IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - October 1

Lisa - My crazy cat threw up 4 times today! grrrrrrrr

It's after 1 a.m. and Kaitlyn is still awake! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr



vw79girl - October 1

Jules, why is he/she puking?


Jules614 - October 1

Lisa - hair balls..... we tend to not colm their hear as much as we should.


jenfrancis - October 2

[quote author=JasJulesMom link=board=12;threadid=5034;start=2310#53133 date=1222564054]
Hi All,

I am so close to my c section I am starting to get nervous.I am worried about so many things. Is everything going to be Ok? Is the baby going to be healthy will my gestational diabetes go away. i am so worried about my kids and how they will be while I am in the hospital. I just wish she was here I was home and it was all over.

Jen- I really hope all goes well for you. I know the struggle and the complications muct be adding to your stress. Once you see those beautiful girls you will be fine. Do you have any help when you get them home?
How is your diabetes? So far mine is under control, I just hate all the testing and worrying about the foods I eat.

Debbie -
I am fine. Still on my zoloft for the depression and sleeping pills, my dr calls daily to check on me! I have just not come to grips.
To make it worse I think is people keep trying to tell me Oh, there must be a boy in there, oh just wait till they are born, blah blah blah!

Lisa - those babies are adorable! I love looking at your MSN Space! I just think you look so happy! Praise God!


lyly14 - October 2

Jenny- I am sorry you are having such a hard time. A triplet pregnancy is often difficult. I pray you have healthy babies. It may take you some time to get over the disappointment but you just need to stay focused on keeping yourself and your baby girls healthy. I know you are a caring person and hope you can find it in your heart to accept these baby girls into your life!

AFM, I started my estrace and go back for a lining check on Oct 7th (I think). My transfer should be around the 17th (give or take a few days). Things have been so hectic and stressful lately. My puppy almost died on Sunday. He choked on his own vomit and collapsed. He now has aspiration pnuemonia. It is such a mess, he had a million tests done and was in the hospital for 2 1/2 days. He is home now but on a ton of antibiotics and nebulizer treatments along with coupage (banging on his chest to losen mucous and food). My poor baby, we have been so upset and afraid to leave him alone now. :(


JasJulesMom - October 2

Jen- Sorry to hear you are struggling so much. Sometimes when people do not know what they say, they say what they think you want to hear. I know that must be stressful. How is everthing else with your health?

Lyly- So sorry to hear about your puppy. I hope he gets better that is so traumatic. Do they know why he choked in the first place? How are you feeling otherwise? Is the plan still to go with four if they all make the thaw? I wish you great success this cycle. I am really pulling for you!! How is dd? I am sure she is keeping you busy with school and activities. Most days I want to fall on my face.

Had a growth check today and the baby is estimated to be about 6lbs 1 oz. So it sounds if I kept my diabetes under control well enough for her. I just cannot wait I am so exhausted and everything hurts.


Jules614 - October 2

Lyly - Good luck on another cycle - you have such a great attitude and you never seem to give up! You deserve a metal for your patience and persistence.

JasJulesMom - Glad you are keeping your diabetes under control.

Not much here. Not getting much sleep so I have not had much time online...



lyly14 - October 3

Debby- that is great news about the size of the baby. I can't believe you are so close. The plan for the FET is still the same. If the 4 make it that is. As for the puppy the vet says he has something called megaesophagus. It is when the movement of the esophagus is week or non existent and the food is not able to move down to the stomach. The food sits in the esophagus and stretches it out and then is regurgitated. The dog is unaware that the food is coming up and can choke or aspirate food into his lungs (mine did both). So now he is on major antibiotics for the pnuemonia he got when he aspirated. We have to find the best way to feed him with either elevated food and water (which doesn't seem to be working since he is still throwing up) or keeping his body at a 45% or 90% angle. We tried having him stand on the stairs tonight to eat. So we will see how that goes if that doesn't work we have to find a way to get him at a 90% angle (completely standing). It has been crazy and he is still at risk for choking and more episodes of aspiration pnuemonia.

Julie- To be honest I don't have a great attitude, I just don't have a choice! I am not able to let go just yet so what else can I do but keep going, but thank you for your kind words.


Jules614 - October 3

Lyly - You keep on trying. Most people would have given up - but not you!You are stronger than you give yourself credit for. I was a basket case when doing IVF - I am not sure I could have done it a second time.. I was literally a raving lunitic.



vw79girl - October 3

Hello girls...

Lyly, I agree with Julie, most people would have given up by now. You are a strong woman. I pray all the time that you will get your miracle. Also keeping Pudgie in my thoughts. They say god only gives us as much as we can handle but do you really need this on top of all of the IVF stuff and everything else?

Lili, I forgot to answer you, the boys were 15 and 1/4 inches and 14 inches long. As long as a pen seems awful small.

Debbie, that is great about the size of the baby. :) You are so close now. Hang in there!

Ronda and Reshma, you are getting there too! I think of you girls often.

Jen, Thank you for saying I look so happy. I am so happy and will be even happier when they are home. I am sorry you are having such a rough time. I pray that your babies are healthy and that you will be okay when they come. I haven't posted on MSN at all lately. Did you mean the website? www.easysite.com/fedorBOYS.

Greg got to hold both of the babies tonight at the same time. It was a beautiful sight and I couldn't help but cry. They were so content laying there next to one another. It's as if they each knew their brother was right there next to them. :) :)


JamieP - October 3

Hi Everyone,

Jen I am always excited to see that you are still around! The longer you can hold those babies in the better. I know it is very hard to hear what other people have to say especially when you think they are talking nonsense. Just block them out! I think it is great you are getting the help you need and your doctor is keeping such a close eye on you.

Lyly it is great to hear you are starting your cycle. I have everything crossed for you! I really hope this is it for you. I know a lot of people who have had success with FET.

Lisa I am so pleased to hear the boys are doing so well!

I go for my 12 week scan tomorrow. I am feeling nervous (as usual) but lets hope everything is OK. My morning sickness is getting worse not better which seems a bit rough at 12 weeks I should be feeling better!

Take care everyone.



vw79girl - October 3

Jamie, I hope that everything goes well for you tomorrow at your scan. I am sure it will. Just think, in another month or so your anatomy scan will be very close! :)


JasJulesMom - October 3

Lisa- Maybe your boys will be close to coming home right around the time I will be getting home with my baby. I am so excited, I just cannot wait to hold her. It seems like an eternity since we had been trying for almost 4 years.

Jamie- Good luck with your scan i am sure everything will be fine.

Lyly- I agree, one of the strongest women I know!!!

Ronda, Reshema hope you ladies are well.


jenfrancis - October 3

Lyly- Oh man your baby boy! I am so sorry! I bet you were scared! Lucky someone was around! He could have died! Sometimes as high as those vet bills, its worth it, to bring our family friend home safe.

lIsa - yeah, you are right, I was looking at MSN spaces, but that was when they were first born, I love the fedorboys site. What a gorgeous family.

I am taking my zoloft and it could be that, but I am slowly accepting the three girls. Long as they dont come out like me, rebellious, trouble maker, spoiled! We will be fine. I just know deep down my hubby wanted his haircut buddy, his football watching son, who never leaves his side.

I am sort of in mourning for that. But I am fine and I appreciate the support I get here.

I am so excited for you Jamie! 12 weeks have flown by! I remember the very beginning! Woweee

Lyly - I am so amazed by you! I guess at this point you really dont care if you have a boy or girl. I only had to do 2 cycles, so maybe if my journey was harder, I would have more appreciation for the mere fact that I am pregnant at all!


JamieP - October 5

Not sure what is happening with this site - it seems to be doing funny things.

I had my 12 week scan and all is fine. I am not sure when my next one will be.

I hope everyone else is dong fine. Some of you are getting really close now.



vw79girl - October 5

Jamie, so glad your scan went well!

Jen, thanks for visiting the site. I have so much fun updating it.

I had a really good day today...
Benjamin went into a big boy crib this morning!!! He is doing well and maintaining his temperature. It is so nice to be able to put him in a sleeper with the feet and snuggle him in. Paul is on the brink of 4 lbs. Perhaps tomorrow he will hit it! He is so close...3 lbs. 15.3 oz. Benjamin is weighing in at 4 lbs. 11.1 oz. The both did well with their bottles tonight. Making progress with the feedings and really developing their own personalities. They are 5 weeks OLD TODAY!!!
hope everyone is having a good weekend!



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