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RB - April 30

Hi Girls,

I need your help with something. A friend of mine runs a counselling centre for cancer patients. She has a 26 yr old law student who has cancer and needs to start chemo but is afraid that she will become sterile and wants to have her egss harvested and frozen so she can have a baby later on. My clinic doesnt do this and i wondered if any of you could find out if your clinic could do it and what would be the cost etc. If you could send me a contact name and email address at your clinic i can always follow up with them directly.



RB - April 30

sorry girls...i'm making up for lost time...i just realised i crossed the 200 day mark...199 days to go!!! YIPPEEE!!!

I am a few days away from making it through the first trimester and i am so relieved.

2nd trimester, here we come!


Jules614 - April 30

Reshma -

I am no longer affiliated with my clinic but their name is Fertility Clinic of New England in Reading MA.



vw79girl - May 1

Lyly, If the Nucal Scan comes back abnormal, I still don't think we will do the amnio. My husband and I have talked about it a lot and we both feel that after almost 5 years of infertility, we are prepared for whatever God thinks we can handle. It is such a hard decision. Working in a school, I see what you do on an every day basis and I can't imagine it would be easy for us or for the child/ren. I am trying to keep the faith that the Nucal Scan will come back okay. Our OB isn't pushing us to do the amnio at all. I am interested to see what he will have to say tomorrow when I have my appt. I am sure we will talk about it more. I still feel that with twins, it would be so hard to make that decision of reducing to one if something were wrong or possibly wrong with the other. I feel like we would be choosing. :(


vw79girl - May 1

Reshma~glad you are back...missed you. :) Tomorrow I will cross the 200 day mark. I would like to see Baby Mamma, it looks cute.

My place was Reproductive Science Center in Lexington Mass. and the contact number is: 1-800 858-4832. I don't have an e-mail for anyone there and I have been released from there at this point. I am also not really sure if they do that at my Center. I am sure if your friend called they could point her in the right direction.

I totally can see my belly expanding. I have never seen it stick out so much. It is so weird to see your body just gradually changing in that way. I went back in my personal journal to my Dr. appt. with my Gastrointestinologist in Jan. to get an accurate weight before we started any of the drugs for the invitro. I remember writing it down. This way when I get weighed in tomorrow I will have an idea of where I am at so far. I haven't bought any new bras yet but sure need to soon as I am busting out of my 36 C's. I looked at D cups the other day and they look almost too big. I feel like I am inbetween.


RB - May 1

Thanks for the info gilrs...i'll pass it on to my friend and she can call and get more information. Lisa, i actually found your clinic through the fertility directory on this site and they do in fact do the egg freezing so i am sure she will be in touch with them.


jenfrancis - May 1


Maybe its from all the shots in my belly since January, but I think my stomach already sticks out! LOL!!!
Hahaha and the baby is the size of a piece of rice!

I am so bloated and fat that I cant wear my old pants!

My clinic is the Genetics and IVF Institute, Fairfax VA. They do it all! Including Microsort, which is in clinical testing. That is where they can sort out the sperm between male and female!
You tell them what you want to have and they sort the sperm into groups to give you a better chance of having what you want!


Jules614 - May 1

I have had another episode with bleeding - I am getting more and more worried and am going to try and see the doc again today.



JasJulesMom - May 1

LIsa- They did do the scan the same say. They also stick your finger and take five drops of blood. Just as Lyly said all this is only to screen to see if you are at risk for any abnormalities as Down's or Tri 18. If you come back at high risk then they suggest you do an amnio or CVS. If not they just suggest you do the AFP at 16 week along with the anatomy u/s at 20 weeks. I have already scheduled my anatomy scan for June 11. That u/s is so cool. You can see the blood moving through the babies body as well as they measure all there parts and can tell you if it is a boy or girl. Can't wait!!! That's when all the buying adorable stuff begins.

Reshema- I used IVFNJ. Apparently Dr Darder is pretty well known in the infertility world. They are located in 5 locations in New Jersey. Glad you are back. That 200 mark is big. Entry into the second trimester is even bigger.

Julie- Hope all goes well. Lets us know how you are doing.

Ronda- I am so afraid of the scale. I have my OB appt next Friday. I think I gained 4 pounds this month. I hope I do not get yelled at. I really do not want to gain more than 25 lbs for the whole pregnance. Not sure how I am going to make that happen.


JasJulesMom - May 1

AWWWWWWWW....I just noticed I moved on to the next flower on my ticker/ yet another milestone.

So glad I have all of you to share this with. I think some of my friend might think I am crazy, especially about the ticker excitement.


jenfrancis - May 1

Julie -

I am praying for you! I wonder what it could be at 5 months along! Strange!

Take care! I am worried with you!


vw79girl - May 1

I weighed myself at home this morning...hmmm. On Jan. 21st. when I went to my Gastro Dr. I weighed 110 lbs. This morning when I weighed myself I was 125. I feel like that is a lot in that amt. of time. Though I remember them weighing me at my retrieval and a few weeks ago when I had my first appt. with the Nurse and both times I was 122. My weight has always been screwwy due to the Crohn's but to those of you who are at that 3 month mark, is 15 lbs. a lot to gain from the beginning? I think I was just unusually thin at that point in January for some reason. I had a stomach flu in Dec. and had lost like 8 lbs. from being so sick and not being able to eat.

Julie, I hope everything will be okay. Stay positive. Hopefully it is fine. :) Praying for you that everything is safe and good.

Debbie, I just crossed the 200 day mark!!! :) I am about a week behind you. and yaaaayyyy for you!!! Isn't gaining about 4 lbs. a month pretty normal? I really feel like I have no idea of what is normal to gain for the entire pregnancy. I need to look that up.

Jen, I remember being really bloated after the shots. I bet that is a lot of it.

I feel like I am overly anxious to see my OB today and see what he will have to say to me. I really would like to have another u/s today as well.


lyly14 - May 1

Lisa- Unless things have changed they say 25-35 lb weight gain in expected for people who are average weight more if you are underweight and less if you are overweight. I gained 50 lbs with my daughter and was only able to take off 30lbs after, but I had just lost 20 lbs when I got pg. Everyone is different. I wouldn't stress too much about it. Some months you will see a big gain and others will be less.

Julie- My thoughts are with you. Have they said you have a low lying placenta or anything? Dh's cousin had a baby girl 8 months ago and she bled throughout her pregnancy. Let us know what the doc says.

Debbie- Its okay to be excited. Every day of a pregnancy is filled with worry and joy for girls like us! Enjoy the little happy moments!


vw79girl - May 1

Thanks Lyly,
Being petite, I knew I would show a lot faster but I was just a little taken back by the scale this morning. :O My stomach seriously has popped in the past week though. I find myself always resting my hands on it. hehe

I am so glad we had vacation last week. The weather was so much better, it has gotten chilly out this week.


jenfrancis - May 1

I find myself guarding my belly at night while sleeping. I will wake up and find both hands on my tummy. Guess its incase hubby rolls over onto me.
I think we all become a little guarded and protective from that first moment we find out its positive.

Lyly -

I cant wait for May 12th for you! Fingers crossed big time!

Tomorrow is my appt 7 AM for follow up bloodtest. I pray the numbers have doubled, or even tripled :) Smile.
All day I will be sweating out till they call me. I will update you all.
My first numbers were 224 10dpt. So I calculated one week later the numbers should be at least 2240 if they double at least every other day.


jenfrancis - May 1

[quote author=JasJulesMom link=board=12;threadid=5034;start=690#49094 date=1209647131]
AWWWWWWWW....I just noticed I moved on to the next flower on my ticker/ yet another milestone.

So glad I have all of you to share this with. I think some of my friend might think I am crazy, especially about the ticker excitement.
I feel the same way about my ticker! LOL! I love that cute little muffin already!
I will be crazy along with you too!! HAHA ;D



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