IVF anyone?
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Marina - April 8



Arabsrcool - April 9


The move sounds good to me!!. Caribbean here we come!

ARe you going to make a trip home?

SEX, yeah, what is SEX. I don't really remember what casual, unscheduled sex is either! Boy I vaguely remember the days where sex was just for fun, not baby-making sex, scheduled sex, got to get ready to give a sample sex.

Don't worry, you will soon be joining the BFP again and we will all be here to support you through the journey there.



lyly14 - April 9

Hey girls,
It looks like we are from all over. I am from New York. It was a mild winter compared to others, but still cold. I am definitely looking foward to the warm weather.

Lisa- Thanks for you support. I see this was your 4th IVF, did you do all fresh IVF transfers or did you have any FET's? I am so happy things worked out for you on your last attempt.

Ronda- We only have 3 embies left so I don't want to transfer 2 and be left with only 1 if this doesn't work. So.......we are going to go for it all and put all three in (that is if they all survive the thawing process). We are also going to do assisted hatching this time (which I heard increases implantation rates). I am not quite sure why my RE didn't recommend it the first time, but he just briefly mentioned it this time. He said you don't have to but it wouldn't be a bad idea. Anything to increase my odds at this point! Oh yeah by the way, I took you advice last night ;D . Well not really dh apparently was in the mood! ;) It was great to not feel pressured and just enjoy each other.


Marina - April 9

Yeah,Lisa,you didn't tell us if all your IVFs were fresh or some were FETs.
Lyly,since we have to wait,I was reading some forums abut FETs.You know,there are more success stories with FET then I thougt.There is less % because of not all embryos survive,but hopefuly the ones who did are the strong little ones.And since we don't use drugs our boby just goes through natural cycle(well,kinda).Well,I don't know about you,but I'm very hopeful this time.

Ronda,I'd LOVE to go home,but I'm not sure,they sent me my schedule and and it seems like I have very little time,because i have to be in the office like avery week for something.So,will see.


bethnyc - April 9

Hi everyone - my name is Beth. I am new to this forum and have been reading all about you guys. I feel for those who have been ttc with no success and am so happy for those who are now pregnant. Best of luck to you all.

I hope you don't mind me joining this forum - I have never done this before, but thought it would be nice to chat with people who are going through what I am (vs. driving my family crazy).

A bit about me - my dh and I have been ttc for about 2 1/2 years - first with Chlomid and IUI (1x), then with stims and IUI (4x - some were converted IVF cycles) - all with no success - we actually have never made it to retrieval as I was only able to produce 2 follicles and my RE won't do IVF unless there are 4 follicles. As for meds, I was taking 100mg Chlomid, plus 375 gf and 375 menu each day - and tried microdose Lupron too. RE suggested we get on the egg donor list.

After a year of being on the list we finally got a call January that they found a good donor. It took about 3 months to coordinate schedules (we did a shared cycle), and the retriveal was 3/28 (21 eggs of which 16 fertilized - which meant the donor had either 42 or 41 eggs - ah...to be young) and we transfered 2 blastocysts on 4/2 (and have 5 frozen). Today is day 12 of 2ww -- going in for the BIG test on Friday and so nervous. I felt crampy for a few days at first and then again 3 days ago and had some light brown staining (although had to look for it) 2 days ago. I have been running a slight fever (99 - 99.7 on/off for the past few days), but not really feeling anything else though.

I am a bit anxious and I'm starting to feel mood swings coming on (could be all the meds I'm taking -- 2 estrogen pills, plus a patch and 1cc progesterone (shots) every night). I don't have much of an appetite (but, make myself eat as I know that's important) and am sooooo bloated by the end of the day. Does this seem normal? I thought I'd "feel" something and am worried that I'm not. My sister says it's normal and that you don't really feel symptons until week 5 or 6, but I've heard differently.

I have been at home since the transfer (I'm lucky - my boss allowed me to work from home) - although getting a bit of cabin fever and may need to take a walk later. DH is amazing and completely taking care of me - I could get used to this and hopefully I will have the chance to do that for the next 9 months.

Just wanted to get some perspective - is it ok if I don't really feel anything? I keep hoping my bbs will hurt or feel heavy, but, I had them "done" several years ago and they never bother me, not even when I'm getting my period. I keep looking for veins and see some, but not sure if they were always there and I just never noticed them. Any other "signs" I should be looking for? Or am I way over thinking this?

Not sure how I've made it this far and not sure how I will make it another 2 days. I have promised myself that I will not take a HPT as the RE told me not to. The waiting between the test on Friday and the call is going to be brutal! I think I might have them call my dh and let them give him the news and then he can tell me. I am thinking positive and have run the call through my head over and over - of couse, only with them saying, "congratulations" (that's what The Secret says to do (think it and it will be yours, or something like that)).

Sorry for the long post, but I have so much running through my head.

I'd appreciate any advice and of couse, would love you all to send me some baby dust.

Thanks for letting me share.


RB - April 9

hi girls,

I have an unexpected update...I started to bleed yesterday and am in the hospital. from the u/s baby looks fine..heartbat is still very strong...bleeding was caused by a separation in the placenta but my doctor said it can heal itself. I am confined to bedrest and will be in the hospital until tomorrow. I could use some positive energy directed my way.



vw79girl - April 9

First off, Welcome Beth. :) sending you lots of prayers and babydust~*~*~*~* and don't ever be sorry for venting. That's what we're here for.
Sounds like you have been through a lot as well. I can totally relate. My advice, RE always tell you not to do a test at home. If you really want to do one...then do it. I have always done one at home and after all of my IUI's got BFN's and then was prepared for the beta test. After my first IVF, I got a BFP and then ended up having a low beta and lost the pregnancy that week. My other two IVF's I did the home test and got BFN's and same with beta. This time around, I did 4 home tests and then got the good betas which brought me to this point. Not sure if any of the other meds you are on will affect a home test. I am also doing progesterone shots. I am sore today and look forward to being finished with them.
Everyone is different with symptoms so don't read into it too much. I didn't have any symptoms right away. My chest hurt from the shots more or less and I remember feeling a little tired and slightly crampy but not like period cramps. My kiss of death is usually is spotting because after that I always get my period and a BFN. This time I had no spotting at all. I know it's hard but keep busy for the next two days and stay positive. btw, how old are you? just curious.

Marina~ I did: in this order-- fresh IVF (3 left to freeze), fresh IVF (none left to freeze), FET only two made it through to be transferred and then our last one, they retreived 6 eggs, only 3 fertilized normally and they put all 3 in. :) two out of three took.

thanks...I am so glad it worked out this way too. They say good things come to those who wait. :)


lyly14 - April 9

Reshma- I am so sorry to hear about your scare- but happy to hear the baby is okay. My friend had the same thing early in pg and is doing fine. She is due a week from friday. So stay positive and get lots of rest. I am praying for you and your little one.

Hi Beth- Welcome! The girls here are great to talk to. I wish you lots baby dust. Don't worry about symptoms or no symptoms. I have been pg 4 times, (one live birth- she is 9) and all were so different. Most symptoms do kick in around 5-6 weeks but some people don't feel any different so don't drive yourself crazy.

Marina- I am hopeful but still cautious. I am praying that my last 3 embies all make it through the thaw process and maybe with the assisted hatching... who knows! Its funny my cousin offered to carry a baby for me if this doesn't work. She is 28 and has 3 kids so no problems getting and staying pg. She just asked if I would pay for liposuction when all is said and done! Who knows if this doesn't work I may do one more fresh and then consider the posibility. It seems very complicated though with the laws. Even if we transfer our own embies into her the laws in NY consider her the mother and we would have to adopt our own child. Crazy! I am hoping not to have to get to that point, but at least it is an option.

Lisa- When you did the FET you had 3 embies that you thawed and 2 made it to the transfer, is that right?


Arabsrcool - April 9


You can't be in the hospital, we are all coming for a visit!. Wow, I bet that was scary. Are the doc's saying if you have to be on bedrest when you get out of the hospital? Make sure you follow docs orders and bedrest means bedrest.....we have to finish this journey together, you and I.

You will be in my thoughts and prayers and I am sending tons of positive energy your way!


welcome, and stay strong. Go ahead and take a hpt if you want, but take results as might be right or might be wrong. AS far as symptoms or lack thereof, it is so individual. If you read the 2ww posts, some will have alot of symptoms and some will have none. Its not indicative if you are PG or not. Sending lots of sticky baby dust your way!


3 embies sound great. Your embies were strong or they wouldn't have done cryo with them. I'm glad you and dh had some good old fashioned recreational sex....we infertility gals don't get to do that very often. I'm not sure I remember how to do that.....its been so long.



bethnyc - April 9

vw79girl - Thank you for being so welcoming. We have been through alot, but am so thankful that someone would become a egg donor and do something so wonderful for a total stranger. I find that truly amazing.

It also sounds like you have been through alot -- and it's great to hear that you had success this last go around. Makes me know that hope is out there.

I'm torn on the HPT -- sort of scared to try it. I don't think the meds I'm on will affect it since I didn't have to the HCG shot. But, I hear you on being prepared as tha'ts always a good thing. I guess since I've never had a BFP that I'm hoping the test on Friday will be the 1st. I think I can make it 2 more days...

Happy to hear that symptoms aren't universal. But, since I've never been pg, I'm not sure what to feel. The RE did say that the meds (est/progesterone) could cause symptoms, but since I'm not feeling anything, I'm confused.

Lyly - thanks for the baby dust and your comments on symptoms -- hopefully they will start soon. I wish you luck with your FET -- I might just end up there at some point (if this cycle doesn't work or if it does and we decide to try for another).

Ronda - thank to you too for the baby dust and comments on symptoms. It's great to know that there are people out there who understand. I just read the 2ww posts and see that everyone is different. I just wish there was a sign pointing to a positive test.

And, speaking of tests, I think I will hold off on the HPT as I want to stay positive and if the test isn't then that will be hard. Besides, there's less than 48 hours to go...

Reshma -- i'm sorry to hear what you are going through, but listen to your docs - they know what's best. I'm thinking positive thoughts for you.

Thanks again everyone -- I will conintue to checkout the posts and will let you all know how the test goes on Friday. Staying positive...



JasJulesMom - April 9

Reshema- I am praying for you, make sure you follow Dr.s orders. It is too important not too. Please let us know how things are going.

Lyly-Any dates yet? Has the lab reopened? My wishes and prayers are with you.

Welcome Beth- You will definitely find this a place for comfort and understanding



bethnyc - April 9

vw79girl - sorry, I forgot to mention that I'm 38 - will be 39 in August. DH is 39 and will be 40 in July.


lyly14 - April 9

Ronda- you are so right. Sex for a long time seemed like such a chore. You will remember soon what real sex feels like, just don't wait too long and too preggo to enjoy it.

Debbie- Still no dates :( He just said some time early May. I think the lab opens in another week or two, but they don't don't want outside dr.'s scheduling until they are up and running full swing, so that puts me at some time in May. The lab runs off of a few dr.s who started the whole clinic, but they give other RE's rights to use the lab. Mine is an outside dr. so they are on hold just like me. It is very frustrating not having any idea with the dates. I have one more active bcp left and 1 week of inactive pills. He told me to skip the inactive to hold off my period by starting a new pack right away. I am supposed to call him mid in about a week and hopefully he will be able to set the dates then. I'll keep you posted. How are you doing? Any sono's yet? When is your due date?


vw79girl - April 10

Reshma, sending you good thoughts, prayers and postive energy. I know someone that the same thing happened to and everything turned out fine. :) Just rest like they told you to.



Marina - April 10

Hi guys!
Wow, a lot of activity going on !
welcome,and feel free to ask us about any concerns you have.We all were there,on a LONGEST 2ww.As for symptoms,girls already told you everything,just want to add,that "normal"people don't even know they are PG by the time they miss their period+week or so.I had no symptoms exept metalic taste in my mouth and shortness of breath on and off.
And talking about bbs-I had them done also and I didn't notice a lot of change since I got PG,just a little bit more sensitive than normal.And then they didn't get bigger,well maybe just a tiny bit.

I'm so sorry to hear this,I've had exactly the same thing happen at 7 weeks-slight placenta separation.I was bleeding for about 2 days and then it stopped,the baby was totaly fine,did not affect him.But they have to watch for the hematoma behind the placenta very closely.They told me not to worry,it happens in 50% of early pregnancies.Hold on honey!


Marina - April 10

Lyly,they shceduled my FET on June 13 (if my next AF comes on time+- 4 days),I'm going to be on bcp,than Lupron,estpogen,progesteron.I don't want the Lupron part,but he said this is nessecary for the most accurate result ::).I remember the horrible headaches I've had on Lupron...



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