IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - January 23

Hey guys - sorry I have been missing. I have been in the hospital due to a virus and dehydration. Lot's of IV's and meds. Still have diarhea which is not fun.

Lyly - There is nothing wrong with anxiety! I had it sooooo bad during my IVF process - I never slept. So much going through my head and the waiting was even worse! You are not alone and we are hear whenever you need to talk. Yes, I used the repronex and hubby did all the mixing - he screwed it up the first time too and I had to use a new bottle. Lyly - your lab seems like they need to get their act together when giving you your results and instructions. Plus the staff seems like they need an attitude adjustment. Like you, I was VERY bloated during the IVF process. I felt like I was pregnant when I wasn't.

Marina - I will be curious to see how accurate the gender test is. I feel in my heart I am having another girl just by how I feel, the statistics and the baby's heart rate. I could be wrong - but I don't think I am. are you using a different size needle to mix than when you give yourself the shot? Sorry you didn't hear from me - I used to get e-mails when people posted but it doesn't look like that is the case.. so I fell behind.

Ange - I am sorry you weren't able to see the sex. Will you get another chance? My daughter crossed her legs the day of my u/s - the tech said based on the way she was shaped, she was 90% sure it was a girl but couldn't guarantee me. The day I delivered, hubby shouted out - does she have a vagina, because we planned for a girl - nursery purple and clothes bought were girly.



lyly14 - January 23

julie- I am sorry to hear you were in the hospital but glad you are okay. Was getting worried about you. Things are going smoothly with me now. No more anxiety. Not sure what that was about. I only had a problem on that Sat with the lab. The woman who was there got written up for her attitude and unprofessional behavior. As far as my instructions that has not been a problem, except for that day. He didn't want to give me instructions without knowing what the b/w looked like so he had me wait to see if they would come in. I usually get my instructions at the same time everyday, between 3-4 pm. They are very good about calling.


Marina - January 24

Hi Julie!
I'm so glad you are back and everything ok(well,at least now you are ok) Was it flu? Is baby ok?
It seems like a lot of people "missing" since the site was down.
Well,I took that test I was talking about and guess what!Do you want to laugh at me?It's ok,I'm laughing at myself.Ok,so if it's a girl,it was supposed to turn orange or yellow,if a boy- dark green or grey.Well,mine came up right in the midlle-light yellowish-greenish.Ha-ha-ha!Not dark green,but definately not bright orange!So,we are back to basics-it's 50%/50%-boy or girl!!!!
Isn't that funny!?I e-mailed them even with the picture,but on the picture it does look orange.Well, they said if I want they'll send me another test for free,just pay for shipping,but I refused-I did it for fun anyway,so,I guess I'll just wait for u/s,like everybody else.I'm 12 weeks today,the first trimester done!


Jules614 - January 24

Marina -

That is too funny! Congrats on being 12 weeks today. Technically by u/s I am 10 weeks toda! Pretty cool we are 2 weeks apart. I forget, is this your first?



Marina - January 24

Julie, I have a son from previous marriage,he is going to be 13 in April. He is very nice boy.But for me now everything feels like the 1st time,because it was a long time ago, and this pregnancy very different from before(easier ,so far-exept that it cost us $16000), and back then at 24 I just got PG,and never worried that something can go wrong.Now we have too much information avalible on internet,so I worry all the time.
How you doing with your morning sickness?Any improvment?
As for the feeling-I feel I'm having a girl(maybe because we want a girl),my pregnancy this time is totaly different from before.
Julie,are you going to take the first trimester tests(the triple test for Down syndrom)? I don't know what to do,my DH doesn't even want to hear about it,he says no mater what we are keeping the baby.And it is so many false positives with this tests,that if something wrong they send you futher to have a diagnostic tests...I just don't know what to do...The only reason for that can be my age-I'm 37...


Jules614 - January 24

Marina - no I am not going to take the down syndrome test during the first trimester - my insurance doesn't cover it and b) they do one that is covered at 15 weeks. Plus, too many false positives with down syndrome tests anyway. 37 s still not that old - I have many friends who had children at 38 and 39 all which had healthy babies.

I totally agree with you this time around being more worried than the pregnancy. You are right - we know way too much this time. I woke up at 3 a.m. and couldn't get back tos leep from everything on my mind!

My m/s sill sucks.. mostly in the morning and then at night it comes back. I do OK for most the day now... It wasn't like that at first - but then again I am on the zofran now.

How are you feeling?



lyly14 - January 24

Hi girls- How is everyone doing? I am getting really close now. I just go back from the RE. I have lots of follies the biggest one is now 17.5mm up from 15mm yesterday. He said it looks like I will trigger tomorrow, but of course I go back tomorrow for another u/s and b/w and it depends on those results. I spoke to him about the progesterone shots and he told me if I could not get anyone to give them to me we could do gel caps. He said they are effective, but the PIO gives better results. My RE was pretty funny when I told him there is no way dh would give them to me. He said just get him really mad at you and then he will have no problem. I will see how it goes with my mom giving them to me. Today the RE gave me all the paperwork and instructions for the retrieval and transfer. I can't believe it is so close.


Marina - January 24

Hi guys,
Lyly,you are doing great.Ask you doctor about protein.My doc gave me information sheat after the retrieval about new study how protein helps to avoid OHSS(you should take 80 gr of protein a day) and keep taking it for the first 2ww,then reduce to 60 gr.Well,I could make myself drink that protein drink untill 6weeks,than I was mixing it with yogurt,now I quit,it makes me sick.But it did help me,Ididn't have any problem with my ovaries-they were concern with me because I had like 40 or more eggs!
Progesteron the best take in shots,but many people do the pill form.
I had my ob appoitment today,baby is fine,the heartbeat is about 157.This is all they did today-blood preasure,weight and listen to the heartbeat.Nobody offered me any testing,I was surprised.Don't they take like blood or urine samples every time?Well,I 'm off until next month.Can't wait to start feel the baby moving.Last time I did around 14-15 weeks.At least for you m/s reminds you that you are PG(well,I'm not jealous on that!)


lyly14 - January 24

Thanks for the info Marina- I will look into the protein. Do you by any chance know what your E2 level was when you triggered? With 40 or more eggs I would imagine it would be high.


Jules614 - January 24

Lyly - wow you are so close... I am so excited for you! Keep us posted.. How are you feeling?

Marina - every place is different - I went to my OB appointment a couple days ago - they didn't even check the heart beat - only did my weight, checked blood pressure, examined my uterus is in place. They took blood because I wasn't keeping anything down. So far so good!



Marina - January 25

I'm not sure about E2 levels,because they never really mentioned them to me, and I was more concentrated on the folicules size.I guess ,whatever it was,was normal.I don't know the number,sorry.They retieved 40,but only25 fertilized,14 made it to the day3 and only 11 made to the blast.We took a risk and transfered only one,because I was terrified of possibility to get PG with twins.The rest is frosen.I could share with 10 more people!


lyly14 - January 25

Marina- The first few times the nurse called with results and instructions she never mentioned what the E2 levels were until I asked. After me asking the first few times she automatically told me. I always like to know what is going on and keep track of everything on paper. The first time I did gonal they were concerned with my numbers, so this time I decided to keep track. Plus I know they really look at those numbers to make decisions so I figure they must be important. I hope this is not the case, but if I have to go through this again I have a record of dosage and levels to see how I am progressing.

So it looks like I am going to trigger tonight. He measured like 19 follies and said they look like they are ready. Now I am just waiting for the b/w to confirm. So it looks like Sunday is the big day. If all goes well we will transfer 2 on day three. They don't really do blasts, not sure why. But I guess many don't make it to blast and they don't like to chance having nothing to put in. I guess it covers their butts. I really wouldn't mind twins, but would be very happy with one! If I did have 2 I think that would be it for me. Do you plan on having more children after this pregnancy?


Wesleysmom - January 25

Hello ladies!

Lyly, how are you? Good luck to you! I hope you have 2 perfect embryos to transfer on Wednesday!

Marina, congrats on making it through the first trimester!!

I'm taking a little time off before starting a new FET, but I didn't want to lose touch with everyone! I hope everyone is doing well.



Marina - January 25

Hi lyly
I'm very exited for you!So you didn't need that dose of repronex ?
Don't worry about day 3 or 5,if it's a good embrio,it'll make it!Somebody said-it's very hard to shake of a good embryo.You right about covering their butts,but sometimes it makes it even harder to figure out the reasons,if embryo doesn't grow after day 3,it means there is sperm problem involved.My friend had day3 transfer and all embies implanted.
I'm done after this time,I'm 37 and my DH 50,so I don't think we'll do it again!
Wesleymom,glad to hear from you !What's the news?When are you plan on doing next one?Are you feeling better?Keep in touch!We'll be waiting for you!


Ange - January 25

Lyly ~ Happy trigger day :) You might feel alot of pressure and maybe cramps just before you have the ET because of all those eggs. It didn't happen to me and I had 12 but it all depends on the person but just to let you know don't worry. I am so happy for you it is finally here. Just to let you when you do your ET and they show you your embies on the screen before they implant them I cried so much it was just such an emotional time for me but it was perfect. I had a two day transfer of three because the quality wasn't high on all three. I had one the was normal and two below normal. So I wouldn't worry that thay don't do blast there. My clinique said that the best place for them to grow is in the womb. They were right
Good luck and enoy your embies in your belly. babydust
As for Jade this is her first and she wanted two children so she is very happy.

Julie~ I will get alot more chances to see my dr does and u/s every month. My next one is Feb 22. I am happy just to see the heartbeat. congrats on your pregnancy


Arabsrcool - January 25


I noticed on a couple posts that you said to eat more protein (the fertility diet) excuse my ignorance, but can you explain please.




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