IVF anyone?
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jenfrancis - November 11

Oh Ronda, that hubby is just excited I think. I get the same thing from mine too, tho, "That appt does not work with my work schedule..
"Oh when this, cause I have to let work know...."

I hope and pray that you have that little one soon, you sound really uncomfy!

I am very happy, tho to have my date. I am just scared. I am hoping she will allow me to check in Tuesday night, get all IV'd up, get rested and just be there and be ready! I will ask her Tuesday morning, and I will be bringing my bag, in case she tells me to go on over!

I will post pics to my spaces page as soon as I feel up to it.


lili246 - November 11

Whats your myspace address?
I hope you can get in on tuesday that way you can have some rest because you will need it.
Don't be afraid everything will be ok, you are a strong women just by carrying those 3 lil blessings.

I got the picture I love it they look so adorable, thanks for sharing the picture.

YAy your last day of work was yesturday that is good girl get some rest because you will need it. SOunds like you will be having the lil one very soon. Keep us posted.
Good Luck and your husband sounds excited and can't wait to meet that lil one.
Goo Luck!


jenfrancis - November 11

lili - i dont have a myspace. I have an MSN spaces page. It's http://sheljenal.spaces.live.com/.

But I think you have to have an MSN or hotmail acct to access it.

Anyway, I will keep you all informed.


lili246 - November 11

I saw thos u/s pictures of your lil girls. Wow they are so cute it is incredible how you can see them clearly. God bless them, good luck and keep us posted.


Meg - November 12

Good Luck at your u/s tomorrow!!

Congrats on your BFP :) You certainly deserve it!

Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers :)



lyly14 - November 12

Thanks Meg- I am so anxious and nervous about tomorrow.

Jenny and Ronda- How exciting! I bet you are both anxious about the birth of your little ones.

Well girls tomorrow is the big day. I can't wait for my u/s. My m/s or should I say night sickness is really starting to kick in. I have thrown up twice so far tonight and it's keeping me from getting to bed. I had been queasy at night but have only thrown up once before tonight. I guess I should be happy (lol). I pray I get good news tomorrow.


JamieP - November 12

Ronda I hope your wait is nearly over! Good luck in the next 48 hours. Hopefully it will be all over soon.

Jen I hope they will admit you to the hospital early. I am sure everything will go smoothly. Don't worry about anything as you will be fine. You are such a strong person to make it this far with all the ups and downs you have had. Good Luck.

Am just so excited for you Marina! I think that is fantastic. I am so happy both you and Lyly have gotten BFP's and I can't wait to hear about your Beta and Lyly's u/s. Good luck you two.



vw79girl - November 12

Girls, sorry I have been dormant. Been trying to catch up on sleep and get some sleep, and get things ready for Ben coming home. They are saying he will be home most likely on Friday. Paul has to have a little hernia surgery so he will hopefully be home by the week of Thanksgiving. Poor little guy. Still waiting on his bloodwork for that damn syndrome. Benjamin has an ultrasound tomorrow to double check for some calcium deposits. If it's not one thing, it's another but for the most part they are both doing well. Their feedings are going well. We use the avent bottles.
Their room looks great and is all ready for them. They are both pretty much on the same schedules right now thankfully and I am hoping eventually we can get them to sleep through the night. I feel like we had some good training at the NICU but it will be so great when they are both out of there.

Ronda...thinking of you...:) Be easy on hubby, but I can honestly say, I know what you mean lol

Lyl, hope your u/s goes well! bet there are two in there! talk to you tomorrow girl!

Meg, thanks for sending along your thoughts and advice with twins, you too Jade and Goofy! and Lili :) you are always so positive, thank you!

Jen~ hope your little girls are growing lots inside you so they are nice and strong!

Jamie, how are you doing ???

I am off to pump milk and hit the hay. goodnight my friends!


lili246 - November 12

Wow Ben will be coming home on friday that is awesome. Poor lil Paul he will be left at the hospital for a few more days, we will pray for him so he can be strong and do well at the hernia surgery so he can be home with brother and mommy. I will pray for your lil boy. Glad to hear they are doing good. I am so happy for you girl.
Get that rest because you will be full hands once they both at at home. You sure will have something big to be thankful for this thanksgiving day.

Take care

Love Lili


lyly14 - November 12

Hey girls- I saw my little bean this morning, heartbeat and all. The dr said she saw something else but wasn't really sure (thinks it may possibly be a fibroid) but to me it looks like another sac. Regardless if it is a sac or not there was only one heartbeat so, it is only one little one in there. As long as it is healthy that is fine with me. She wants me to come back in one week to recheck. I get to reduce my estrace to only one pill a day now but I will be on the progesterone shots until 12 weeks and the lovenox/heparin injections until 6 weeks after I deliver.

Ronda- anything yet?

Lisa- I am so excited that ben will be coming home so soon. Paul will be home before you know it. You will have your hand full for sure. There will never be a dull moment in your house. I hope Vinci is ready to share his mommy with the boys. And tell him no more ribbons, you will have enough things to do with the boys (lol).


vw79girl - November 12

Lili, yes yes...so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. :) :) Thanks for your prayers for Paul. With him being so frail from the beginning, I always seem to think "poor Paul". He has always been a fighter and I hope he continues to fight and stay strong. I should know more today re: his surgery and hopefully the bloodwork comes back on that syndrome stuff. Still waiting on that.

so happy for you. Glad you got to see your bean today. :)
OH man, Vinci is all over me lately. He is such a little snuggle bug. Hopefully he isn't too jealous.

Today is my last day of school until March. In fact, once I send this post...I am walking out the door!

talk to you all tonight!


lyly14 - November 12

Lisa- don't worry about paul he may be small but he is definitely a strong little guy and a fighter too. You will see he will be just fine. I pray he comes home before Thanks Giving Day so you can have your whole family together. Glad to hear you are off from work again. Now you will have time to spend with your beautiful boys and hopefully still get some sleep. How do the boys do at night at the NICU? Are they on a good schedule?


Arabsrcool - November 12


Hurray!!!! One little bean! Congrats! I am so happy for you. You so deserve this after everything you have went through!

I do believe I lost my mucus plug a little while ago, but still labor could be soon or in a few days. So we will see.


Congrats!!! You are on the BFP train!



Ben gets to come home on Friday! I am so glad. Hopefully Paul will follow shortly, otherwise you will run yourself ragged going back and forth and having Ben at home. What a nice feeling not to have to go back to work until March!



Marina - November 12

Thank you guys,I'll know more on Friday.
Ronda,try to have sex,people say it helps to speed things up(this is probably the last thing on your mind right now-LOL!) ;)
You and Jen are the last girls from our little group,now in our "new-old" group Jaime will be first!


lyly14 - November 12

Ronda- I deliverd my dd a few hours after my mucous plug came out so you could be soon!!!!!!


lili246 - November 12

Wow so your off until march gee it reminds me a year ago when I was pregnant with my lil one. By the end of this month I stopped working and had him dec. 10th and didn't go back to work until march that was a nice vacation but yet went by so fast so enjoy them to the fullest. COngrats on Ben coming home very soon and follow Paul. He is always in my prayers. Let us know how the bloodwork came out and whats going on with his surgery.

Congrats I am so happy that everything is going well with the lil bean. I bet you are more relief now that you saw him/her. Good luck and hope you don't get those terrible m/s.

Sounds like you may be so close girl. Keep up the good work and keep us posted. Best wishes and good luck, I bet you can't wait to meet your lil miracle.

How are you doing?

Have a great night.



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