IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - April 24

RB - They said the cause of my bleeding can be from the yeast infection. When you are pregnant, yeast infections can cause bleeding.

Lyly - I am so sorry you are having pain. I hope it is not another cyst but it kind of sounds like it could be.

Ronda - I am so glad you are starting to feel better.

Marina - So glad your tests came back normal - though that can also be frustrating because you don't have a solution to your infertility. I remember going through tests and all they could tell me was I had "unexplained infertility." I had wished they did find something wrong so that I could fix it.

Debbie - are you going to genetic counseling because you are 37. I have so many friends that got pregnant at 38 and every one of them had a perfectly healthy pregnancy.

Lisa - I hear you about the constant worrying while being pregnant. I am so glad that your little ones are both holding on. I bet they will be fine. How are you feeling? Any m/s? What is the Jenny McCarthy book about?



lyly14 - April 24

Julie- Unfortunately I am prone to kidney stones, which is what i thought it was. My primary did an x-ray yesterday and said she didnt see anything but that doesn't really mean anything. In the past they saw them by sono not x-ray. I don't think my stones are that big since I usually pass them. When she pushed on my left side it hurt and she said it may be ovarian. Of course my RE said it was unlikely it was a cyst because the bcp, but I never go along with the usual so who knows. The pain kept me awake last night but seems less severe today. Hope your infection clears up quickly.

Marina-I forgot, Lupron is the best way to control the cycle for FET because they trigger you to ovulate still so they have precise timing and easier to plan the exact day of the transfer. Without the lupron they have to monitor you more closely and don't have much control over when to do the transfer. They have to do it at a certain time, so it is really a preference for the RE. I Think the new RE uses lupron. Like I said the fastest way I can get it done with me as healthy as possible is the way I will go. I would prefer not to use the lupron because I am afraid of getting another cyst but I will if I go with the new guy and he wants me to use it. I will have a better idea of what is going on tomorrow. I'll keep you posted. That would be funny if we end up doing them at the same time after all!


vw79girl - April 25

You definitely know you are pregnant when you go and pick up take out and you feel like you are going to cry when you realize they gave you a large salad when you asked for a small and the cashier insists they don’t have smalls and that I was supposed to ask for a “side” salad. Instead of just making it easy it was like a ten minute conversation.
I feel like my emotions really got the best of me today. I was snappy at dh for no reason and when I was in the shower listening to some sappy song, I started to cry. Until now I have been pretty good. It’s just one of them days I guess.

Dh saw me come downstairs in my little nightgown tonight and he put his hand on my belly and was like wow, it is really starting to look like you are showing. I smiled and I felt one of those warm fuzzy moments.

Lyly~ I too am prone to kidney stones. grrrrrrr Have had many pass on their own and many needed help with Lithotripsy (to break them up to make them pass) unfortunately. One time I had a nephrostomy tube put into my back because the stone was so big and it had to be broken up and then like sucked out or something. I know, gross and let me tell you...painful. Hope your pain subsides.

Jules~ No m/s and other than being emotional today and hungry constantly, I feel great. :) The Jenny McCarthy book is a book about pregnancy and all of the things that nobody really tells you. She is really blunt about things and tells it like it is through her experiences. It’s cute and funny to read. A breath of fresh air to all of the technical things and stuff you get in the typical pregnancy books. Sorry to hear about the infection. Pregnancy sure throws us curve balls doesn’t it.

Marina~ Going through all of this is enough but to have it be “unexplained” is the worst. That is what they categorized us as and it drove me nuts. I just wanted something to go from, something to rectify. My heart goes out to you as I know how frustrating that is.

Ronda~ That is great about the belly bands. My RE had originally said I could go off the progesterone after week 9 but my OB and I both decided I am going to just stay on it every other day through week 12. For me, I think it’s a good idea. I worry that I will start spotting if I go off of it. It is only 50 mg. once a day every other day and I figure two days of shots and two days of suppositories isn’t that bad.

I am exhausted tonight and already in bed at 8:30
Goodnight my friends~ ;)

lol sorry this post was so long


Marina - April 25

Lyly,they did schedule my transfer-it's June 13.And now everything tied up to this date.I'm starting bcp Sun. or Mon.(hopefuly,if my period comes on time,which is tomorrow or Sat.) and Lupron-on May 14.
Yeah,I think you right, part of it-it's for their convinience.
O well,the timing is right for me anyway-I have time to do my gardens and get the pool ready and decorated-so later on I can just lay around and relax.
Good luck tommorow!


lyly14 - April 25

Marina- At least you have peace of mind knowing when. It doesn't matter which protocol your RE uses as long as he gets you pg. That is all that matters.

Lisa- The kidney stones stink I know but I have not had it as rough as you. Sorry to hear yours sound pretty bad. I have always passed mine, but I usually get pretty bad infections to go along with them. I actually get the kidney infections more often than the stones. I had a horrible time with my kidneys when I was pg with my daughter. I guess she put too much pressure on them and I ended up in the hospital with massive kidney infections. I was on antibiotic almost my entire pregnancy because they said the constant infections were not good for me or the baby. Hopefully you don't have the infection issues along with your stones and you don't get any during this pregnancy! Did they ever figure out why you get them? I had my first one at the age of 12 and it was pure calcium, they never could figure out a cause for me. They just told me that if I continue to get them along with the infections they can cause permanent kidney damage.


Jules614 - April 25

Lyly - That is tough about being prone to kidney stones. They are even more common in pregnancy so be careful for when you are pregnant. Are you feeling any better today?

Lisa - Such a funny e-mail. I cry for no reason either and I just blame it on my raving hormones! You are not alone. What is the name of the Jenny McCarthy book?

Marina - I can't believe they schedule your transfer so far in advance. I didn't know mine until 2 days before it happened. The lab waited to see how many follicle I had and scheduled according to how I am reacting to the meds. Are you doing a FET?

Hubby took today off. We are cleaning the sheds and the house for our yard sale tomorrow.



vw79girl - April 25

My stones are uric acid stones from the ostomy bag that I have due to the Crohn's. Luckily, I have been stone free for 4 years and I am on a mild medication to help with them. I get checked by my urologist every 6 months to make sure everything is okay. Usually through an ultrasound and a urine sample.

Jules~ good luck with the yard sale and the book is called Belly Laughs. It is a paperback.

Marina~ I too was surprised how far in advance they scheduled you but as long as you get in there, that's all that matters.

I am off to grocery shop and watch a JV baseball game (hubby coaches the JV boys at the HS that I teach at). This is my last day of vacation and then in 9 weeks, I have the summer off. I love being a teacher :)



Jules614 - April 25

Lisa -

Thanks for the book name. I just spent 2 weeks with my MIL. She has Crohn's real bad - she has had constant surgeries and everything. Her daughter has it as well.



lyly14 - April 25

Hi girls- Okay so I have been to 2 doctors this morning and it isn't even noon yet. No cyst on my ovary :) Uterus and ovaries look good. My RE seems to think I have a stone despite the fact that my primary seemed to think it was ovarian. I told him I had blood in my urine but the primary blamed it on my spotting. My RE told me that if it was a clean catch urine (which it was) then unless I was bleeding heavier it wasn't from the spotting. So now I have to check back with the primary. Fun! Everyone says its not their area and sends me away. Meanwhile, I am feeling a bit better. If it is a stone, I am sure the pain will be back. The Endo went well. They told me that even though my thyroid levels were technically in the "normal range" they were higher than they normally like to see and put me on synthroid. I asked her if I should hold off on the IVF (as if I actually have a choice right now ) and she said she didn't see any reason to wait. So I am at least cleared in that respect- Now if I could only get someone to put my little embies back in.

Lisa- I haven't had a stone in almost 7 yrs, but I still remember what they feel like. I was kind of feeling like I should have had and u/s instead of an x-ray, but I guess I will call later and see what the urine and blood showed. I am not really all that familiar with Chron's but it doesn't sound pleasant.

Julie- I am feeling better thanks. The stones I can handle it's the infections that get me. Fevers, vomiting and major back pain is something I can do without, but I know I had that when I was pg with my daughter, so if it happens again it will be a small price to pay to have my family complete.


Marina - April 25

Lyly,it's a good news!At least ,you don't have to put off your FET!
Julie,Lisa-yeah,they can schedule FET that far in advance because they monitor my cycle with drugs-first with bcp for 21 day,than with Lupron and they know the exact date+- 1day.It's not like a fresh cycle,they dont need my ovulation or folicules,just the right window of implantation and good lining.


Arabsrcool - April 25


Wow, you have had a busy day! Aren't doctors lovely!!!??? Not their department and off you go. Well, at least you don't have to hold off on FET and medication should help bring your level into a "more normal" range!


That is great that you have a date. Now you have somehting to work for!


You suck......you picked the right profession being a teacher! I often have thought I should have changed my major way back when in college to be a teacher. However, I really don't think I have the temperment for it. I like my jobs most days, but don't get summers off. Lucky you!



lyly14 - April 25

Ronda- I like to think I have the best of both worlds. I work in a school and get all the vacations and summers off, but I don't have a classroom full of kids all day long. I do speech so I have no more than 5 kids at a time and in a half hr poof they're gone and a new set comes in. I love it, but couldn't imagine being a classroom teacher. They have so much do deal with, I don't envy them. Having the summer off definitely has it's advantages. That is why I don't want to push off my FET too much more. If I have to do another fresh IVF I want to do it over the summer while I am not working. It is just less hectic and I don't have to worry about being late to work or taking days.

So now I am waiting for either my RE to call with good news (that he got his contract and can use the facilities) or my appt. with the new RE whichever comes first. For now I will continue the bcp. You know, I haven't had a period in over 5 weeks. Now if I could just get this spotting to stop it would be great. At least I know I can be ready to go whenever the RE can schedule me and don't have to worry about waiting to get my period. That's a few less hurdles to jump over to get to the finish line!

How is everyone feeling?

Reshma- How are you holding up? Still on bed rest?


vw79girl - April 25

Lyly, whenever they used to put me on bcp's I always used to spot and it drove me crazy. That is good for you to have the summer off to do the fresh cycle if need be. My retreival and my transfer both happened during our Feb. vacation. The timing couldn't have been better. I rested fully that entire week and I think it is the best thing I could have done. I really relaxed and did nothing. All of my other times, it was during school and I had to take days off etc. I still think the assisted hatching and the progesterone shots played a big part but the timing and resting couldn't have hurt.

Jules~ Sorry to hear that about your MIL. Crohn's can be horrible if it isn't under control. I suffered for almost two years before they finally diagnosed me. I have had several surgeries and hopefully no more. Having the ostomy seems to be treating me well and I am only on one med. I often wonder if my baby/babies will have it because I do. Is your MIL's daughter fighting it or is it not affecting her too much?

Ronda~ what do you do for a job?

Reshma~how are you feeling?

I am off to eat again!!! :) :)



Jules614 - April 25

Lisa -

MIL was late being diagnosed - she is heavy and most people with Crohn's are thin. It took her until she was almost on her death bed to be diagnsed. Her daughter has it but was diagnosed at 16 yrs old. She caught it early and has ha it completely under control with no attacks. MIL has had MANY surgeries....



vw79girl - April 28

Hope everyone had a good weekend! :)

Back to school for me tomorrow blahhhh! :P

I watched Father of the Bride II today and found myself crying at the end. What a hormonal sap I am.


lyly14 - April 28

Lisa- I am not looking foward to going back myself. This vacation went quick, quicker than usual! Don't feel so bad about crying when you watch movies. I do it all the time and I am not even pg. Hard to blame the hormones, but at least you have an excuse.

I got a call from my primary doc today. She said my urine culture came back positive. I am almost positive I have a stone. The pain is much less, but is now lower so it is moving. I just hope this antibiotic keeps me from getting a kidney infection.



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