IVF anyone?
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Jade - November 5

JasJules~ I hope everything is okay with your little one. We had the same issue with one of my babies. They heard heart murmur several times while she was in the hospital. But the drs assured me it was common in newborns and most of the time will correct themselves. But I would have it checked out just to make sure.


Jules614 - November 5

JasJules - Sorry to hear about your doc appointment - sometimes doctors have to give you worse case scenerio even if the chances of a problem are slim - my best friend has a heart murmur but it has never affected her.

Good luck



lili246 - November 5

I understand your worrying girl and you are doing the right thing on taking the baby right away to bee seen. Just ease your mind because I am sure the baby is just fine. They said the same thing while I was at the hospital with my baby that we even stayed another extra day at the hospital just because they had heard a murmur they did an u/s and everything turn out just fine. I am sure your lil ones is fine aswell.
Keep us posted.

Praying for your lil one.


Marina - November 6

Jules,I wrote about my retrieval and transfer on the other tread(no bfp's),but in short,this new clinic let my dh stay with me both times(I didn't think it was a good idea for the retrieval,especialy sinse they lost the top of the catether,or the the sucktion part(or whatever they call it),inside of me on their last egg and had to look for it with u/s! :oyeah,my hubby was terrified,he thought I will be all sore from that,but it was ok,no problems.His sperm was very good quiality,they even quiestioned need for ICSI!!!! :o),but I said I 'm not taking any chances.
We put 2 blast ,my beta on nov .12,but I will not know the result untill the second one on 14th-they don't tell you untill second beta!!! ::)

Debbie,you made the right desigion to take your little girl to the cardiologist,but I know so many cases with my friends kids(and my dh)it will go away on it's own,but see the specialist is never a bad idea.


Jules614 - November 6

Marina - I can't believe that happened to you! That is awful. Hopefully this time took! I am thinking of you!



Arabsrcool - November 6

hi everyone!. This has been a busy thread the last couple days. I had to wait until I can get on at home because I cannot access this site from work anymore. No baby yet for me. I go back to doc on Monday. I have decided that Monday will be my last day of work because I am really struggling to keep working right now. I am begining to think this baby has burrowed in and is not coming out! Oh well, she will come when she is darn good and ready.


I think its a great idea to take your little one to the cardio doc right away. Otherwise, you will not sleep and worry your self crazy!. I hope its nothing.


glad to hear the twins are doing so well. They will be home soon.


I will be keeping my fingers crossed for your BFP!.


WoW those are some good numbers. You very well could have multiples. Cannot wait until your ultrasound.


Glad to hear you are hanging in there. Sorry you are so miserable and dh is gone. Keep resting alot and cook those babies a little longer.



lili246 - November 7

wow girl you sure have the energy to keep working what do you do there? You need to rest cause anytime you can have those babies. When is your actually due date? You need to take atleast a few days off and rest before the baby comes.

Keep in touch!


Jules614 - November 7

Ronda - I can't wait to hear your miracle has arrived...



vw79girl - November 7

sorry...been a little busy preparing for the boys to come home! They told us last night that the 17th is a realistic date for hopefully both of them. We are spending the night tomorrow in one of the "family room in rooms" to help us with getting a feel for how it will be to do the feedings every three hours along with changing them etc. We only feed twice a day now. Tonight we put each of them in their bouncers and they loved it! I love to feed and burp them and then just snuggle. One for each of us! :):)
I am trying not to totally get my hopes up for that date but they are doing well and the doctors feel they should be ready and most likely without monitors! They just need to keep gaining weight and taking their food volumes in. This has been a busy week for them with their shots (3 of them) and today they had their circumcisions. Poor little guys. They did well though and should be healed in a few days.

PAUL IS 7 lbs today!!! 7 lb. 1.3 oz!
Benjamin is 7 lb. 6.6 oz.
Tonight we are spending the night with the boys in preparation for them to come home. We are so excited to be with them for a whole night. The only thing that will be missing is Vinci Boo.

Debbie, I hope everything with the murmur turns out okay. I swear they said in the beginning that they heard murmurs with both of the boys. I actually have a murmur.

Ronda...you gotta be close!

Lyly, I think that it's twins! just a hunch :)

Lili, thank you for your sweet comment in our guest book for our site.

Jennygirl, hang in there! One of the nurses at the NICU is having 3 girls. I always think of you when I see her.

Marina, keeping my fingers crossed for you!

have a great weekend everyone!


Jules614 - November 7

Lisa - That is great news. Your boys are at a great weight!!!



Goofy5796 - November 7

Lisa- that is so great you get to spend the night with them! Let us know how it goes :) Ben better watch out, Paul is catching up to him quickly!


JasJulesMom - November 7

So we took Brielle to the peds cardiologist yesterday. She does have a murmur. Thankfully it is very small and not affecting her at all. The way it was explained was it is very common in babies at this age and they sometimes close as the heart grows. They said not to be alarmed if it does not close because it ius so small and in such an area that it would never affect her. Treat her as a normal baby is what we were told and that was the best news ever.

Gotta take Julianna to doctor she is not feeling well so I will do personals later.


Jules614 - November 7

JasJulesMom - That is good your little one's heart murmur is not much to worry about. Like I said, my best friend has one and it has not affected her at all.



lili246 - November 7

Glad to hear that your lil ones doesn't have anything to worry about, that is a relief, you sure did the right thing to check her right away or else you won't stopped worrying about it. I know we care about our lil ones that we want to make sure they are ok. You did the right thing mommy! :)

Wow congrats girl sure sounds like your lil boys will be home soon. That sounds promising they sure are gaining weight very fast which is great. So you get to stay at the hospital and have to feed the boys all night through? wow that is great I bet you will enjoy being with them all night and they sure will like having mommy next to them aswell.
So hey they come home 10 days that is great girl I can't wait to hear the stories at home.
Hey I love seeing the pictures of those lil blessing I always go and check your new pictures they are so precious what a miracle.

Hope you are doing ok and hangin in there girl.

How are you and the twins doing?

have a great weekend.


jenfrancis - November 7

Debbie - I have a heart murmur, it does mean that there is either a hole in the heart, or a valve is not completely closed. But It has not ever affected me. The dentists ask, the drs ask but I have never been given any meds for it, and went thru surgery for a nose job, a tubalplasty and of course all the IVF stuff.
So if it does not heal closed, it is very doubtful that it will have any effect on the rest of the babies life.

Be protective tho! Or you will have no peace of mind.

Lisa- how fun is that that you get to spend the night with the babies! Awe, how sweet.

I had my dr appt yesterday, and the u/s tech estimated that all 3 are at 4 lbs, but Baby C is more than likely OVER 4! I am just waiting for week 34, so they can have the sucking thing down. So 13 more days, than I will feel safe!


lili246 - November 8

wow they sure are big babies. Sounds like they will be able to go home very soon once they are born which is good.
Whats the sucking thing down?

Have a great weekend.



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