IVF anyone?
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RB - April 12

Hi Beth,

I am so sorry it did not work. I totally understand about the emotional rollercoaster...we all do as we've been on it for so long. All i can say is dont give up...you cant give up. You still have 5 frozen embies that means you still have a chance to become pg...hang in there hon.



vw79girl - April 14

Hope everyone is hanging in there one way or another. :) I have had some mild cramping but no spotting and even a little funky feeling inside down yonder. Anyone else experiencing this? I've read it's normal as the Uterus is making room and stretching etc. Just curious. I am anxious to do another ultrasound in a week to see what is going on.



Arabsrcool - April 14


I am so sorry about your BFN. You still have embies frozen, so don't give up, there is still hope for a BFP.


Glad to hear you are doing ok. I'm sure having the laptop helps. are you still on bedrest?


Yep, my waistbands in my pants are beyond tight. I have went from the rubber band holding my pants together, to the "smaller" pg clothes. I cannot stand having anything tight around my stomach now. I find by the end of the day, I am more bloated feeling, so tight is OUT! I've had some mild cramping and streching feeling down yonder also. Don't sweat it, the uterus is just making room.

I had my 2nd u/s today. Everything looks good, heartbeat is 174 and my little tadpole is 2 1/2 cm long. Hard to believe something so small is making me so sick. Doc is threatening IV fluids unless I start keeping more down, so they gave me a 3rd medicine to try and help. I've got call my OB and get an appointment, RE is passing me along now, which is fine. I love my RE, but OB is only 10 minutes from work.



vw79girl - April 14

thanks for the reassurance. :) I figured that is all it is but wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing that. It comes and goes so I figure it is a good thing.
My heart goes out to you with the m/s. I am such a pig and eat constantly that I don't think I am having a chance to feel sick.
That is awesome that the heartbeat is good and your little one is growing. I wish I were going for an u/s today. I almost called to see if I could just go and have one.

Beth, thinking of you and hoping you are hanging in there.

Reshma, how are you doing? still on bedrest?



Marina - April 15

Beth,sorry to hear about your BFN.It sucks.The good news is-it's not over,you still have frozen beauties left.
Pull yourself together-and you'll be one of us in may-june.May be it's a good idea to talk to your RE about assisted hatching
By the way,Lisa,may I ask you how much did they charge you for that?I can't find prices from my clinic.I will talk to my doc about that too.


Marina - April 15

Ronda,I know it's not fun to have m/s,but it means-it's a keeper :)!Your baby growing strong and probably it's a girl! ;)
Reshma,how are you,dear?
Lyly,any news? ???
AFM,I booked trip back home for 10 days(from may 7-17),to see my best friend and her legendary IVF babies,they'll turn 6 month in may,wow,time flyes(when it comes to others) :)


vw79girl - April 15

The assisted hatching cost us an extra $550.00 and was worth every penny. :)

Is it a myth that morning sickness happens mostly when you are pregnant with a girl?

Reshma & Lyly, how are you girls doing?

Beth, sending you good thoughts. :)

Ronda, just a thought and you have probably already tried it but...those sea bands that they use for motion sickness like on a cruise or somethin. I bought them for that one week where i was totally nauseous and they really helped.

:) Lisa


bethnyc - April 15

Hi girls. Thanks to all of your for your kind words and support. Sorry I have been "quiet" for a while - I have been reading the posts, but didn't have the energy to post myself. However, I'm feeling better now - have a call with my RE today. Plan to discuss why this cycyle didn't work and what our next steps are. I'd like to start the next one asap. Will let you know.

Reshma -- how are you feeling? Still on bed rest?

Lyly - any word from your RE re: blood tests?



bethnyc - April 15


I had a quesion about the assisted hatching -- can you only do this with day 3 or can they do this with blastocysts? The nurse told me only day 3, but I wasn't sure. I'm asking as the frozen embies are all blastocyst so that might not be an option for us.

Let me know -- I will also ask my RE today.



vw79girl - April 15

I think they can only do it with day 3 embyros but ask your RE. If you have Blastocysts...then those may give you luck as they are further along than the day 3's. I always wondered why they never did day 5 Blasts with me but never asked.

Hopefully you will have another opportunity to transfer soon.



lyly14 - April 15

Hi girls- I am still on hold. I was told to call this week to see if they had any dates but I may hold off now. I have an appt with the endocrinologist on April 25th to find out about my thyroid and if it is safe to continue with the FET or if I need to wait. In the mean time I finally recieved all the paperwork from the lab to transport my 3 little embies to the new lab. Dh and I had them notarized on Friday and mailed them back yesterday. Not really sure how long it is going to take to get them moved either, so that is another issue. In the meantime I scheduled a consult with a different RE (the one who owns and runs the lab) on May 12th. People have been telling me I should really go to him. I was putting it off because I was comfortable with my RE and his office staff is really great, but dh and I have been doing a lot of talking about things and I realized my guy may have overlooked one too many things (my thyroid for one). I also can't get out of my mind the problem he had with getting eggs from my retrieval. I realized he made me trigger and didn't have my retrieval scheduled until 40 hrs later. From all that I have read it is suppossed to be 34.5 to 36 hrs later. Maybe the problem wasn't that he couldn't see the follicles, maybe they already ovulated and that is why he couldn't see anything. This other RE has a great reputation and high success rates. I am going to get a second opinion, but I am not sure if I will switch for the FET or just stick it out with mine and move on if the FET doesn't work and I need a fresh cycle. I do know for sure that I will switch if we are going to do another fresh.

Beth- the assisted hatching is only done on day 3 embies.


Arabsrcool - April 15

Hi girls!.


thanks for the info on seaband, I had heard that and am going to store today to see if I can find them. New med is helping, but can only be taken at night as it puts me out!


A girl huh? I figured it was probably a girl just because I have been so sick. I have heard that because of the increase in female hormones with a girl, you are sicker. I am thinking a girl, but my dd is saying its a boy. So who knows......I don't think they can tell the sex until about the 4th month. I'm glad to see that you booked a trip home. It will do you some good to hang out and relax!


sounds like a consult with the other RE would be a good idea. If you having second thoughts about your RE, its time to look at some other options. YOu don't want to waste anymore time or your embies!



Marina - April 15

Lyly,I think you right ,and it was kind of wierd they coudn't see your ovary.And if you did ovulate before,the implantation window wasn't right.Hm...
But I think even if you ask your new doc,he wont' confirm,they cover each others butts.Sometimes they don't realize,that some women,like us,reserch every little detail and woun't just take their word.From what you said,it sound like you could be right-it matters a lot when you trigger,that's why they call you with the specific time.Well ,maybe you should try another RE.


Jules614 - April 15

Hi Guys - sorry I have not been in touch. I have been in Florida for a bit visiting my in-laws. I am having a scare today bleeding - so I am seeing a OB in Florida at 1:15. I also had my first yeast infection and have been using applicators full of cream to put in my vagina which I am hoping is causing the bleeding.

Beth, sorry about your BFN.

Reshma - I am glad your little one is fine.

As for m/s - yeah, I had a girl and am having a girl again and have been VERY sick with it. First pregnancy lasted 16 weeks, morning, noon and night and this one is still going on 21 weeks later... now only down to once every other day but I still throw up.

Good luck!



Marina - April 15

Hey,Julie! :)
Glad you are back!
I know it's a common thing to bleed when you are PG and having yeast infection.But still,it's better to find out from doctor.
How was Florida?I'm jealous,can't wait to open our pool,we are still in the low 50's


Jules614 - April 15

Marina -

I am still in Florida for 8 more days. Hubby goes back to MA while I am at my appointment. So, if anything happens he won't even be here which sucks. Trip has been OK - daughter has strep.




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