IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - November 26

there are 2 sets of needles you get - there is the syringe and then another set that reads 30G 1/2. Those are the ones you shoot the stuff into your stomach with. Does that help?


lyly14 - November 26

I guess i have the right stuff. I have one set of 3cc 22g 1 1/2 inch syringes and sub q needles that are 27g 1/2inch. I guess I use the 3cc syringe to mix and the 27g 1/2 to inject, but I don't think I have enough needles and syringes. They gave me 18 syringes and 10 1/2inch needles. I think I am suppossed to use the 3cc 22g 1 1/2inch for the progesterone too. Those are the intramuscular needles. I guess i will ask pending what that cyst is doing and if I am continuing. Thanks for the info.


Jules614 - November 26

No problem - good luck tomorrow.

My stomach is sooooooooo bloated it is ridiculous. I had hubby touch it. I have black and blue marks, red circles, hard bumps.. I am starting to feel miserable... I feel like I have been probed one too many times. I wonder how much longer I will have to take the repronex for.

Hubby and I are still freaking out about the butt shot. He is afraid of jamming it in me. Will you be using the 1 1/2 long syringe? I don't know how this isn't going to hurt like hell!!!!!!

Don't mind me, I am babbling! Did I send you the info my clinic gives on giving shots yet? If not,

To see presentation go to:


In the middle left hand side you will see a yellow/blue box titled "Click here for injection training forum"

Under select a video below - pick which injections you want to watch.


lyly14 - November 26

Thanks for the info. I did watch the videos and they were basically the same as the ones on the site my RE referred me to except yours showed how to mix the repronex with the needle and syringe, so it was better since that is what I have.

Anyway I just go back from the RE and things are not looking good. The cyst looks like it got bigger, but my RE said it could be the same but since he wasn't the one who measured it on Sat could be the reason for the difference. He said it is sometimes hard to see the borders and different people get different measurements. He still didn't cancel the cycle. He told me he has to see the bloodwork but more than likely I will up my lupron to 20 units and come back in on Thurs for more bloodwork and U/S. If it doesn't get smaller by then we will reschedule for the end of Dec. I am actually not crying today although I am pretty sure it will get cancelled!


Jules614 - November 26

Lyly -

Stay positive there is a reason why they have not canceled yet and that is hope. I am so sorry you are going through this. What does your hubby say? Does he support you?

I have cried MANy times today. I am an emotional mess.

I had such bad anxiety that I slept 3 hours last night. I got up at 3 and could never go back to bed. I did some work, cried for a while, and then took a hot bath.

I then went for my u/s this morning. I have 4 follicles on my left ovary that are not really big at all. But then my right ovaries has about 3 or so that are from 18 - 20.5. And then I have 8 or so that are between 7 and 16.
I was told depending on my blood work, i may do a trigger shot tonight.

Hubby and I are not being supportive of each other - kinda fighting because he is sick of hearing me complain and talk about it. I feel like I have NO support - then all my friends call me about their perfect pregnancies and I sit ther ehappy holding in my tears!

I contacted my clinic about counseling because I am just not doing well.



lyly14 - November 26

Julie- I am sorry to hear things are not going well. I can completely relate. Dh doesn't say much on the whole thing. I think men and women are so different in the way they handle these things. We need to talk about it and they need not to talk about it. He is supportive at times and not at others. I guess that is why there are sites like these. No one can understand unless they are in it. I have learned to ease up on him a bit about it, the whole process is stressful enough. He knows what he needs to know and we talk about what we need to, but anything extra I vent out here or with the few understanding friends I have. As far as having NO support your are wrong. You have plenty of support here! I know you wish it was coming from him, but just give him time. We need to realize how much pressure they feel and how hard the process is for them to deal with. I'm sure he feels like he doesn't know how to help you through this and that can make them feel useless.

Is your RE happy with the amount of follies? How many did they say is a good number? Mine said anything over 15 is probably mature.


Jules614 - November 26

Lili -

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and words. I appreciate all the advice on our hubbies. I do have to cut him some slack.

I heard back from the lab! I will be taking my trigger shot tonight. They are calling me later with a time. My E2 was at 1959 and they said I had 14 good size follicles.

So, this is it. My ER will be Wednesday and the other piece will be either Friday or Saturday. Not sure when yet.

Hopefully, after tonight I won't be so freaked out about the shots. I think I am going to call a social worker later on to discuss my anxieties. The clinic referred her to me.

Hopefully you too can continue your process and I can tell you how the shot was. I wish I could fast forward a month... don't you?

So, now you are waiting for Thursday to come to see where you stand, correct?



lyly14 - November 27

Julie- How are feeling ? Bloated from the trigger?
Now I am having a bad day. I thought I was ok with everything but I am not. I took the 20 units of lupron last night and I was so cranky, but I am not sure if it was the medication or just everything else. I started thinking about this stupid cyst and now I feel like this cycle is a waste. And to top everything off my laptop is infected with a virus! I have so much stuff to do today and I am feeling overwhelmed. I wish I could have just stayed home from work to get things done , but I have a lot to do here too. With that being said, I should probably get off the computer and actually do my work!


Jules614 - November 27

Lyly -

It's not just you, it is the Lupron. The Lupron affected me in the worst of ways. I cried all the time and was angry all the time. In fact all the hormones really messed my emotions up. I have my first therapy appointment Thursday to meet with someone about dealing with my emotions through this process. I have more bad days than good. I cried all day and night yesterday. I would suggest finding a therapist to work with as well. This is a very tough time for you and I - and we need all the help we can get.

The trigger shot has made me a little more bloated - I have major discahrge when I wipe.

The trigger was not bad at all. My friend who is a nurse came over for moral support - but I still wanted my hubby, Greg to do it. Monday was a great TV show because I watched "How I met your mother, the big bang theory, 2 and a half men, and all in the family or whatever that last show is." And of course the last show was about infertility and testing for it. Talk about the timing. My friend and I chatted until about 10:30. From 9:45 - 10:30, my hands could not stop shaking from fear. Then I took the ice pack that comes with the medication and put it on my bum. Immediately my skin got white and hard - like freezer burn. Then I read the package saying not to use as an ice pack - my bad! So, I grabbed a handful of ice cubes and kept them on my bum. It was pretty numb after about 9 or 10 minutes. Then Greg pulled the needle up and I broke down crying hysterically. Greg and my friend had to calm me down. I did exactly what Christine suggested - I leaned on the opposite foot that was not getting the shot and leaned against the couch. My friend and Greg both said, ready, set, go. I was like, Are you going to stick it in and Greg said he was done. I didn't even feel it go in. I must have done some serious numbing!!!! My friend said Greg didn't even bend his finger and that he did a great job. When it was all said and done - I just kept breaking down crying and Greg was hugging me, He said, "See what I do for you - I would do anything for you." I then put the hot pack on it. It isn't too sore today - just a red mark from the freezer burn. I only bled a drop - but all is good and I am shot free for 36 hours... woo-hoo!

Tomorrow is the ER for me. I know, I am the last person to do it in the office that day. The nurse said that I picked the busiest day! Lucky me. No biggy. 10:45 a.m. is still not that late. I am not really nervous about that part. I have not been put to sleep since I had my wisdom teeth out - but I am sure I will be fine. probably just emotionally exhausted.

As for you stay positive - i know how hard that is. I try not to let myself get excited about the possibility of being pregnant - so I get somewhat negative which is probably a big NO NO!

I would be panicked as you are and would probably feel the same way. I don't blame you for your thoughts and probably can't tell you anything to make that worry go away. Just know I am here for you and completely understand how emotional it can be as well as how the lupron afects with your emotions.

Good luck and I am thinking about you.



lyly14 - November 27

Julie- Thanks so much for your support. I am feeling a bit better now. Talk about roller coaster emotions! Going for therapy is probably a good idea, but for me I just don't have the time right now. Between taking care of my mother and dd and all my appointments, I just don't know where I would find the time. I feel like I have so much to do and can't get anything done, but that is life and I will get through it. I am glad to hear the trigger wasn't so bad, but I didn't realize your trigger shot was the butt shot you had been dreading. The trigger I take goes in the belly just like the lupron, gonal and repronex. I use ovidrel, what trigger did you use? The only shots I would need to do in the butt is the progesterone in the oil. Good luck with the ER. Are you doing a 3 day transfer? You are getting so close, I am excited for you. And now you can relax with now shots (at least for a little bit)!


Jules614 - November 27

Hey lili - i triggered with ovidrel for my IUI's - by with my IVF I triggered with HCG or something... It is definately working because when I wipe my front, it looks like egg yolk - talk about mejor ovulation going on!

I am not sure I am having a 3 day transfer. I don't know much about that. All I know is that it will be either Friday or Saturday. They will probably tell me Thursday what is going on.

How are you feeling today? Any better? How are your emotions? What are you doing for work? It seems like you are busy enough to not focus 100% on everything that is going on.

For IVf I used, gonal, repronex, and lupron as well. I start the progesterone Thursday night. I am dreading that too.



lyly14 - November 28

Hi Julie- Sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday, but my laptop has some sort of virus on it and is not working properly. Dh is taking it to get fixed (hopefully) today. One more day of uncertainty left me. Tomorrow I guess I will know for sure if I will continue this cycle or not. Hopefully all this lupron will supress this cyst. I am not so sure that it is working because I don't feel any hot flashes or anything. My estradiol was still above 50 on Monday. It only dropped from 58 to 52. I hope the cyst shrank and my estradiol dropped, but whatever happens happens. Enough about me. I know your ER is today. How exciting. I just wanted to wish you luck. Let me know how it went and how you are feeling. I hope everything goes smoothly. I can't wait to hear about all those mature eggs!


Jules614 - November 28

I am good. The ER went smoothly. The process was quick and easy but I am now pretty sore. I threw up when I got home from the anethesia. They retrieved 10 eggs.

I will be hoping your cyst is surpressed. You too will also be doing your ER soon enough.



lyly14 - November 28

Julie- I am glad to hear it went smoothly. That stinks that you got sick from the anethesia. 10 eggs is a good number, right? When do you hear about how many fertilized? Anyway, get some rest and take it easy. Let me know how you are feeling later.



Jules614 - November 28

I think 10 eggs is Ok but not great. It seems all the people in my chat had around 20ish and most died. I won't know if they fertlized for a couple days. The doc didn't seem concerned. He would have scheduled my ET for Friday if he was. I am still feeling lousy.Going to lay down again.


lyly14 - November 29

Hi julie- How are you feeling today? Are you still sore? I hope you and your embies are doing well. What day are you doing the transfer? Are you doing a 5 blast transfer? My doctor doesn't like to do those. Too risky that the embies don't survive in the lab for that many days, but some labs are better at growing them to blast than others. I am praying for you!

Bad news for me today. The cyst got bigger since monday. It was 25 on sat, 31 on mon, and now it is 36! I just don't understand with all this lupron how it is growing. I could see if it was not getting smaller and stayed the same, but bigger?!?! Uhggggggg. I left the RE's office crying. I saw my RE's partner and he didn't say much. Just to talk to my guy when he calls with the results with the bloodwork. Anyway I am so upset today because there is no chance for this cycle. I will try to check in before I leave work today. My computer at home is totally messed up with a virus and I haven't been able to use it.



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