IVF anyone?
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Marina - April 21

Lisa,it's wonderful!You know ,my friend's babies were the same way-one meashured right on time and one -one week behind,but both were perfectly healthy and had a strong heartbeat.They were this way the whole PG.
Julie,can't see the pictures.I don't think you can post them here like on your other forum.Or maybe you can,but in the other window,by your name


vw79girl - April 21

Thanks so much Reshma :) I think so too! :) Seeing them moving around was so amazing. The heartbeats were so fast and sounded like a washing machine hehe.

Wow, Marina, that is great news! I hope that is the case for my twins! :) Thank you for the bit of reassurance. I am on cloud nine tonight and hope that my OB is very happy when he calls me tomorrow after he reviews all of our information from today. I am on vacation this week from school which is great. I needed a break, the kids were getting crazy and ready for a vacation too.

I will have to think of another boy name and another girl name if it happens to be two of one or the other. hmmmm


lyly14 - April 22

Hi girls- I see everyone has been really busy on here.
I have been busy myself. I am on vacation from work for the week, so I have decided to get stuff done around the house. We moved my mother into a different room in the house a few weeks ago and we still had so much stuff left in her old room. My mother is such a pack rat. She had so much paperwork from over 20 years ago. It was amazing how much junk she was hiding in her room. It took me almost 3 days but the room is finally empty :) Now I have to get dh to spackle and paint the room. :P

I calle the new RE today and can't get an earlier appt :( So I guess May 12 th is the day unless my regular RE calls me before then. I guess whatever happens is meant to be. I am thinking I wont be doing my FET until June now >:(. Maybe I will get a good birthday present this year. ;)

Lisa that is great news about both twins with strong hearbeats still. :D


Arabsrcool - April 22


Sorry to hear you cannot get into the RE until 5/12. I know the waiting is terrible. Has your old RE worked out his issues with the lab? Are you thinking you may just go with the new RE since its his lab? When do you see endo doc?

Sounds like you have been busy moving your mom around....its amazing how much stuff you can accumulate over the years!

Keep your spirits up, I have confidence you will be posting your own ticker soon!



lyly14 - April 22

Hi Ronda- Thank you for your kind words. I hope you are right. I am having an emotional day. Can't help but thinking about my friend who just had her second baby about a week ago. With her first baby we were both pg together only a few weeks apart but I lost mine at 5 1/2 weeks and she now has two beautiful children a girl and a boy. That was my first pg with dh and now 1 chemical and another m/c at 11 weeks I have nothing (except of course my beautiful dd from my ex who desperately wants a sibling). I am so frustrated with the whole situation it is not even funny. At this point whoever gets me in faster is the one I am going with for the FET then if need be I will definitely go with the new RE for a fresh. My old RE still has not worked out their contract with the lab, but said he will call me as soon as he knows something, whenever that may be. I go see the endo this coming Friday so I will keep you posted.


Arabsrcool - April 22


You are entitled to an emotional day. You have been through alot to try and have a child with dh. Its really scary to think about all it of collectively. Just remember to take it a day at a time. You have frozen embies waiting for you.

It hard not to compare to a friend that seems to have all that you want (children wise), and its definetly not fair. Some people just have all the luck that way and most don't even realize how lucky they are!. They take it for granted, as most of us did at one time, that when you want to get pg and have a child, you can and will.

Try to keep busy and remember, you are moving in the right direction with the appt with endo on Friday!



Jules614 - April 22

Lyly -

I am so sorry you are going through what you are. I am in the same boat as you. All my friends were having child after child getting pregnant on their first try - some didn't even want kids and just got married because they got pregnant. Here we are struggling to get pregnant and people who don't plan it get pregnant.



jenfrancis - April 22

I really hate to read the sad news from any woman on this forum who gets negative results. This is a frustrating and emotionally draining process.

I really have been there.

I am also elated that many women on here dont give up and keep persisting! I get so excited to hear the great updates from the pregnant women!

I will keep you all posted on my results Friday 4/25.


vw79girl - April 22

Being 37, I have many friends who have kids who are well into grade school and still having more, I also see a lot of HS students getting pregnant which is so so hard. I was so tired of hearing, when the time is right, or maybe it isn't meant to be or the best one...you're trying too hard. Some people can be so insensitive and just don't get it. Keep your chin up girl, we are all praying for you to have a good appt. on the 12th. And just remember you have those precious little embies just waiting to implant in you!

have faith~
Lisa :)


lyly14 - April 22

Lisa you are so right about the stupid things people say. It is amazing to me how insensitive people can be. I remember when I had my last m/c someone had the nerve to say "At least you a child". As if that makes it better. You would never say to someone who has 2 kids and ones dies... at least you still have one left.

You girls are the reason why I am so glad I found this forum. Thanks for all your support. I am truly happy for all of you girls who are pg and even happy for my friend who just had her 2nd baby. It was just a cruel reminder how long I have been struggling with this since we were both pg at the same time with her first. Now I am sitting here with 3 embies and no way of getting my FET done any time soon. That was the part that was irritating me. Not that the first IVF didn't work, not that this FET may not work and not even that it feels like everyone around me is pg or having babies, just the fact that we can't even try. I know I am not giving up, but today I am really aggrevated thats all. I know you all understand the struggle so I am venting here. Tomorrow will be a better day!


JasJulesMom - April 22

Julie- I did not have gestational diabetes with either child and as you can see I gained alot.

Lyly- I was the same was last year. My friend who was on b/c and did not even want another baby found out she was pregnant and just had a beautiful baby boy. I was devastated after 4 years of trying and stress and expenses. I did not really even have the ability to be around all her happiness. Although I know that is selfish it happens. I know things will be great for you this time. I want to send a ton of baby dust your way. Stay strong!!


JasJulesMom - April 22

Lisa congrats on the twins!!!

Reshema how are you feeling? Is everything ok with the placenta?


Jules614 - April 22

Just an update - I am seeing my OB tomorrow at 4:15 for the bleeding. The nurse said it can be placenta previa because it does occur in the middle to late stages of being pregnant. I will be checked out and then they will decide if I need another u/s. I probably gained a ton of weight too being on vacation for 2 weeks.



RB - April 22

Jules, sorry to hear about the bleeding. I hope everything is ok.

Lyly, your frustration is totally understandable...i've had my share of insensitivities from people...many assumed dh and i were so busy with our careers that we didnt want kids...how far from the truth they were! my baby sister, my firiends, co-workers all were getting pregnant around me - some of them even had PCOS and got pregnant just like that! it was hard to be around them sometimes. I so understand how you feel.

Have faith though hon...i always believed that i was meant to be a Mom and it would happen one day and here i am...pg and hoping that it all works out but taking nothing for granted...i truly believe that this will work out for you .... you have all of us rooting for you and your embies who are just waiting to get nice and cozy inside your tummy!!!

Sending lots of sticky baby dust your way



JasJulesMom - April 22

Julie Good luck tomorrow. Let us know how it goes, I hope all goes well.


vw79girl - April 23

Thanks Jas/julesmom! I am very excited that things are going well. ... what is your first name?

I heard from my OB today girls. He pretty much said that he was surprised the little one was doing as well as he/she is but very happy. I guess we will monitor me every few weeks through ultrasound. I have my first actual appt. with him on May 1st. He suggested today that we have a Nuchal Translucency test between weeks 12 and 15) on the little one. Have any of you ever had this? I guess it is an ultrasound that checks for chromosomal abnormalities. It finds those who are at high risk and may need further testing.

Jules, thinking of you and hoping everything is okay with the bleeding.
Reshma, is that the same as what you had?

Lyly, I am glad you find comfort in this forum. I hadn't been on all day really and couldn't wait to log in tonight to see how all of my girls were doing! :) hang in there sweetie.

Has anyone read Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs? I am reading it now. Cute book.




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