IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - March 31

Lyly -

I am sorry to hear about your mom's illness.

Thanks for the info about fifths disease. I am going to call my OB later today to find out what I should do.

I have an appointment with a nutricionist because I am so heavy. I am afraid I will deliver soon if I don't get my weight under control.



RB - March 31

Hi Girls,

Sorry if i sound like i'm complaining when i have nothing to complain about :-\ I guess having never been pg before i expected to feel very different. maybe i'll feel less anxious after the u/s.

Lyly - my dad is on agrrenox (i think i got it right) - this is the second stroke he's had in about 3 yrs although we never knew he had one before - it showed up in the CT scan this last time. I hope your mom is doing ok.

Julie - i hope dh and Sam did not get infected and that all will be well... btw, i saw your pics as well and Sam is adorable! you and dh don't look too bad either :)

Ronda - good luck with your u/s tomorrow!



Jules614 - March 31

Thanks Reshma - I appreciate the compliments! I spoke to the OB and I may take the test if I start feeling different. She told me what symptoms to look out for.



vw79girl - April 1

Hello girls! My name is Lisa, I am 7w1d today and had my first u/s. we saw two fetal poles and sacs but one of the yolk sacs seemed enlarged and the dr. said that it may not make it. the larger of the two was 11mm with a heartbeat of 148 and the smaller of the two with the enlarged sac was 7mm with a heartbeat of 121. does anyone know anything about the possibility of a vanishing twin? I go again next Mon. to see if things are progressing like they should. I want to be happy but am a little nervous. I welcome any feedback/support. This was our 4th IVF after also doing 3 IUI's. We have been ttc for almost 5 years. I am 37 years old.


Jules614 - April 1

WElcome Lisa - Vanishing twin syndrome is about 1 in 5. A lot of people start off with twins but you don't usually know it since you have an u/s at 12 weeks rather than at 6 which is what happens when doing fertility treatment. Congrads on your pregnancy. Hopefully, both twins will survive.



vw79girl - April 1

Thanks Julie. I figured the early u/s may show that due to my hcg numbers being so high. We will be so happy if even one makes it. How far along are you?


Jules614 - April 1

vw79girl - I am 19 1/2 weeks... still have lots of morning sickness....



vw79girl - April 1

I just can't wait to be @ 12 weeks Julie. I feel like after next Monday when we know what that ultrasound will show with the "twins" or singleton, I will feel better. The waiting stinks!. I had a little nausea in the very first few days of learning I was pregnant but nothing really right now. Just sore and huge breasts and really tired. Also sore from Progesterone shots. Hopefully only 3 more weeks of those!

~Lisa :)


Jules614 - April 1

Lisa - with both my peganncies - the m/s never begn until 6 weeks. It hit me t week 6 right on the dot. I hope you don't have it but if you are having twins - chances are you may...

I used to be psyched I was at 9 weeks - all my friends are at 30 weeks right now - I feel so behind 8)



vw79girl - April 2

Oh man, I can't wait to be where you are and feel more confident that everything is going alright. I got a call from RSC(Reproductive Science Center) yesterday and spoke to the doctor who has handled our IVF. He was very happy for us and did say that the second may drop off in the next week or two. I just hope the other keeps going strong. He did say that they both looked good due to strong heartbeats. So that made me feel at ease. I am just anxious now for Monday to see what is going on. My main concern and hope is that the dominant sac is still going on it's way and doing well regardless of the second one. Hope you are having a good day! :)


Jules614 - April 2

vw79girl - how do you feel about twins? Would you prefer twins or a singleton? I always wanted twins my first pregnancy buut not my second as I can only afford two children. My sister is pregnant with twins from IUI's now and she already has a son. She is freaking out due to the responsibility and $$$$.



vw79girl - April 2

Julie, I have to admit, I was a little worried at the thought of twins but after being through everything we have, I would be thankful at the same time for twins or a singleton. Mostly freaked about the cost of daycare these days. I am a teacher and my husband works for the city we live in. I don't think we could afford for me not to work for a year or two as I make good money at this point. I have thought about having to be on bed rest if it were twins and how I would have to take more time off etc. It is sad having to worry about being able to afford it after wanting it for so long. I feel like whatever is meant to be for me will be and after Mon. I am hoping for some good news. Trying to stay positive and busy.



lyly14 - April 4

Hi girls- I am very frustrated today. I went to see the RE yesterday for a consult for what I thought was to set the dates for the FET and sign the consents. I dragged dh and dd to the appt. waited an hr to see the dr. and when we went in he said the transfer would be sometime in early may not late april. I understand there is nothing he can do about the lab moving and re-opening, but this consult was a waste of time. I already discussed this whole thing with him during my last consult and didn't need to waste another co-pay to see him in person to say call the office in 2 weeks to set the dates. When I spoke to him on the phone he said we could start as soon as I finish my bcp pack and now he is saying to dump the inactive pills and start a new pack to hold off my period untill we are ready to start. I wish I would have know this so I could have held off this appt. Now I am going to need to go back with dh when it is time to sign the consents.


Marina - April 4

Hey,Lyly,I was waiting for a good new from you.I totaly feel your frustration-I know how they like to charge you just for saying "hello",we still get unexplained bills from the last IVF,have no clue what they are for.
I myself can't wait until Monday to see my RE and see where we stand and when we can begin-April or May.I suspect May.
I think in this case you can tell them about not paying your co-pays and why-at least you can try,it really seems unfair to you.


lyly14 - April 4

Marina- It's not really even the co-pay it was just everything. The fact that I had to tell my boss I was leaving work early to go and my dd didn't have school that day. I thought dh needed to come to sign the consents so we had to drag my dd with us. It was just an interuption of my hectic life that was unnecessary. It doesn't help that I was extremely disappointed after waiting so long to hear that I have to still wait. When I spoke to the dr on the phone. I told him how many pills I have left and he said good that will be perfect timing with the opening with the lab and now it isn't. I think the lab is playing games too. They are holding back info from the drs who don't work directly for the lab and just have permission to use the facilities. I didn't even receive any paperwork to have my embies moved to the new lab. When I called the hospital that the old lab was in they said alot of the patients whose drs don't work for the lab didn't get the paperwork and she doesn't know why. So that is one more thing I need to do before we can get started anyway. The papers need to be noterized and sent back in. I hope it doens't take forever to get them moved now!
At least one thing, I got the complete protocol and they are going to order my meds. No lupron just vivelle patches, progesterone in oil and medrol. We did discuss doing assisted hatching, which I think we are going to do this time.

You should definitely question the " mysterious charges" from the IVF. I had to call about some of mine. I a few bills with different dates on them for the same thing only 2 or 3 days apart so I had to call to see exactly what they were for. They didn't say anything except the amount do and the dates of service didn't match so I asked for itemized bills so I could see for myself before I paid anything.


Marina - April 7

Hi girls
Update on me.Went to see my RE today.Boy,was he ever sensetive to us today :o!Anyway,he did not joke around and scedule me for more testing ,not because he thinks something wrong,but to illiminate this kind of problems ::).Here is what i'll be tested for:
protein C
lupus anticoagulant
plasminogen activator inhibitor(what the hell is this?! ???I have to do my homework today)
cardiolipin antibody
chromosomes,peripheral blood
Is there any more tests left for me?!
Lyly,I know you've done some of them.
Well ,we set the dates and my FET is going to be mid. June :-\because 1) he wants me to wait 3 month after what happened,2)we need time for the testing-some of them take up to 3 weeks,3)they put me on bcp and than Lupron.I asked if this is necessary(lupron) and he said yes and he strongly belives that they have to complitelly control my cycle to prepare everything right.
So ,as much as I want it to be tomorrow morning...we have to be PATIENT... >:(
May be I'll take a short trip back home in Ukraine,"to heal my wounds"
how is everybody else doing?



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