IVF anyone?
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vw79girl - April 23

Thanks Jas/julesmom! I am very excited that things are going well. ... what is your first name?

I heard from my OB today girls. He pretty much said that he was surprised the little one was doing as well as he/she is but very happy. I guess we will monitor me every few weeks through ultrasound. I have my first actual appt. with him on May 1st. He suggested today that we have a Nuchal Translucency test between weeks 12 and 15) on the little one. Have any of you ever had this? I guess it is an ultrasound that checks for chromosomal abnormalities. It finds those who are at high risk and may need further testing.

Jules, thinking of you and hoping everything is okay with the bleeding.
Reshma, is that the same as what you had?

Lyly, I am glad you find comfort in this forum. I hadn't been on all day really and couldn't wait to log in tonight to see how all of my girls were doing! :) hang in there sweetie.

Has anyone read Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs? I am reading it now. Cute book.



lyly14 - April 23

Lisa the test you are talking about is when they measure the fold in the baby's neck during a sono. If it is a certain thickness they say it is an increased risk for downs, but you would need an amnio to confirm downs or no downs. Many times they say you need further testing so if you get it done and they say you need more testing, take the results with a grain of salt and wait for amnio. That is the only thing that can tell you for sure if you have chromosomal abnormalities.


JasJulesMom - April 23

Hi Lisa, my first name is Debbie. The test you are talking about was offered to me also. MOstly due to my age. I am 37. I am going for genetic counseling next Wednesday to decide wjhat test if any we decide to do. Apparently nothing is more accurate than the amnio and I definitely need to know what kind of risks go along with that test. I will let you know what I find out.


vw79girl - April 23

Thanks Lyly. All of those tests seem so scary. :( I feel like it takes a lot of us so long to get to this point and it is unfortunate that once you are pregnant, you can't just totally enjoy it and you have to worry about all of this stuff y'know? I have also heard that some people get false positives, worry their entire pregnancy after having these tests and then have a normal baby. My husband and I decided we weren't going to have an amnio and the OB is fine with that. I guess he just wants to do this test because the little one is behind and he wants to make sure everything is ok. Sunday is our Easter and I remember when I first got pregnant thinking, I just want to get to Easter and be 11 weeks and almost at that 3 month safety point. Almost there. :)


Marina - April 23

You know Lisa,it's a very tough and personal choice,because there are risks involved in these tests.And you right,a lot of false results.And some people would never do an abortion no mater what,so there in no sence to do the test(or maybe emotionaly to get ready)But if you know for sure that you wount be able to handle a sick child,you have every right to make this choice before it's too late.It sounds very cruel,and my DH and I made a choice not to do this,but deep inside I always had this fear-what if?So,you have to talk to your DH about this,get all the facts and not let doctors to push you to decide.

Julie,how did your appt.go?
AFM,all my testing came back normal,so I give up looking for reasons.I don't know where to look anymore.Just mark it as an unfortunate accident and hope next time we'll be more lucky.


RB - April 23

Hi girls,

Lisa I totally agree with you...dh and i were talking about these different tests the other day and i dont know if i want to know...i havent discussed it with my OB yet.

Debbie, i would love to know whatever you learn from your genetic counselling session.

Jules...good luck today!

Lyly...how are you feeling today?

Oh..someone asked if i had the same thing as Jules...no i think placenta previa is when the placenta has dropped and is covering the cervix...i had placenta abruption (partial) whihc is a separation of teh placenta from the wall of the uterus.


Arabsrcool - April 23


Yeah, I've read Belly Laughs, its very cute.....and tells you some things that are not covered in What to expect when expecting!

I've got to tell you girls, yesterday I felt great, no meds (and of course I was thinking what if this means something went wrong?)...however today, not a great day, woke up at 3 am sick and have felt pukey ever since. Guess that means everything is ok with baby.....maybe the m/s is going to start letting up. I'm done with progesterone tomorrow and cannot wait!



RB - April 23

Ronda - sorry to hear you had a bad day. Maybe once you're off the progesterone it will begin to ease. I have to continue with it for one more week - but i had the pessaries not the shots so it wasnt too bad.

Julie - what did your OB say?

Marina - i guess the good news is that since all your tests were normal, the odds may be in your favor this time around. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed. I am really hoping that things work out for you and Lyly this time around.



vw79girl - April 23

Debbie~ I am also 37 but my OB offered it due to the enlarged yolk sac which isn’t even visible now and the fact that the little one is behind. I look forward to hearing what you find out as I will be going the next day to see my OB. At that point I will be 11 weeks and he said that test is to be done between 12 and 15.

Marina~ funny you seem to have had the same exact conversation Dh and I had this am. He said that after this test we should just put it in God’s hands and how could we possibly choose between one or the other. I have faith that if something was really really wrong, the little one would have vanished by now. Sure it is a bit behind in size and by about a week but the heartbeat is as strong as the other and that has to mean something right? That’s good that your tests were normal. I too am praying for you and Lyly for this time around.

Julie~ How are you doing girl? I hope your appt. went okay.

Reshma~ I feel like if we are on the same page as our dh’s then that is all that matters :)

Ronda~ Sorry to hear your queasies came back. Hopefully it won’t be much longer.
Yeah, Jenny McCarthy sure is blunt about everything in that book... haha.



Jules614 - April 24

Hey guys - I will have to wrte personals alter - Just wanted you to know they checked my cervx and there is indeed a little blood. They measured the baby and checked the hb and then felt my cervix to make sure it was closed and long. They did a culture on me and my east infection never cleared up so they have me on another applicator antibiotic. Joy joy!



Arabsrcool - April 24

Hi girls,

Just wanted to drop a quick note that my bella bands came yesterday and I LOVE them. Today I am wearing my regular pants, totally unbuttoned and unzipped and my pants are staying up. It also is not cutting into my belly and very comfy!. I highly recommend them if you are struggling with what to wear because maternity pants are too big and regular pants are too small. It just looks like I have a scruchy type shirt on underneath my regular shirt. today is the last day of progesterone and I am so happy!!!!!!


What does the blood mean? Yeast infection sucks, how long have you had it?


I'm glad they didn't find anything wrong, but on the other hand that doesn't give you the answers you want. It was just a one time event and this time when you get pg, things will be just fine. FET here you come!



lyly14 - April 24

Ronda- that is great about the bella bands and no more progesterone!

Julie sorry about the infection, but at least the baby is okay.

Reshma- I am feeling much better emotionally thanks for asking. I guess I was just having a bad day.

Well tomorrow I see the endocrinologist and my RE. I have been having some pain on my lower left side and am going in to check if I have a cyst. I will let you all know how both appt.s go tomorrow.


Marina - April 24

Hi girls,
I'm glad there is no major changes to worry about here! :) :) :)
Lyly,I've asked the nurse from my RE office about Lupron(you know,I'm still not convinced I should do Lupron if I don't have to,especialy to travel with it and have the shots on a plane and figure the time-we have 8 hours difference),but anyway,she explained me,that this is the best way to control the cycle(and the MOST effective),plus-and this is very important too-to avoid cycts,so they won't have to put off your transfer!
I know how impatient you are,but remember,you already were off the procedure once because of your cyst,so maybe this time you should go the longer road and try to be as safe as possible?It's just my thoughts, trying to help as much as I can.We all in the same boat and share our expiriences.Ask your RE about this.


RB - April 24

What we women have to go through! ::)

Julie, did they say what was the cause of the bleeding?


lyly14 - April 24

Marina- thanks for the advice but the lupron is what gave me my cyst the first time or so thats what my RE and Dr. Jacobs had told me. The initial dumping of the fsh and lh by the pituitary from the lupron caused my follicles growth and lead to the cyst. So I am happy to not have to take the lupron. If I have one right now, I may be more apt to think it is the bcp but I am not even sure if I have one or not. I will know more tomorrow.


Jules614 - April 24

RB - They said the cause of my bleeding can be from the yeast infection. When you are pregnant, yeast infections can cause bleeding.

Lyly - I am so sorry you are having pain. I hope it is not another cyst but it kind of sounds like it could be.

Ronda - I am so glad you are starting to feel better.

Marina - So glad your tests came back normal - though that can also be frustrating because you don't have a solution to your infertility. I remember going through tests and all they could tell me was I had "unexplained infertility." I had wished they did find something wrong so that I could fix it.

Debbie - are you going to genetic counseling because you are 37. I have so many friends that got pregnant at 38 and every one of them had a perfectly healthy pregnancy.

Lisa - I hear you about the constant worrying while being pregnant. I am so glad that your little ones are both holding on. I bet they will be fine. How are you feeling? Any m/s? What is the Jenny McCarthy book about?




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