IVF anyone?
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Marina - April 11

Queen,welcome :)feel free to join!


Arabsrcool - April 11

Wow girls, there is alot of activity going on this thread. How neat!.


I am so glad you have a date, and I really like your baby dust fairy. Very cool! I hope the Lupron is better for you this time, every cycle can be different.


That is interesting that the RE never said anything about your levels. Guess that just goes to show you that you have to stay on top of your own stuff because the RE are so busy, sometimes they forget that this is our life and our money (lots of it) and think, well if it doesn't work this time, we can try again. I hope you get into endo doc and get things sorted out!

Yukon Queen,

welcome to our group. Keep us posted on your progress! Also on the meds, watch the ART section in this site, and you might be able to get your meds much cheaper!


I understand the conveniece of going to your OB. Mine is also about 10 minutes from my work, where as the RE is an hour away. I have another u/s on Monday, so hopefully everything is still ok.


where are you? are you ok?



vw79girl - April 11

Beth, I do hope that your test goes well today. Thinking of you and sending good vibes. :)

Marina, I like that fairy too. very cool

Ronda, my RE is like 45 min. away so yes it is nice to be turned over to my OB. They are so great at the office there, I feel like a celebrity everytime I go in because they are all so happy I am finally pregnant.

Reshma, hope you are doing okay and things are fine with you.



lyly14 - April 11

Reshma- My prayers are with you. Hope all is okay and you just are busy resting and taking care of you and the little one.

Ronda- I think because the lab values say it is normal up to 5.0 it is questionable. According to the printed results from the lab it is in range but the research shows levels up over 3 are really hypothyroid. Maybe he is not up on his research. Whatever the case, that is not really his area, but since he tested for it he should have paid attention to the results. I am beginning to wonder if that may have caused my m/c. Who knows maybe my levels have gotten worse since then (they were from over a yr. ago) and that is why I can't get pg even with all this help. It was always so easy for me to get pg before and now nothing. I guess dh's sperm issues don't help but that is why we did ICSI. Oh well I will drive myself crazy if I keep this up. Too many thoughts wont do any good. I just have to wait and see the endocrinologist and see what they say.

Yukon Queen- I've seen you username around, but we have never chatted before. Welcome to our little group over here. I wish you the best of luck on your journey.

Marina- I understand what you are saying about being a "doctor". My family is all in the medical field so growing up I knew a lot about general medical stuff, but feel like I am becoming an expert in reproductive medicine. I think us gals learn more than we ever wanted to know about getting and staying pg!

Good luck today Beth- Lots of sticky baby dust to you. Keep us posted.


RB - April 11

hi girls,

thanks for all the good wishes, prayers and positive thoughts...I am doing ok and baby is doing fine. I came home yeterday but I am confined to bedrest up to next week...dh refused to give me my laptop so I have to use my phone to stay in touch with you guys...I am following doctor's orders to the letter as I got quite a scare and would not like to go through that again...I think I need to make some adjustments at work as well as I don't want to take any chances...

I see you girls have been very busy on this board but its too difficult to read everything on my phone...hopefully I can talk dh into bringing me my laptop :)

in the meantime, lots of sticky baby dust to all..



Yukon Queen - April 11

waiting for my period so that i can start birth control,i wil check the art section for Lupron,lueveris and hcg plus estace or something like that.

Thank you all and baby dust!!!!!!!! ;D


vw79girl - April 11

so glad you are doing well. Get your rest. We will all be here when you get back. Take care of yourself.

~Lisa :)


Ange - April 11

lyly~ Hi there I just read that you are hypothyroid just like me. I was just a bit over 5 when I was found out. My dr was great he brought my level down to 1.5 he said anything above a 2 is not safe with pregnancy. But it can take a few months to get your level stable. You might want to wait till your level is medicated and stable before you do your FET. I am glad you found this yourself now before you did another ivf. I wasted 15 years of not knowing what was wrong and being told I was normal range.

As for me I am so busy at work trying to get everything together before I leave. My dr wanted me to leave at 32 weeks which is coming very soon as I am now going on my 29 week. I think I am going to stay until I am 35 weeks. If I can. Jade had her babies last week and they are doing very well. She had them at 34 weeks. They will be in the hospital for a little bit till they can drink all their milk through their bottles.

I wish you all the best and also all the girls on this site you all seem to be great support for each other.

Take care


RB - April 11

Hi girls,

I'm back! I'm confined to my bed but i have my laptop so i am not as stir crazy as before... :)

I see we have added a few members - great! Welcome girls!

Beth - what's the news?

Marina - its great that you finally have a date! I cant wait for you to join us!

Lyly - i have always believed in things happening for a reason so maybe something good will come of the delays after all...i also came across a saying that people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime...i cant remember all of it...but i do believe we have all found each other because we were meant to and i feel very fortunate to have you girls to share this amazing journey with.



bethnyc - April 11

Hi girls,

No word yet - dh and I deicded that we were going to let the nurse leave a voicemail with the results (and instructions on the next steps -- yes, we're thinking positively). Once he gets home from work, we listen together. We're both nervous wrecks...

Reshma - glad to hear that you are doing ok and have your laptop. Take it easy -- let your dh take care of you.



vw79girl - April 11

Beth, you must be going nuts! I so hope it is good news for you guys! Keeping my fingers crossed. :)



JasJulesMom - April 11

Reshema- So great to hear you are OK. <ake sure you rest and follow those strict orders.


vw79girl - April 11

Reshma and Ronda,
do you guys feel your waist getting a little bigger at this point? All of my pants are starting to fit snug already. :O Reshma, how long are you on bed rest now that you are home?

Ange~ wow! sounds like you have been on quite a journey to get where you are. I wish you all the best.


bethnyc - April 11

Hi girls. Well, dh got home a little while ago and we didn't get good news (BFN). I'm a basket case and he's not sure what to do with me right now. I truly can't believe that it didn't work -- the odds for egg donor are so high and were in our favor. I can't figure it out.

The nurse didn't give any reasons and told us to call our RE to get more information (but, of course, it's Friday so we can't do that until Monday). Hopefully he'll have some reason for this and suggestionS on what we can do with the 5 frozen embryos. Maybe try the assisted hatching?

Although right now, I can't imagine going through this again. The emotional rollercoaster is too much.

Thanks for all your support -



vw79girl - April 12

sorry to hear that your news wasn't good. Hopefully your dr. can give you some answers. I can honestly say I think the assisted hatching is what did it for us. After all of our failed IUI's and failed IVF's with such good eggs/embryos. We couldn't figure it out. The doctor wanted to try that and we paid the extra money and agreed we would try anything because it was our last time.

I know you can't imagine doing all of this over again. Stay strong and let yourself go through the grieving process right now and believe me, you will be able to do it again. Whenever I wanted to give up, I would get to my next period and want to try again. Pamper yourself and hang in there.



RB - April 12

Hi Beth,

I am so sorry it did not work. I totally understand about the emotional rollercoaster...we all do as we've been on it for so long. All i can say is dont give up...you cant give up. You still have 5 frozen embies that means you still have a chance to become pg...hang in there hon.




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