IVF anyone?
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Marina - January 28

You are definetely not alone,unfortunately there is a lot of us out there...But you are on a right place,because nobody else can understand what's going on with us phisicaly and emotionaly,like women who go thrue the same thing.
Bloating is very common,all the drugs we are on coase this,especialy the trigger shot.Maybe you have a mild case of OHSS,try to drink a lot of water.
If you have pain from prog.shots,try to put cabbage leaf(crample it before,so it will get some juice out) on injection site and leave it overnight.Ice before the shot for 5 min and than pyt heating pad for 10.
Good luck!If you got questions we'll all here for you.


lyly14 - January 28

Marina- I was suprised when dh told me that he couldn't see my right ovary. It was my regular RE not the partner. He had no problem on Friday seeing it, so I just don't know what happened. I am going to call the RE tomorrow and talk to him myself. I would imagine that the ones that are left will ovulate on their own. I was still told to do the progesterone shots and estrogen patches, but I imagine the ones that ovulate on their own will produce hormones. Anyway they are supposed to call tomorrow with the results of the fertilization. I am praying they do well and we will have something to transfer back on Wednesday.


lyly14 - January 28

well girls we got lucky- 6 out of 6 fertilized. I'll keep you posted!


Marina - January 29

See?Told you!
how do you feel?


lyly14 - January 29

I am feeling okay today. Yesterday I felt terrible and was a bit worried. I was so swollen and bloated I felt like I was going to explode. It hurt to just roll over in bed. I got on the scale and realized I gained almost 5 lbs since the trigger shot and was worried about ohss. I was going to call the RE today if I wasn't feeling better, but last night I spent most of the night getting up to pee. When I got on the scale this morning I was 4 lbs lighter. So I guess I was just retaining a lot of water. I felt really good this morning, but am starting to get that full feeling again. At least it is managable and I don't think it is ohss, just bloated from all the meds and trigger. Well I go in at 7:30 tomorrow and they transfer at 8:15. Wish me luck!!!! How are you feeling? Good to be in your second trimenster right?


Marina - January 29

Well,Lyly, tomorrow the day!Are you going to move on " who is on 2 ww" forum?
How many you think you are going to put in?
Did they call you with the progress today?
Now everything in doctors and Gods hands(and your body's)
You have to lay down for 2 days,you know that,right?Even,if they say it is hard to shake of a good embryo,but still, just to know you did eveything to help little one(s) to attach.
I'll be praying for you!
We lost Julie again,I hope everything is ok with her...

I feel pretty good,start noticing my sticking out belly,my pants are very tight now,so I use hair bands to fasten the buttons.Other than that we are very lucky with the fashion-everybody wears babydolls these days,so I got myself a few cute tops.I have no complains,so far so good,can't wait until I can feel baby moving and of course to find out sex.
I was going to give you an advise and almost forgot.
Tomorrow,when you start getting ready,you suppose to drink water one hour before the procedure,right?So,first don't drink more than you need(they took me like 20-30 min later than planed and I just couldn't hold it-so I had to go and pee a little)And second,if you are taking vicodin,do it BEFORE you drink water,so it can start working and woudnt get lost in all the amount of water,because I took mine while was drinking and it had absolutely no effect on me.I cant't say the procedure was painful,I'm usually very pain resistant,but it wasn't fun either.They were surprised it didn't effect me,because the dose was pretty high and I'm very petitte.
Good luck Lyly!


lyly14 - January 30

Marina- Enjoy your new belly. I too hope everything is okay with Julie. Maybe she is just busy, but I hope she posts soon so we know she is ok.

We are planning to put 2 in tomorrow as long as there are 2 to put in. Thanks for the advice. I was told not urinate for at least 2 hrs before the procedure and drink 2 8oz glasses of water. I will probably bring a water bottle with me and start only right before we get to the hospital. I am scheduled to be there 45 minutes early anyway. Water passes through me very quickly so I don't want to start too early. They didn't prescribe any vicodin or anything. I had a mock transfer and had nothing. It wasn't bad just had a little cramping after it was done. So I wasn't planning on taking anything for pain. I let you know how my embies held out as I didn't get any update today :( Oh and I will still post over here but may also post on the 2ww as well.


lyly14 - January 30

Well all we have left to do now is wait. We put in 2 8 cell grade 1 embies ( they were the highest quality possible). They were able to freeze 3 and we lost 1. Not too bad. I was hoping all would make it , but really hope this works and we don't need any of the frozen! They gave me some pill (Indocin) when I got there that was supposed to help relax my cervix to make the transfer easier. She said it was like a motrin. I never heard of it before. So Saturday I go for a progesterone and estrogen check. Only 10 more days till the big test, but who is counting!


Ange - January 30

yuppie lyly your babies are inside you where they belong :) remember gartorade and lots of water and rest I believe in rest. Enjoy your time with both of your embies inside you that is what I did. Did you see them before they put them in? Did you cry? I did I am sap that way though. Tell you one thing it may feel like the longest 10 days in your life but think about they are there right now :) Take care big hugs to you

Junker~ ALso you try massaging the injection area after. When I was at 11 weeks taking shot day after day I was so swollen but I feel the massaging helped alot.



Ange - January 30

Julie~ I am doing good except for round ligament pain omg it is like a charlie horse in your stomach not fun and the dr said I will have it from 18-22 weeks oh the joys of pregnancy :) How are you doing so far? How far are you?


lyly14 - January 30

Thanks Ange- Sorry to hear about your round ligament pain. I hope it passes quickly. They didn't show the embies. I was a bit disappointed at first, but now I am okay with it. This whole process is so mechanical that maybe not seeing them will be one less process to recall. Not to say I am not grateful for the process, as it helps so many of us conceive. I am home for today and tomorrow on the couch resting. I have been drinking lots of water. I tend to stay away from juice and gatorade because of my sugar. They have me on medrol and steroids make my numbers go up. I was terribly bloated after the trigger and gained about 5 lbs of water, but having been peeing my brains out. Now I feel great no more swelling and bloating. Take care of you and that baby of yours and keep me posted on how your doing.


Arabsrcool - January 30


I have been following your posts. Its great that all 6 eggs fertilized.....now the 2ww. Take it easy and drink lots of water. I am praying for you!


Jules614 - January 31

Lyly - that is too funny that you told your husband to bring his own movies. So, when he went, there wasn't anything for him to work with? Never mind, I just read your answer - too funny about hubby's comments. At least he has a sense of humor. I agree that men are not as emotionally stable as us women.. they whine with little colds.. imagine them with morning sickness... ha ha ha

Lyly - I am so sorry they only retrieved 6 - you know, I feel like the more eggs retrieved sometimes that shorter life span they have. I only had 10 and by the next day 7 fertilized. I have my fingers crossed you have some good ones. Remember, it only takes one. *hug* Oh i just read all 6 fertilized! That is GREAT NEWS!!!
I just read your post and it sounds like your e/t went well! I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!
They say eating pineapple helps with implementation.

Junker - no muscle pain with the progesterone shots - have you tried using a heating pad on your back? I know you can't use it near your ovaries but you can use a hot pack elsewhere. Where are you having the muscle pains?

Marina - Being that I no longer get e-mails letting me know people are posting on the website - I have trouble keeping up - I feel bad because I missed all of what has been going on with Lyly...Marina - how are you feeling?

Ange - I am doing OK - still throwing up. I have a little pain under my belly button. My scale broke so I have no idea how much I have gained. How are you doing?



lyly14 - January 31

Thanks Arabsrcool- Good luck to you too.

Julie -Pineapple? Really? I hate pineapple. Oh well.

I am starting to feel a little cramping. Anyone have that? I was fine all day, but have been having some mild cramps for about and 1hr.


Jules614 - January 31

Lyly -

Yes I had a lot of cramping - I heard pineapple helps woth implementation.


Jules614 - February 1

Lyly -I had cramping - pineapple is great for implementation - well from what I hear.




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