IVF anyone?
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Goofy5796 - October 10

lyly14- Good luck Monday!! Keep us posted :)


JasJulesMom - October 10

Lyly- So excited for you. Stay positive, relax this weekend and keep us posted on Monday. You deserve this more than anyone. Lots of baby dust to you!!!

Lisa- They are really growing by leaps and bounds. I hope they will be home soon.


vw79girl - October 10

OMG LYL>..yay!!! I will be praying for you extra on Monday. :)
Hope we can catch up this weekend. I am so glad to have Monday off!!!

Debbie...I hope they will be home by my due date. That is only @ 5 weeks from now. They will be 6 weeks old tomorrow already!!!


JasJulesMom - October 11

I know it is crazy how fast the time goes after they are here. I look at my 12 year old son and think, wow where has the time gone?? I wish the next 12 days will just fly by. I know thwy will be home soon. i have a feeling sooner than 5 weeks!!


JamieP - October 11

Good Luck Lyly. I am crossing my fingers that this time is your time!! I hope it all goes well on Monday!!

Lisa from all your updates it would not surprise me if your little ones were home earlier than your due date. They sound like they are doing fantastically.

Jen, how are you dong? I hope you are still holding those babies in!! I am sure you are feeling big and uncomfortable by now.



vw79girl - October 11

Tonight when we went to the hospital...Paul was in a BIG BOY crib!!!
As I was sitting there breastfeeding(they are doing ok with it, using nipple shields to help them to latch on better) I was thinking about how far they have both come already. In the past few days they have really thrived and things are coming together finally.
I can't tell you how totally exhausted I am. There are no words for it lol. I can barely keep my eyes open as I type this.


Arabsrcool - October 12


That is great. No the shots part, but the transfer being on Monday!. I will keep you in my thoughts and hope your time has come! You are transferring all 4 if they make thaw right?


The twins are doing great! They sound like they may be home before your due date. I can imagine how exhausted you are!. I remember with just one little one and not working, I was bone tired all the time. Just wait till the boys come home!


You are soooo close. YOu have only gained 20 lbs......you suck!!!.lol. No really, that is great, I wish I had only gained 20 lbs and I still have "5 weeks to go". Gosh, I hope not a whole 5 weeks, I am hoping for 2 or 3 weeks.....but Cara will come when she is good and ready.



JasJulesMom - October 12

Ronda- I know the feeling. I cannot wait til I just have her. I am exhausted and cranky all the time. The only reason I only gained 20 lbs was because of the diabetes. I could not eat anything fun or exciting....lol

Lyly- Good luck tomorrow. I hope all your embies make the thaw and you have a successful transfer.

Anyone hear from Reshema or Jenn? Jules hope all is well with you also.


vw79girl - October 12

thinking of you honey...
wishing you the best for tomorrow!!!


bdantonio - October 12

the twins definitly sound like they will be home soon. lyly i will keep praying for u


JasJulesMom - October 13

Lyly- I have been thinking of you all day. Hope things went well with your transfer. Let us know as soon as you can!!!


jenfrancis - October 13

Lyly -

I come on just to check on you! I am so excited! Yay! I am praying hard for you! I pray all 4 made the thaw! So you are putting all 4 back in? I have high hopes for you. I think since I know your views, you could put all 4 in and see how many take and do the selective reduction after that. Its easier to do that, than regret not giving them all the chance to implant.

jamie - My girls are all kicking as I type! Very active. I am with a company called Matria. I have a home uterine monitor and a terbutaline pump so I dont go into early labor. I am huge, but holding steady at 212 lbs.
I set up an amazon gift registry, some items have been purchased. I wont be having a shower, since we have no friends and my family is not here.
I dont really know what I need now anyway. I have decided not to make my house a playground with 3 of everything. Besides they may not all like a swing, or they may not all want a bouncy chair.

I have seriously been thinking of how can I get the other three embryos. I want my boy and I wonder if they can ship them to me! I could put all three of them in (if they made the thaw.) And hope for a boy out of them. I would just never have a life of my own! Ending up with 7 kids! Oh well. For now i will have a housefull of girls.

Am I crazy!?!!? Do they ship embryos? Anyone know the cost of just a transfer of embryos? well, anyway, I guess I would have to include my husband in that conversation.... Talk to you all later!

PS - Lisa - I am so happy for you! The boys sound great and they should be home verrrrrry soon! Then the fun begins! So you are not breastfeeding I assume?


Meg - October 13

Best of luck to you! I am one of the lucky ones that had a pregnancy from a frozen transfer. I too transferred 4 embryos on day 3. One was greater than 8 cells, one was 8 cells, one was 6 cells and one was 4. It took me 17 embryos to get to a successful p/g. I truly have hope for you and will be praying for you!

Take Care and take it easy,


lyly14 - October 13

Hi girls- Thank you all for your positive thoughts. My transfer went really well. Best one yet! It was quick and smooth. All 4 embies made the thaw, can you believe it?!?!? So we put in a 6 cell, 7 cell, 8 cell and a 10cell. Not sure of exact quality, but my RE was worried about 4 so I guess they were all good or ok. He was very funny and kept saying "ok no more than twins". He reminded me that I was young and that all 4 could take, but that would have to be some miracle. I mean this is my 4th transfer already and not one bfp or even a chemical. I mean nothing has stuck so far. I will be happy with 1 and crazy happy with 2. If for some crazy miracle more take I will deal with that later. So here I am on my 2 week wait once again. My beta is Monday 10/27!

Jenny- Thanks so much for being supportive. I am so sorry you are having such a rough time with all girls. I would hold off on making any rash decisions and see how it goes taking care of the triplets first. You are going to definitely have your hands full for a while. I don't think you are crazy for still wanting to try for a boy. However, i would (1) give it some time (you don't want another hard pregnancy while trying to take care of 3 really young infants (2) make sure you are prepared for more girls (it could happen). You are still young and obviously had good quality embies that are capable of producing a pregnancy. Those 3 frozen ones can wait for you. Just so you know they do transport embryos. I had to have mine moved after the first cycle to a different facility remember. I am not sure how much is costs since my place moved them for free because they were shutting down and moving. I do know they offered for them to do it for free or find another agency to do it and pay for it ourselves.

Ok I am going to go rest now I will do more personals later. I hope all my gals are doing well.


vw79girl - October 13

They are hoping they will be home soon. They are 35 weeks now so it hopefully won't be too much longer. I am breastfeeding once a day right now and they are doing well with it. The other times they bottle or have a tube feeding still if they are too tired. They are doing well with the bottle feeding and Benjamin takes whole bottles and Paul is getting there. It is just hard to breast feed more than once a day with having to go back to work. So basically we bottle and I breast feed once a day each and the nurses do two bottle feeds in addition. They eat 8x a day so half is that way and half is tube right now. I know that one of the nurses just found out she is having girl triplets. Hang in there girl.

hehe I just read the thing under your ticker. You are funny.

Did I mention that I still eat like a pig? The breastfeeding/pumping leaves me so hungry from burning all of those calories!

Bdantonio...I hope they are home sooooon! I miss my little angels when I am not there with them.

Jules... I am going to try to call this week. :)

Lyl, Keeping everything crossed for you honey. You hang in there and rest when you can and NO lifting anything.

Ronda and Reshma...getting close girls...how you doing???


Jules614 - October 14

LYLY! Wow 4 embryo's - I think you should have at least one that will take! I am so excited for you!!!!!!




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