back, chances are there may be twins in there.



lyly14 - May 2

Lisa- That's okay it's called baby brain. I felt like for every brain cell my daughter got when I was pg with her I lost 2!

Jenfrancis- Thats great about your numbers, things are looking good. I have a feeling it is only one little one in there, but one healthy baby! You will know soon enough. When do you go for the u/s?



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