IVF anyone?
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Marina - April 10

Lyly,they shceduled my FET on June 13 (if my next AF comes on time+- 4 days),I'm going to be on bcp,than Lupron,estpogen,progesteron.I don't want the Lupron part,but he said this is nessecary for the most accurate result ::).I remember the horrible headaches I've had on Lupron...


vw79girl - April 10

Lyly, yes, that is right, they froze 3 embies but only 2 made it through the thaw. Would this be your first time with the assisted hatching? I have to wonder if that is what did it for us.

Our last IVF, we did things a little differently.
1. we had three embryos transferred
2. we did assisted hatching
3. I am doing progesterone shots 5 days a week and suppositories 2 days a week. in the past, have only done suppositories.

Girls, I had my first visit with the nurse today to discuss nutrition, any meds I am on, family med. history, tests we may or may not decide to have like amnio etc. bloodwork that they have to do in the beginning and a urine sample to check for bacteria. Everyone in that office is so happy for me. They know it's been a long road.

stay positive :) I hope Friday is a good day for you!


jfr21 - April 10

Hi, guys! I'm new here too, although I met Lyly on another string...You guys really seem like you have a great support group, and I'd like to join if you don't mind. A little about me...I am 34, my dh is 40. Our infertility is unexplained. We've done 3 failed IUIs, 2 failed IVFs. On the second one I was almost pg but my beta was low (15) and went down from there. We're scheduling an FET for late April or early May but we have to wait for my AF, which is always late/nonexistent after a failed cycle. I took Prometrium to induce it but last my "vag-itimin" was on Monday and no AF yet. I'm sure it will turn up sooner or later.

Marina--any positive vibes or good outcomes on FETs I am happy to hear them!

Beth--good luck on Friday! Stay positive, girl! We are all pulling for you!


Arabsrcool - April 10


welcome. Its hard waiting for AF when most months you don't want old AF to come visit. Hang in there it will happen.

Keep us posted!


you got to see the nurse already? Is that with your RE office, or the OB office? Aren't all the things they test for very scary?!?!. All that freaks me out.

Beth, one more day. STay positive!




lyly14 - April 10

Marina- that is great news that at least you have a date scheduled. I hate this not knowing when. Yesterday when I spoke to the nurse at my RE's office she said they still have no idea when they are going to be able to schedule, so I feel like my dr. is stringing me along. I am getting really aggrevated. If I at least had a date then I would feel better. This waiting to find out when really stinks and is stressing me out. I can't even plan a weekend getaway without wondering if it is going to interfere with my FET. I feel like my whole life is on holdl

Lisa- I have been reading alot about the assisted hatching. They say it really increases the success rates of implantation. I guess I will see if it helps me out too.

Beth- Tomorrow is the big day! Lots of baby dust to you.

Jfr21- Glad you joined us over here.


vw79girl - April 10

Welcome :) Happy to have you join. Our infertility was also unexplained for quite some time. I experienced the low beta thing too and that was a huge bummer as it happened on our first IVF attempt and I was so happy to get a + HPT. Mine started at 78 then dropped to 33 and then to 4. Hang in there, late April is just around the corner!

Beth...one more day! :)

Reshma, hope you are doing okay and resting.

Ronda, how are you doing?



bethnyc - April 10

Hi everyone. I am so happy that I joined this post. You guys are great and seem to really care about one another. I know I'm driving my dh crazy during this 2 ww and having other people to talk to who have gone through the same thing is great DH is great, taking care of me and constantly telling me to relax, but we're down to the wire (24 hours till the "big" test) and I know he's just as nervous as I am. So, the less I talk to him about this the better.

I have a 2 questions --

1. I have a pain, sort of in my underarm, but more on the inside towards my chest (I can push on the place where it hurts when my arm is down, so, it's not really in my underarm, if that makes sense). It's worse on my left side. Has anyone else had this? I left the nurse a message, but thought I'd ask you guys as well. I call the nurse with every little thing and I'm sure I'm driving them crazy as well.

2. Were any of you alone when you got the call from the RE re: BFP or BFN? DH will be at work tomorrow and I'm working from home and want to be with him when we get the results. I'm a basket case and thinking that I may have the RE call him with the results and he can tell me when he gets home from work. Or, I was thinking about waiting till Saturday for the test so we can be together when we get the results. I know, pushing it out another day is crazy, but I really want to be with him when the call comes in...Any thoughts/feelings? Not even sure if the RE will let me wait another day, but I will ask when they call me back about my 1st question.

Marina - great news on the date for FET. As for the Lupron, can they give you anything to help with the headaches? I found that alot of the medicines (and changing hormone levels) were causing headaches and I was given Naproxen (prescription strength Alieve). It didn't always work, but did help at times. I know you will have to stop it once you do the transfer, but it might help during the Lupron phase.

Jfr - thanks for your support. I hope AF comes soon -- I am so irregular that I understand what you're going through.



vw79girl - April 10

my RE has turned me over to my OB. It is so much more convenient as it is 5 min. from the school I teach at and 10 min. from our home. Yes, that appt. was a little scary. DH and I are deciding if we want to have any of those tests in the near future. (the ones that freak all of us out). Everything they tested for yesterday hopefully is fine. It was mostly for HIV and all of that kind of stuff. They took 5 vials of blood. They called and the urine was fine. I guess they make sure there is not a bacterial infection.

Lyly, yes, I really think the assisted hatching is what did it for us because I always stimulated well and had many eggs retreived and good amounts to transfer. Maybe that was our problem.



vw79girl - April 10

I have always done HPT's before because I could never wait to find out. (I have always been so anxious, I couldn't help it). My advice, be strong and let them call you and tell you. But that's just me. hang in there girl!


Marina - April 10

Yahoo, new people,wonderfull,welcome! :) :) :)
Beth-I was taking tylenol,this is all they want you to take while on lupron,it didn't help much,but the pain wasn't that sharp.Maybe this time will be different.

Did you do hpt yet?You are strong girl! ;)
Lyly,-listen,just calm down don't be more stressed then you have to!I know how frustrated you are( do you think I'm happy they put me in June?! :(I almost fell over when I heard JUNE!!!) But really-one month doesn't really mater that much,we'll catch up with those guys sooner or later! ;)
Jfr21,welcome to our little family!How many little snowflakes you have?

Reshma,let us know how you doing,dear? ???

Lisa,you are very lucky with your doctors.I've made a big mistake going to my doctor(I wrote about my story earlier)Mine did not take ANY tests from me,not on my first visit,nor 2 times later >:(.It is very hard decision about amnio test and you have to look at all + and -'s,I was very turn appart by that,but my DH didn't even want to hear about that,he was absolutely positive we are keeping the baby no mater what.So,this have to be only yours and your DH decision.


bethnyc - April 10


Hopefully the Lupron will be different this time. Maybe you'll be used to it.

No, I have not done a HPT (so proud of myself). However, my dh just suggested we do one tomorrow morning since we won't be together when we get the call - not sure how I feel about that.

Lyly -- I agree with Marina, just try not to stress about the date (I know, that's easier said than done). I'm sure as soon as they have a date they will schedule you for the FET. Unfortunately, this is out of your control right now and things will fall into place. We had to wait 3 months after my RE called me about finding the donor until we had the retrieval and it ended up being the perfect timing as dh and I were moving and needed the time to settle into our new place before we started. I had to take bcp for 5 weeks and then Lupron for 5 weeks before we got to the retrieval, but the time went by pretty quickly. I'm a big believer in "things happen for a reason' and I'm sure there is some reason out there for the timing. Just hang tough...good things come to those who wait.



Yukon Queen - April 10

Hi Ladies,have not posted for a while,am about starting ivf,didnt know i will come this far in ttc.Had 4 failed clomid cycles,3 failed iui and ttc since 2004 for my first child.Am looking for support and guidiance on this stage in my ttc,glad to read about ivf and all it entails from you wonderful ladies.
Right now my insurance covers 50% WITHOUT drugs and thats my main problem now.
Baby dust to all. 8)


vw79girl - April 10

Yukon Queen, Welcome :) you will get lots of support here. We are becoming a tight group! When are you going to do your next IVF cycle? baby dust to you!


lyly14 - April 11

Okay Marina- I have to thank you! For what you may ask. Well since you brought up all that testing you were going to have I looked back through some of mine to find that PAI-1. Turns out I did have that and was positive for one. That is not even where the thank you comes in. I found a TSH level and was concerned when I saw the number. I posted to Dr. Jacob and it looks like I more than likely have a problem with my thryroid! I can't believe my RE never said anything about it. That was over a year ago. All this time and it was right there. I am going to call an endocrinologist tomorrow and try to get in as soon as possible. Maybe there truly is a reason for my delayed FET. Maybe things do really happen for a reason. I am so glad we have this nice little group here. Not only for comfort and advice, but maybe we are all meeting up here for a reason.


Marina - April 11

well,Lyly,I had the tests done,but don't have the results(probably not earlier than 2-3 weeks).Yeah,you have to clear your concerns and you have time for this.If they test for these things,there is probably the reason for that.Before our journey I didn't even hear about all that stuff,now my DH call me Doctor. ;)


Marina - April 11

Queen,welcome :)feel free to join!



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