IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - February 1

Lyly -I had cramping - pineapple is great for implementation - well from what I hear.



lyly14 - February 1

Thanks Julie- No cramping today. I am starting to feel bloated again and was feeling a bit sick to my stomach earlier. Not sure what that is about. It is way too early for that. How are you holding up with the m/s?


Jules614 - February 1

Lyly - I just yacked - does that answer your question about m/s 8)

I am glad you are not cramping - feeling sick may just be your nerves.. or maybe u r pregnant!



Ange - February 1

Hey Girls,

I am not having spasms today whahoo! I am feeling like I got alot bigger over night. The Baby is moving like crazy today I felt movement at least 4 times so far :) Lyly I had cramps alot from the ER till the Beta and that was a good sign so be happy for cramping. I did feel one night just before I went to bed a period like cramp and it last about 1 hour then went away and I beleive that was implantation. It was 8 days after ET so not to worry just enjoy the time you have each day :)

I hope everyone is doing well
Have a great weekend


lyly14 - February 1

Julie- I am wondering if the estrogen patches are what is making me feel queesy. I have been feeling queesy on and off since I started wearing them. But for now I am not puking like you.

Ange- I am happy to hear that you are not having any spasms today. Hopefully they will stay away. I have had slight cramps on and off but the first night was the most. They didn't last too long either. I was told the 3 day transfers will implant within 3 to 4 days, so that should be tomorrow or Sunday if I am lucky enough for this to work. I go for a progesterone and estradoil check tomorrow and my beta should be next Saturday. So basically next week will feel like the longest week of my life!


Jules614 - February 1

Ange - that is great your baby is growing and active - you must be a happy camper. I am so glad to hear you are feeling better 8)

Lyly - No idea about estrogen patches...Never had them. So feeling queasy - maybe you are pregnant - u gonna take a home pregnancy test before your beta?



lyly14 - February 2

Julie- I am going to try not to take a hpt before the beta, but we will see if I can hold out. I let you now if I do. It has only been 2 days so I have a while to go now.


Marina - February 2

I know everybody probably know this by now,but have or not have any symptoms is perfectly normal.I didn't have any type of cramping and very minimal symptoms.All I had was shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat(but I suspect that was from very mild ohss)
Patches did not effect me.
Lyly,I wasn't going to take hpt until I found this web site(when desperetly was searching for early pregnancy symptoms) and read that everybody do this,that's how I got this smart idea and coudn't wait,so I did this 6 days after the transfer-BFN !,than 2 days later-very faint BFP.But I'll tell you,I was in hell these 2 days...LOL.


lyly14 - February 2

Marina- That is exactly why I want to try and hold out for the b/w. I don't remember. Did you do a 3 or a 5 day transfer? I have also been having some shortness of breath and my belly is very tight and distended. I think my bathroom schedule has been really off since the anesthesia. The symptoms come and go and seem to be better after I go to the bathroom. So that is what I think those symptoms are from. How lovely right? Today I went for a progesterone and estradoil check, so hopefully those numbers are good. My butt has been a bit sore from the shots, not too bad just tender.


Marina - February 2

Lyly,I had bloating also all 2ww,but that will pass as soon as HCG meds out of your body,so,yea,my jeans were tight even before I was PG .
We did 5 day transfer(my clinic does only 5 day transfers).


lyly14 - February 3

Spoke to the dr. yesterday, he said my progesterone and estrongen were good. He told me to call the office if I get queasy, bloated and have any weight gain. Well I have been queasy and bloated but have actually dropped weight so I am not really concerned. He was almost going to make me wait until Monday 2/11/08 for my beta, but when he heard the disappointment in my voice he said one day early wouldn't hurt and that Saturday the 9th would be fine! Yeah!


Jules614 - February 5

Lyly - don't worry - you will be OK - i had no symptoms before my beta which was positive. Everyone on my IVF chat was having spotting but me - I panicked too but here I am almost 12 weeks pregnant! Good luck!!!!\

Marina - how r u doing?

I am still puking.. yuck



lyly14 - February 5

Julie- Wow 12 weeks already? That went quick. Almost into your 2nd trimester already! Sorry about the m/s, maybe you will have some relief in a few weeks.


Jules614 - February 6

Yup - 12 weeks - just waiting for the m/s to end - not yet!!


Ange - February 8

Hi Girls,

Just a quick pop by to say goodluck tomorrow on the beta Lyly I am praying your dreams are answered. Will you know tomorrow or will you have to wait a day? Post either way I will keep checking.

I hope everyone else is doing great I have a baby in my tummy lol I still can't get over that. The baby moves alot between 8:00 am till noon. Anyways I wish you a ll a great weekend

p.s. extra special babydust to Lyly


Jules614 - February 8

I got an e-mail someone responded to this chat but I see nothing entered since 2/6/08




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