IVF anyone?
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bethnyc - April 18

Hi girls.

Sorry it's been a while since my last post, but being back at the office has been crazy. So busy...but, I'm working from home today so i have some time.

It's so interesting to read all your posts and to get to know each of you.

As for me, things are ok. Getting over the BFN from last week (being busy at work helped with that). Not sure I told you guys, but that pain I had in my underarm last week caused the RE to send me for a
breast sonogram and that doctor wanted me to have an MRI as she thought she saw something. I had the test on Tuesday and thankfully all is well. It was quite stressful, but I feel really relieved.

One bit of good news, the other recipient (from the same egg donor) got a BFP last week (I don't know who she is, but the RE told me her news). That gives us hope because it means that the eggs are good quality and that's not an issue. RE said we were on the wrong side of the odds this time, but is hopeful for the FET.

Reshma - glad to hear that you are doing ok and that you can work from home. It's nice to have your co-workers support. Always makes things easier.

Lisa - good luck on Monday. I hope everything is ok and am looking forward to hearing how it goes. Stay positive.

Ronda - i'm so sorry to hear that the m/s isn't getting any better. But, it'll all be worth it - just think of what you're getting out of this.

Marina - I talked with my RE and it looks like I am on track for my FET around the time you are (around June 9th, depending on AF). I have to go have a saline sono next weekend as he wants to check everything he can before the FET. He doesn't anticipate any issues, but right now, he doesn't want to take any chances.

Lyly - I hope you have your around the same time as it would be great to go through this with the 2 of you. I'm sorry to hear that your RE was stringing you along. However, it's good that he was upfront and hopefully the new RE will be able to start you asap. I'm sure you can bring your past results with you. I was able to do that when I wanted a 2nd opinion.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.



vw79girl - April 19

Lyly, I hope that things go well with your new RE. How frustrating for you to be lead on like that. I like Reshma's reasoning that maybe it's a good sign that your consult is right after Mother's Day. I am a firm believer in signs. stay positive :)

Beth, good to hear from you and I am glad you are staying busy. That helps. I always found that the first day of a BFN and maybe the day after were the worst but soon after those days, I would count on the days just getting closer to being able to start another cycle. Hang in there and please keep checking the board and let us all know what is going on with you. I will let you know how Monday goes. p.s. That is good news about the quality of the eggs. Perhaps you and Marina and Lyly will be on track together. :)

Jules~ can you describe that kicking feeling at all? Is it funky or what? I bet it is amazing. Can't wait to experience that!

Reshma, I looked in the mirror today and my waist is def. starting to go little by little. BUT...it is so worth it.

Ronda~ what makes you think it's a girl? just a hunch?

Have a great Weekend girls!



Marina - April 19

Hi girls!
I was so busy last couple of days-spring finally here too!!!Everybody woke up and wants to look beautiful...
Lyly,wow this is frustrating.Too bad that you can't just take your embies and go somewhere else.They still did not give you the exact date!So,are you keep taking bcp until everything clear up?
Beth,I'm glad your breast exam came back normal!And it's a good news that other girl got PG with your donor eggs.But did they do any additional tests on you?Some bloodwork?Are they going to do Lupron or natural cycle for your FET?My doctor very skeptical about natural cycles,so I have to do Lupron,not that I'm very exited about that-2 more weeks of that fun+headaches!But I guess this is how they do it.
Julie,I saw you cute preggy pictures!
Reshma,Lisa,Ronda-be good and safe!
Talk to you later!


lyly14 - April 19

Thanks girls for all your positive thoughts and wishes.

Marina- I could have my embies moved to another lab, but there aren't many other labs around that are on my plan. I would have to travel too far and it is too complicated with work, my mom, and my daughter's commitments. Besides that, the lab should be up an running now, but my current RE has no rights to use the lab. He can't schedule me or give me a date because they are negotiating a contract with the lab. So right now I am switching to the RE who actually has my embies, but I couldn't get an appt. until may 12th. I might call monday and see if I can get an earlier appt. at a different location. For now I am still taking the BCP but I only have less than 2 weeks of the second pack left now. So I will see what happens.


RB - April 19

Beth...welcome back...it's good to hear from you again. I think its really good news that your donor eggs produced a BFP so maybe you'll end up on the good side of the odds next time. it will be great if you, Lyly and Marina all got BFP's around the same time.

Hey Lisa..i believe in signs too!! I got my trigger shot on the night of the lunar eclipse.. I told dh that it was a good sign but he thought i was being silly ::)

by the way, in addition to my waist disappearing, i noticed a bit of a bulge in my lower abdomen...i kept checking in the mirror to look at it...i'm a bit overweight so i wanted to be sure it wasnt just belly fat :-\ but dh confirmed it is most definitely a bulge that wasnt there before :) i also read that at around 10 weeks, if you are sitting or lying down and you are very quiet you might even feel a tiny fluttering in your tummy and that would be your baby moving..i've tried but havent felt it yet...at least i dont think i have. I'll keep trying.

Anyway girls, have a great weekend. Dh and I are going for a drive later as i really need to get out of the house a little.

Talk to you all soon.




Jules614 - April 20

Reshma - I hear you on the showing vs. jsut being overweight story. I showed my mom my belly and her comment was, "You always had that." A basic comment that I look fat rather than pregnant. AT least your hubby notices.

Lyly - So sorry you are always waiting for your lab to get up and running again. You are so patient.

Marina - I agree - Lupron is not fun . I had really bad headaches with it too.

Lisa - The kicking feeling feels like someone is pushing on my stomach from the inside. And then other times it feels like a big strong gas bubble...but then it keeps happening every couple of seconds... In fact Kaitlyn is doing something now in my stomach. I am eating.. so she is reactring. They say you can trigger kicking when you drink a real cod glass of water. I didn't start to feel kicking until about 21 weeks. I barely ever felt flutters before that. She was flipping around in my stomach the day of my u/s and I couldn't feel a thing.

Beth - A BFN is always very hard to get over. That is promising news that your egg donor has been successful. Your hubby has the right attitude.

Vw79girl/Ronda - thanks for the ticker advice. It worked.

Not much new with me - still in Florida for 3 more days! Hubby has been working hard painting Samantha's room and designing it - this way she can move out of the room that will be Kaitlyn's. Samantha keeps saying there is a monster in that room - I hope we can get her to sleep in it.



vw79girl - April 20

hi girls,
I'm anxious/ nervous for tomorrow's u/s. I found a good success story about a woman who had a baby with an enlarged yolk sac. Everything turned out fine. I also read that most of the time things go 50/50. I just get scared that something will happen to the one that has been okay from day 1 even though the dr. and RE said it will not affect the other one. Most of the things I have read about enlarged yolk sacs are all negative. I am trying to stay positive. My legs feel achy today. Like my thighs/hips for some reason and lower back a little too. Nothing too bad but enough to notice.

Reshma, even though I am generally petite, I am seeing a little bulge. I work one night a week at a restaurant and everyone there wanted to see my belly already. They are nutty! :) I have always had hernia and have had a few surgeries so I am wondering if part of it is me just gaining weight and that sticking out more. who knows.

Marina, I never did Lupron but Clomid did give me awful headaches.

Jules- that sounds so neat about the kicking, I can't wait for it!!!

Beth, I hope you are feeling a little better and looking ahead. Keep your chin up!

Lyly, hoping you are able to get an earlier appt. but if not, it's a few weeks from tomorrow. :)

Reshma, hope you had a good ride yesterday and got lots of fresh air! I am going to lay down quietly this week and see if I can feel any fluttering.

Ronda~ how are you doing? feeling good I hope!

I went to church this morning and lit 2 candles for both of my little angels. It was Palm Sunday for us. I am Greek Orthodox. I also said lots of prayers for all of you, my journey girls! Hope you all had a good weekend.
My ultrasound is at 12 tomorrow EST so send some good vibes my way. :)


Jules614 - April 20

vw79girl - Just so you know, my sister in carrying twins - and the doc at first thought she was having another optopic pregnancy - he asked her to terminate the pregnancy right then and there - she refused, went to her OB for a second opinion... when they checked the sacks she had two and they were NOT eptopic. A couple days later they weren't growing and the doc was going to have her terminate them - but the doc decied to give her 48 hours - 48 hours later both heartbeats were found - one smaller than the other - today at 32 weeks -both baby girsl still safe in her stomach and at the moment estimated to be 4 pounds each.. so don't lose faith.



vw79girl - April 20

Jules~ thank you so much. I am going to keep the faith and hearing about your sister always gives me hope for the twins. Thank you.


Jules614 - April 21

vw79girl - best of luck!



RB - April 21

Lisa - Good Luck tomorrow!!! I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that both your babies will be fine.


vw79girl - April 21

Thank you Reshma, I will let you know how it goes. :)


Marina - April 21

Lisa,good luck!


vw79girl - April 21

Marina, thanks! I can't wait to find out what is going on. Only 3 hours to go!


Jules614 - April 21

vw79girl - Best of luck!


Arabsrcool - April 21

Hi everyone,

Girls, you are showing!!!!!

I am definetely showing but this is my 2nd pg. I cannot hide it from my co-workers anymore....anyone with eyes in their head and can see either I'm pg or getting fat! I think some of the morning sickness (all day sickness in my case) is starting to ease off some. I see regular OB on Monday and can't wait to hear the heartbeat again!


good luck today, keep us posted!


welcome back, sounds encouraging for BFP for other person using same donor eggs!




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