IVF anyone?
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mo - November 21

Hi Jules,
We never got to the progesterone (lower back) shots for my cycle, but we practiced, and my hubby stuck me while training w. the RN. I totally trust him. I was scared shit less b'cos of the size of the needles but once i turned and gave my ass up to him, i was like...do your thing...LOL

There are spots that don't hurt, in your lower back, like where your panty band is. the needle goes in, he injects, then out. One of the RNs should have gone through that with you in training. If not, as them...they should. I am still nervous though, i must say so i totally understand. But the pinching and hitting the spot help totally!

Good luck all and i know we'll be sharing some fun stories!!


lyly14 - November 21

Julie- My story is a long one. I have one dd who will be 9 from a previous relationship. Over the past 3 1/2 yrs with dh we have had 3 pregnancies. The last one made it to 11 weeks then the heartbeat stopped and I needed a d & c. That was in March of 2006. We haven't been able to get pregnant since. I decided to see the RE because of the m/c's. I have risk factors for m/c. but everything else seems to be ok. On the 5th cycle of trying with meds they finally checked dh's sperm. He turned out to have a pretty bad analysis. Funny how i never had a problem getting pg before with him. They didn't even bother to check him originally because they said with 3 pregnancies he was probably fine. After the bad analysis the RE recommended IUI but I didn't want to waste time and we decided to do IVF with ICSI to bypass any sperm problems. I am hoping that will do the trick.


Jules614 - November 21

I didn't realize you could bypass the IUI's. Withh my insurance you have to have 3 failed IUI's before you start the IVF. Funny how each insurance is different. My hubby had a vericose vein. We tried for 4 yrs - they realized the vein problem and lazored it. Said I would get pregnant for 6 months - i got pregnant 2 months later. So, I figured with the second pregnancy it would be easy since we fixed the problem - WRONG! So 3 yrs it has been and I can't get pregnant - Now I am just realizing I think i was doing my Lupron shots wrong... crap, now I hope I didn't screw up the process...


lyly14 - November 21

Julie- My insurance gave me a hard time initially. They even went so far to say that because i have been pregnant in the past that I didn't have a problem with infertility. I was so mad. I said "Did you ever hear of secondary infertility?" Duh! I hate insensitive people. I told them I had been trying for over a year and a half with the last 5 cycles with medical intervention. That doesn't sound like a fertility problem? I finally asked to speak to her supervisor and her attitude changed. She submitted the request and it took weeks. But luckily I have great insurance and my RE was able to back up the need. I work for the school district so we have the government employee insurance.

How were you doing the Lupron shots wrong? Hope it turns out ok.


Jules614 - November 21

My insurance was great about the IVF and IUI's - my fertility clinic submits the paperwork to have me approved so there isn't much I have to do. Unfortunately, my insurance is changing January 1st - I will worry if the first IVF doesn't work.

So, I went to start my new Lupron Units - I realized I was reading the needle wrong (this is why i am not in pre-med) was going by the top line instead of the bottom - so in reality I was giving myself 5 units when i should have been giving myself 10. So when I was dropping down to 5 units 0 I was really at 0 and couldn't understand why? I called the nurse crying afraid that they were going to have to stop my cycle. She said she had to consult the doctor. I couldn't stop crying. To add to the matter, I then received an e-mail from my sister announcing to all our friends and family her pregnancy. I admit I am so jealous of everything she has. She has the half million dollar house, the great job, and now twins on the way and here I am in the possibility of ending my 10 days worth of work I have done.. I was crying my eyes out to my mother in law..My head is pounding etc.. The nurse called me back and said she spoke to the doctor - I was still crying at this moment... she told me that my blood tests showed the Lupron was doing what it was supposed to be doing and that I could continue. She said he wouldn't have had me continue if he had felt I jeopardized the possibility of this working..

Talk about a stressful day!


lyly14 - November 22

Julie- I am sorry to hear that you had such a stressful day, but am glad it all turned out good. I am so sad myself today. I attended a wake for an 8 yr old girl today. She was the daughter of a co-worker of mine. It was so sad. They had so many beautiful pictures of her around, I couldn't stop crying. It is amazing how precious life is. It is such a shame that some people take it for granted! I can totally relate to getting jealous. It happens to me when I hear someone announce they are pregnant or just had a baby. I guess it's just all part of the process for those of us who struggle.


Jules614 - November 22


How did the 8 yr old die? That is so sad. Things ar OK with me. i thought about the butt shot today after taking my morning lupron and can't go back to sleep. Th anxiety kills me. Once again, I have had about 4 hours of sleep. I wish I could just relax. I am off to my folks today for Thanksgiving. I hope you have a good Thanksgiving. We should both try to smile and be greatful for what we have.



lyly14 - November 23

jules- The little girl died of cancer, she was a year younger than my daughter. Although I am not giving up my dreams of having another little one in my life with my new dh, I am so greatful that I have her. Sorry to hear the thought of the progesterone shots is making you lose sleep. I don't think they will be so bad, after all the lupron and gonal are a piece of cake. How bad can they be? You just need to put them out of your mind. You should take some time and pamper yourself. Go get a message or something and take your mind off things. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Ours was nice and quiet, just dh, dd, and myself this year.


Jules614 - November 23

Hey Lili -

Thanksgiving was good. My very best friend who got married June 16th - started trying for a child in September and announces she was 3 months pregnant. Her husband and her tried once and .. well you know the rest. I am really happy for her because her exact words were, I think I was put on this earth to make babies.. she LOVES children and is a teacher. I just can't believe how easy it was for her.. but I am very close with her. She jus bought a house 8 miles from me last week.. She is due 2 days after my sister. So again, EVERYONE around me is pregnant. Hopefully, it will be contageous. More incentives for me to get pregnant.

How was your Thanksgiving? What did you do?



lyly14 - November 23

Julie- I am glad to hear Thanksgiving was good. I know it is hard to hear when people have it so easy. But I have had a total of 4 pregnancies and 2 of them were one shot deals, where I got pg first try. Only one resulted in a live birth and that one was 9 years ago. Of course I was in my early 20's so I think that makes a big difference. The other one shot deal ended at 11 weeks and we haven't been able to get pg since. Try not to stress too much your time will come. Hopefully this cycle will be your time. My Thanksgiving was nice. I was cooking dinner most of the day. After dinner we just relaxed and watched a movie.


Jules614 - November 23

Lyly -

Thanks for the kind words. Went in for blood work today and am just waiting for my next instrauctions. Hubby is starting to freak out about giving me the shots.. we are both on edge - how does your hubby feel about giving you shots?


lyly14 - November 23

Dh is pretty calm about the whole thing, but that is only because he wont do it. He almost passed out watching me do the Lupron shots!!! There is no way he will do them and I am not so sure I would want him to. If I can't manage myself then my mom will do them. She definitely doesn't mind, she is a retired RN. I am definitely going to try to find a way to do them myself. A friend of mine knows someone who managed to do them herself because her husband was away on business, so there must be a way. A guy I work with did them for his wife. They just had a baby boy in July after about 12 years of trying and multiple failed IVF's. He said they weren't bad except they were slow to inject because the oil was thick. He even told me I would probably be able to find a way to do them myself.


Jules614 - November 23

Well if you find a way to do them yourself - please share the secret. My friend is over now and she is an RN but she works nights and that is when I would have to take the shot so I am sh*t out of luck. I can't wait to fast forward and take the shots - then the anticipation will be over....arghhhh

How are you doing today? Have you taken your daughter to see Enchanted yet?



lyly14 - November 23

Funny you asked about Enchanted. My dd's birthday is on tuesday. She is having a movie birthday party and that is the movie she picked for her party, so we haven't gone to see it. Her party is Dec 1. so she is really excited to go see it I am going to the RE tomorrow in the morning for bloodwork and baseline u/s. I am going to ask about ways to give that shot. If I find anything out, I'll let you know. I think I am getting AF been cramping and heavier spotting, but the pill made me spot for most of the time I was on it so I am not sure. What day of your period did you start the gonal?


Jules614 - November 23

I started the gonal on day 2 of my period. So far, the shots have not been bad. Thankfully, I am overweight so I have extra fat to pinch. I just hate having cramps and not being able to take meds during that time of month. Hubby just finished giving me my repronex. I think he likes doing that... but he is scared shitless to give me the bum shots.


lyly14 - November 24

I've done one cycle of gonal over the summer, but not with anything other than ovidrel. It really wasn't bad, except I felt so bloated and had a lot of pain after my trigger shot. Last time I started it on day 3. I am not sure what day he plans this time. He has my start date as tues. but I think I got my AF already so I don't know if that date will stay. How's the repronex? That whole mixing process makes me a bit anxious, but it doesn't look too hard. I did some research on the progesterone shots and it looks like you can do them in two different places. One is the hip area right above your behind and the other is the thigh. So I think the thigh is where I am going to do them. I am definitely going to ask my RE tomorrow when I go in if he thinks that would be ok. I'll let you know what he says tomorrow.



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