IVF anyone?
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lili246 - November 8

wow they sure are big babies. Sounds like they will be able to go home very soon once they are born which is good.
Whats the sucking thing down?

Have a great weekend.


jenfrancis - November 8

[quote author=lili246 link=board=12;threadid=5034;start=2550#55758 date=1226103407]
wow they sure are big babies. Sounds like they will be able to go home very soon once they are born which is good.
Whats the sucking thing down?

Have a great weekend.
I meant that they would be able to know how to suck and eat on their own. THe NICU wont let them go home unless they know how to suck.


vw79girl - November 9

omg girls......Wow are we EXHAUSTED!
12 hours at the hospital with the boys. whoa. :)
We did a good job, did the best we could and I feel like I could sleep for days now that we are home. I actually wish I could. I am anxious to start my maternity leave again. Only a few more days of school thankfully. 3 to be exact.

Paul passed the car seat test tonight and Ben will be taking it later on and if he passes then they are that much closer to coming home!!!

hope you are all having a good weekend! :)


JamieP - November 9

Lisa I am so excited for you! Not long to go now. You think you are tired now just wait until they have been home for a week!!!

Jen great you are still holding those little ones in! You are doing a fantastic job. Is your husband home yet? Not long to go now. Will they take them at 34 weeks or will they let you keep going until 35 or 36?



Meg - November 10

I am so happy that your boys will be coming home :) You and DH must be so incredibly happy! I checked out your website. The boys are so cute and all smiles. They know that they are coming home to be with Mommy and Daddy ALL the time :) You will get used to the sleep deprivation. It will be second nature. B/c they were in the NICU, you will be able to have a great schedule. We stuck to the NICU schedule and all was fine. We had a few dicey nights, but overall it was all good. I am sure you have plenty of twin resources, but if you ever have any questions please email me at [email protected] Having twins can be trying at times, but it has been one of the BEST things that I have ever been blessed with :) Thinking of you as you begin your new journey with your beautiful little miracles :)

Take Care,


Goofy5796 - November 10

Lisa- That is so great they will be coming home soon!!! So will Ben be coming home before Paul? Im sure that will be hard to leave one there if you have too, but it will give a little time to get use to having them home! I am so excited for you!!!


mo - November 10

Marina, I did not disappear, I've been reading the posts and keeping tabs...what day transfer was it (3/5); with or w/o assited hatching? when do you get your beta?

[quote author=Marina link=board=12;threadid=5034;start=2505#55125 date=1225820251]
[quote author=mo link=board=12;threadid=5034;start=2505#55108 date=1225806544]
Writing to say Hello to all the ladies! I think of you all often. Marina, I hope all is well! I am now 4months preggos! nothing is showing. I still fit in my clothes...Hope all is well with you all!


Mo,dear,I'm very glad to hear you are preggo and doing fine :).I hope you'll stay in touch and won't disappear again!
AFM, I had my transfer yesterday,hope this time I get better news.

Lisa,glad you get to take your little ones home soon.
Jen,you are such a hero,hang on there girl
Jamie,gosh,where did time go-you are already 16 weeks!


jenfrancis - November 10

I am not sure where my post is... >:( ???

But my c-section has been scheduled for November 19, 2008 at 8 AM.

I am going to talk to my dr and see if I can be admitted the 18th. I would like to get a good nights rest, hard to do when I live 90 minutes from the hospital and have to be there at 6 AM.
I just want to be there and be ready. Plus I am not sure when she is removing my cerclage. I wonder how that will feel. Sometimes I feel that big knot of twine!

So 11/19/08 will be their birthdate! Dr said they ought to be able to come home mid Dec. I think I will have to start nagging them about the end of November. My mom and sis will be here Dec 10-15.

May sound strange, but dr said black children fight harder and black girls especially develop faster. You can take a look at any high school and tell that! So hope that means they may be able to be home by Dec 10th.

I am so nervous and anxious, and scared. I just want to see them!

I hope I can relax this coming week!

Lyly - so tomorrow is the U/S?? Yikes! Do you have any gut feelings?

Lisa - I am so happy for you and your husband! How fun to have them home. NOw I know how it feels to be faced with the idea that they are in the world but you cant be the mom you want to be!!!

Marina - I hope you get positive news from the transfer this time!! God Bless!

Ronda, Debbie, Reshma, and Jamie - Thank you for the nice emails and I will keep you posted!


lili246 - November 11

OMG that is like in a week girl I can't believe it yet I am so happy for you that finally the time is getting close. I bet you might be so confortable having to carry about 12lbs or even more. Poor Jen that is to much to carry around I feel so bad for you, especially that you are home alone most of the time.
It sounds great though that you are almost there and very soon you will be able to meet your lil girls, I bet once they are born your thoughts about them will change, a baby is a wonderful thing and you will be very happy.
Let us know what the doctor says sounds like the girls won't be that long at the hospital and your mom will be able to see them which is great.
Hang in there girl and keep us posted.

Wow I bet you are counting the hours..lol But yup that is alot of work girl imagine one baby is alot of work think two but the girls are right everything is worth it and you will get use to it. Talk to the girls who have twins they are experience and they sure know what they are doing.
Jade seems to be doing a great job with her twins she is a good example to.
Enjoy the few days you have alone because you will be full hands :)


Jade - November 11

Jen~ HOw exciting to have a date. Not much longer now. My twins were born at 34 weeks/3 days and were in the NICU for 17 and 21 days. But they had serious lung complications for the first week and weren't even able to attempt to eat. They eating is what kept them in there for so long. Seems hard for them to suck, swallow, and breath all at the same time. So you will probably be in there for less than a month if their lungs are developed. Seems like most 34 weekers dont have lung problems at all, but mine were oddballs. My drs all said that too about black girls doing the best in the NICU. They called my little guy "wimpy white boy".....lol I even have a friend whose 32 weekers were only in the nicu for 2 weeks. I bet your family will get to see them at home. Good luck.

Lisa~So less than a week and the boys will be home? Do they have them on the same schedule? Meg is right, that NICU schedule is the best thing for them and you and will have them sleeping through the night in no time. It really was a life saver for me- well that and all the hands on training they provided.

Lili~ When is your teacher conference again? Did I show you the christmas outfit for the babies? I will send you a picture, or did I already?

Lyly~ Can't wait to find out your details from your u/s. I know you are so excited and probably anxious.


JamieP - November 11

Jen I am so excited for you! You will be around 34 weeks (right?) which is fantastic so hopefully they will be in hospital for a lot shorter time than they are telling you. I am sure they will be giving you a conservative estimate of how long they think they will be there so lets hope it is a bit shorter. Have you registered somewhere online? Or have a mailing address - you could PM it to me (although I am not quite sure how that works or if you can do it on this site).

Lisa any more updates on when you think you will be able to bring those bundles of joy home?

Hope everyone else is doing OK.

Jamie :) ;D


JasJulesMom - November 11

Jen- I am so excited for you. I know what you mean about having adate and then the anticipation killing you, it seems as though the date will never come and then things happen aso fast. I cannot believe Brielle is almost 3 weeks already. I am so excited for you!!!

Lyly- Cannot wait to hear what happens tomorrow. It is so exciting. I bet you are having twins.

Jamie- Glad to hear you are doing well. Almost half way there.

Lisa- Great news about the boys. Hope they are home for Thanksgiving. How exciting.

Ronda- Did you have that baby yet ?

Julie and Reshema- Hope those babies are well.

Marina- How are you holding up? When is your beta?


lili246 - November 11

No you haven't send me those pictures yet. Send them to ne I can't wait to see their lil outfits? When are you taking them pictures? send me some ok.
I got Jose's school pictures he turned out too cute :)
I will send you one.
By the way my teacher conference is Wednesday, 11-19-08 I know pretty much of what it will be since we already discussed it last friday...ugh I will keep you posted on what the teacher says.


Arabsrcool - November 11

Hi girls

No baby yet. I had doc appt yesterday and he stripped my membrane.....I about asked him how my tonsils were while he was in there. That was not fun. Supposedly, if stripping the membrane works, it will work within 48 hrs. Well its 24 hrs and nothing other than the same pressure and now feeling torn up down south.

I go back to doc on Friday. He said if I haven't had the baby by then, he will induce. However, he didn't say if he would induce Friday or wait until saturday.

I am about to smack my husband and I am not a violent person. If he asks me one more time "any contractions" I might kill him. Of course I have been having contractions and feel like crap, but I will sure let him know when I need to go to the hospital. He keeps asking, how he is supposed to schedule him time at work.....I keep saying if I knew when I was going to have this baby, I would tell you. It just adds to my frustration. Yesterday was my last day of work, Thank god.


Your boys are sooo close to coming home. I bet you are exhausted after staying and taking care of them all night. Just a preview of what is to come. I know you will do fine.


Hurray, you have a date and not much longer. I would think they would admit you a day early to take care of some of the "other business" before your c-section.



Jade - November 11

Lili~ I will email you the pic. Let me know if you get it!


jenfrancis - November 11

Oh Ronda, that hubby is just excited I think. I get the same thing from mine too, tho, "That appt does not work with my work schedule..
"Oh when this, cause I have to let work know...."

I hope and pray that you have that little one soon, you sound really uncomfy!

I am very happy, tho to have my date. I am just scared. I am hoping she will allow me to check in Tuesday night, get all IV'd up, get rested and just be there and be ready! I will ask her Tuesday morning, and I will be bringing my bag, in case she tells me to go on over!

I will post pics to my spaces page as soon as I feel up to it.



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