IVF anyone?
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lili246 - November 12

Wow so your off until march gee it reminds me a year ago when I was pregnant with my lil one. By the end of this month I stopped working and had him dec. 10th and didn't go back to work until march that was a nice vacation but yet went by so fast so enjoy them to the fullest. COngrats on Ben coming home very soon and follow Paul. He is always in my prayers. Let us know how the bloodwork came out and whats going on with his surgery.

Congrats I am so happy that everything is going well with the lil bean. I bet you are more relief now that you saw him/her. Good luck and hope you don't get those terrible m/s.

Sounds like you may be so close girl. Keep up the good work and keep us posted. Best wishes and good luck, I bet you can't wait to meet your lil miracle.

How are you doing?

Have a great night.


mo - November 13

Praying for you Marina

[quote author=Marina link=board=12;threadid=5034;start=2535#55351 date=1225930108]
Jules,I wrote about my retrieval and transfer on the other tread(no bfp's),but in short,this new clinic let my dh stay with me both times(I didn't think it was a good idea for the retrieval,especialy sinse they lost the top of the catether,or the the sucktion part(or whatever they call it),inside of me on their last egg and had to look for it with u/s! :oyeah,my hubby was terrified,he thought I will be all sore from that,but it was ok,no problems.His sperm was very good quiality,they even quiestioned need for ICSI!!!! :o),but I said I 'm not taking any chances.
We put 2 blast ,my beta on nov .12,but I will not know the result untill the second one on 14th-they don't tell you untill second beta!!! ::)

Debbie,you made the right desigion to take your little girl to the cardiologist,but I know so many cases with my friends kids(and my dh)it will go away on it's own,but see the specialist is never a bad idea.


JamieP - November 13

It is all go around here. So much excitement! Ronda not long to go now. I am sure you are totally fed up and just want that baby in your arms.

Lyly, I am so pleased for you. Maybe what your doctor can see is the cause of your on/off spotting. You have great numbers for a single so hopefully it is good and strong and well stuck in there.

Marina you still have a little wait before you will know exactly what is going on in there but I agree with Lyly just bask in the glory of being pregnant.

Jen I hope you are doing well and enjoying these last few days of peace that you will have for about the next 18 years!! I am so excited for you. You have really done well to get this far.

Jamie ;D


JasJulesMom - November 13

Lyly- I am so happy for you. I have to admit I was a bit worried you may be carrying more than 2, but I am so happy for you and your 1 little bean, I hope you have a quick and exciting pregnancy. You deserve it!!!

Lisa- Must be great that work is done til March. I am suppossed to go back Jan 3, but we decided I should not return and spend more time with Baby. I am a bit nervous on how we will survive financially...

Ronda- Hope you have you beautiful baby soon. Keep us posted.

Marina- I am very excited you got BFP. When will you have u/s.

Jamie- When is your level 2 ultrasound?


lyly14 - November 13

Jamie, Debbie, lili- Thank you for the kind thoughts and words. I am so excited but still cautious. I just can't wait til next thur so I can get my next u/s and see how the baby is progressing.

Anyone hear from Julie?


jenfrancis - November 13

[quote author=lyly14 link=board=12;threadid=5034;start=2565#56330 date=1226514936]
Hey girls- I saw my little bean this morning, heartbeat and all. The dr said she saw something else but wasn't really sure (thinks it may possibly be a fibroid) but to me it looks like another sac. Regardless if it is a sac or not there was only one heartbeat so, it is only one little one in there. As long as it is healthy that is fine with me. She wants me to come back in one week to recheck. I get to reduce my estrace to only one pill a day now but I will be on the progesterone shots until 12 weeks and the lovenox/heparin injections until 6 weeks after I deliver.

Ronda- anything yet?

Lisa- I am so excited that ben will be coming home so soon. Paul will be home before you know it. You will have your hand full for sure. There will never be a dull moment in your house. I hope Vinci is ready to share his mommy with the boys. And tell him no more ribbons, you will have enough things to do with the boys (lol).
Lyly - I aM surprised there is only one! haha, butthats good. I am happy for you!

I AMnot sure where the posts from Marina are, but I will look around, I am happy she has a BFP! wow! Lots of activity here. And its all good news!

How nice. I have what 6 days left. Imy husband has to come to the hospital too, so it will do no good for me to go early, and he has to come up early anyway.

I am taking it easy! My husbands dad died Friday, so he is in Louisiana now preparing for the funeral. I have to take it easy so nothing happens until he comes back home saturday nite!

Lyly - I am so happy! Marina too! Awesome!


Arabsrcool - November 13


Thanks for the sex advice, however, I am ready to kill my dh. He keeps talking about what "everybody" meaning people he works with is saying about my chances of giving birth and when(first it was "oh after the stripped the membrane it will be within 24 hrs, now its the doc won't induce before my due date). Frankly, I don't give a damn what "everybody" is saying. And if I hear it one more time, I am going to kill him. Needless to say I am totally fed up.

I go back to doc tomorrow at 11:30 and he made sound like he would induce me ( I am hoping on Friday). Otherwise I might have to strangle him too!



lili246 - November 14

I know how you feel wanting to have that baby already. Don't worry to what everyone is saying just put attention to your baby because he will be coming out soon. Let us know what the doc. says tomorrow hopefully you will be inducing you tomorrow. I know how bad you want to meet your lil one. These last days seem like forever.

Sorry to what happen to your dh father. That is always a tradegy. I hope he comes back on time so when the babies arrive. Good luck.

Wow Ben is coming home tomorrow, how exciting after all that waiting, let us know how it goes tomorrow. I am praying for lil Paul let us know how the blood results came back.

Love Lili


vw79girl - November 14

omg girls we are on our way to get Ben! He is coming home tonight! :)


JasJulesMom - November 14

Lisa- So excited for you. Have fun and enjoy those sleepless nights. There is no better reason in the world to lose sleep. Let us know how it goes.

Hang in there Ronda. She will be here soon. i know how you feel, I was 40 weeks and 2 days with older daughter and wanted to kill everyone who looked at me wrong..lol. Hope Dr has good news for you today.


Goofy5796 - November 14

Lisa- WHOOOO!!! So exciting!!! Hopefully Paul will be right behind hin :)


lili246 - November 14

Wow congrats girl I am so happy for you girl. How is it going is he home by now? I bet you won't have any time to get into the computer. We will pray for Paul so he can go home very soon.
Enjoy them to the fullest!

Any good news?? Be strong girl and do your best because you are almost there about to meet your lil one. Good luck and try to relax, I don't advise sex tho.


Marina - November 14

Hi guys,
My HCG numbers are 167(10dpt) and today 356 (12dpt).I'm shocked, because I still don't feel what I thought I'd feel.Anyway,I'm back in the game,terrified...


Arabsrcool - November 14

Hi girls,

Saw doc today. He checked me and said my cervix is not thinning enough yet to induce. Again I thought he was checking my tonsils from down south. I am scheduled to be a the hospital on Sunday at 7pm (then they will insert (sounds fun huh?) something to get the cervix soft and after about 12 hours they will start the inducing part. Doc said, you can wait to Monday or Tuesday if you want. I declined of course. They hooked me up to a baby monitor and Cara is doing fine. I do have protein in my urine whatever that means. Sooooo, it looks like Monday or Tuesday (depending on how long the inducing takes to work) I will get to meet my baby. My dd is staying the grandma tonight and I miss her already. the house seems so empty without her. I'm going to watch a few movies that are not 3 year old friendly and take a long hot bath. Wish I could have a glass of wine, but maybe I'll drink grape juice and pretend.


Congrats again!!!! BFP!!!


How exciting! I am so glad at least one of your boys gets to come home. Paul will soon follow.


I'm glad to hear that you wanted to kill some people with your first pg. I am so short tempered right now and feel like such a B**ch, but I cannot seem to help myself. Lack of sleep I am sure.....and I know that is not going to get any better after Cara is here.



Jules614 - November 15

Ronda - It's hard to tell if you will deliver close to losing your mucus plug. With Samantha I lost my plug on a Friday and delivered the following Friday. With Kaitlyn, I lost my plug 3 weeks before getting induced. Basically, losing it never triggered labor. Best of luck! I hope you have your little one soon!!!

Lisa - That is great you get to take one of your boys home. How does it feel? It won't be long until they are both home.

LyLy - Congrads on seeing the HB! How exciting. Maybe you do have a second there. My sister had twins recently and at first they thought both were just scar tissue and that she lost them both - so, you never know with your other mark, especially with the numbers you have. But, even if you have one - you deserve this! It has been a long enough journey for you.

JasJUlesMom - How are you feeling these days? How are you enjoying being a mommy?

Jamie - You are almost halfway there...

Sorry to be so behind but I am just busy with breast feeding, pumping, feeding, cleaning, changing diapers, taking care of my sick family - blah blah blah and now I am coming down with everyone's cold...

Kaitlyn is well. She is sleeping through the night...



vw79girl - November 16

sorry, little Benjamin has been keeping us quite busy!!!
his 2nd night was a bit better than the first and for us too. He woke every three hours but we took turns feeding and it really helped out a lot. He had a pediatric appointment already and all was well. He is over 8 lbs. and @ 19.5 inches.
Paul is doing well, eating lots and just under 8 lbs. They are working on setting his surgery for next week and then he should be home shortly after. They are doing the surgery at Tufts in Boston MA.

Lots of Dr. appts. and Paul's first bloodwork did come back + for the Beckwith but it is only 50% accurate so they are running another test on certain chromosomes or something. I am leaving it at that for now. He really only has one symptom as the hernia is totally a normal thing for preemie boys. That one symptom is his little tongue isn't so little. My first downs test came back 1:13 and then 1:10,000 so as you can see bloodwork is tricky. anyhew...

Ronda, I hope you are doing alright. :)

Julie, how many times a day does Kaitlyn eat?

Lyl, glad we got a chance to chat for a few min. tonight.

Lili did you see the new pics of Ben on the website?

Goofy...Paul should be home in about a week or so after his hernia surgery. I can't wait. we miss him so.

Jamie, any cravings???

Meg, I hope I can e-mail you at some point. Haven't had much time on the computer.

Jade, the boys were on similar schedules and we want to keep it that way, so much easier. :)

Jen and Marina, thinking of you!

Today is the 16th and this was my original due date...weird huh:)



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