IVF anyone?
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lyly14 - January 10

Thanks Julie I hope you are right! I went for my u/s and E2 level today. NO CYSTS!!!!! My lining was 12, right ovary quiet (whatever that means) and left some small follicles. Anyway now I have to wait for my E2 results to see if the lupron dose is good or needs to be changed and wait for my period to arrive. Last time I didn't have this problem because I was on the pill and going off induced a bleed. Did you period being late delay you starting stims by a few days ?


Jules614 - January 10

yes, having my period late pushed off starting the repronex etc.. but I ovulated real quickly going into my next cycle... well at least my follciles grew very fast!
I am so happy to hear u had no cysts! HURRAY!



lyly14 - January 15

Hi girls- Not being able to talk to everyone here has been hard. I have had a rough few days with the start of my cycle. I guess the fact that it was actually happening really had an effect on me. I was having so much anxiety about everything. I all of a sudden couldn't even do my own lupron injections. Every time I went to do it my hand just wouldn't go. I was more freaked out about the fact that I was having a problem doing them and it never bothered me before. I went through three nights and my mother had to do them for me! Yesterday I started my stims so I had three shots to do and I was determined to do them on my own again. I even made myself do one with nothing in the syringe just to make sure I would do them. Thankfully I got over whatever it was that was bothering me and feel less anxious about the whole thing. Anyway how is everyone doing?


Marina - January 16

hi girls,
I didn't realize how much this forum mean to me until it quit working!Isn't this bizare?!What happened anyway?

I'm glad to hear you doing better.What's worried you?
You are closer now,on a finish line,so don't let any dark thoughts, whatever they are, spoil the victory,belive in yourself and we all will pray for you every single day!

Julie,how are you,dear?What's going on with your little one?Did it catch on?Did you have more u/s?


Jules614 - January 16

Hey there - just got back from my u/s - baby is measuring at 9 weeks. The heart beat is 174 beats - I am discharged from my fertility clinic - yippee!!!
I am still sick all day and all night!

How is everyone else hanging in there?


Marina - January 16

BIG CONGRADS!I'm glad everything going good,well,exept m/s...But at least it reminds you that you are PG!
I still didn't take my test(I bought gender prediction test) because when I went on their web site to read more about this,they say you have to be off all the meds(progesteron) ,otherwise it affects the result.And I was supposed to be off by now(at 10 weeks)but I had some meds left and asked my nurse what to do,she said-cut the dose and finish it!So,I hoped I was done with these shots,but now I still have about 4 or 5 days more.
I can't wait to find out who is in there-but I also understand that it might be just a scam-but just for fun,they promise 90%accuracy.


lyly14 - January 16

Marina- I felt the same way about not being able to get on the site. I am not sure if they were even aware that it wasn't working. I e-mailed them on Sat and they sent me an e-mail back on Sunday thanking me for making them aware of the problem and that they would work on fixing it within a few days.
I have no idea why I was having so much anxiety, but I feel like it has really subsided. Maybe it was just the fact that it was actually happening and it was so real. I don't know what those dark thoughts were but they aren't hanging around now! I have been on gonal-f 225 repronex 37.5 and lupron 10 units for 2 nights so far. I had an u/s and b/w this moring. My lining is starting to thicken and I have a bunch of little follies starting to develop on both ovaries. I will see if I have to change the dosage of the meds when I get the results of my b/w later. I have to go again for more b/w tomorrow and back for b/w and u/s on Friday. Boy is it a lot of back and forth. I am praying this works!!!!!!!!!!! How are you doing?

Julie- Congrats! That is great news (Well at least about the baby, not the m/s!). My egg retrieval is just around the corner


lyly14 - January 16

Marina- I heard there is a new blood test that can tell you whether it is a boy or girl 7 weeks after conception. It is some kind of genetic test that looks for they y for boy. They say it will circulate in the mothers blood and if you don't find a y then it is a girl. With multiples they can only tell you if you have at least one boy or no boys. I was reading about it in a magazine at the RE's office, it sounded pretty cool.


Marina - January 16

Lyly,i've heard about this test too and i'll be seeing my ob on 23d,so I'll ask about that.The test i'm talking about,they measure the same hormon but in your urine.I also know, they don't just offer you to take either of these tests bacause it's not a nessecity and of course insurance doesn't cover.I know ,the most important a healthy baby,but sometimes so hard to resist a temptation and walk away from some cute baby outfits that on sale now(I buy some anyway,because my girlfriend just had her twins-boy and a girl,they 2 months old,and I know that everything I buy for them,will come back when my time comes)


Jules614 - January 16

I had no idea you can take a gender test from home - how accurate is it - how much does it cost - what is the procedure to find out - culd it hurt the baby??? so many questions....


Marina - January 16

I found it in Pregnancy magazine,you can buy it on internet<www.intelligender.com>.This in urine test,you pee in cup first morning urine(this cup already has chemicals inside) and after 7 min it turn orange if it's a girl and green if it's a boy.It cost 29.99 and they claim if it's done right-it's 90% accurate...But you have to do this no earlier that 10 weeks and be off progesteron.
I decided-what the hell,I'll try and when the time comes(around 18-20 weeks) we'll see,how accurate was the test.


lyly14 - January 17

Marina- I like the new picture.

Did either of you use the repronex? I find it really hard to mix with that stupid long needle, but tonight was really bad and had to throw out a dose. When I added the solution to the powder it made a lot of bubbles like suds. That didn't happen the first two nights, so I don't know what happened. I was afraid to use it because the "suds" kept going in the syringe and I couldn't tap them out. I threw out the whole thing and started over and it was fine, but now I am short a dose! I need to speak with my RE in the morning to find out what to do. Did either of you if you used it have any trouble with it?


Marina - January 17

hi lyly,
I used Menopur which is the same.Only difference was we got a cap that punctures vial,not a needle,so we didn't have to swich needles.And I can advise you try not to shake when you mixing powder and liquid,just gently swirl intil it disolve.You can see on this website if somebody got leftover meds for sale,some people take a risk and buy them,but I personaly wouldn't do that-you never know.We ran out on my last shot and had to buy one more dose for my last day of stimulation.So,I'd wait until the end,maybe you woun't need it,some people use less.
If you need help with how to do injectbles,I can give you web site,where they tell and show step by step with every medication.My husband took charge on doing all the shots,so I never did nothing myself.


lyly14 - January 17

Marina- Thanks for the info, but I have watched all the videos and even printed out directions. The suds happened as soon as I injected the solution into the powder tonight. I never even moved the vial. I tried to swirl it around after to see if it just needed to mix but it didn't do any good. It didn't happen any other time, so I don't know what the deal was with that dose, but it is wasted now. Anyway when are you going to take the boy/girl test?


Marina - January 17

Lyly,maybe that was just defective vial.
I'm finishing my progesteron shots,maybe one or 2 doses left and after that in a few days I can take the test.
good luck with shots.How you are going to do the progesteron?I don't think you can do it yourself?


Ange - January 17

hey lyly
I see you are finally starting your ivf calendar that is great news when is your ER and ET? I know it is very nerve racking I lost like 5 pounds going through all the shots and waiting. I am now 16 weeks :) I go today to see if it is a boy or girl. I am happy either way I will come back to see how you are doing take care




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