IVF anyone?
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lili246 - September 24

I know it is hard getting what you want but hey those lil angels don't have any fault. God is amazing and you should thank him for those lil girls. They are not even born and you are thinking this way what will you think if they don't make it to this world? With much respect and I know everyone has a different opinion but you are bless by having those lil ones there are women around here trying to get pregnant which others are and they are not happy about it. A son/daughter is such a blessing and we should be happy about it.
I just hope that god helps you and make your life more happier. You can always email me directly aswell I will be glad to help you girl. Be positive.

I agree with the girls it sounds more like implantation it happen to me aswell and look I now have a 4 year old boy. Let us know what you find out girl. Good Luck!

wow you have a great job that is great :)

Happy birthday to your lil girl!! it is always a relief when the doctor tells you your lil ones is doing great. :)

have a great day ladies



lyly14 - September 26

Hi girls- I hope everyone is doing well. I am sure you have all seen that I started a new thread just for those who are still trying. I still plan on keeping up with all my girls, but I just needed a place to vent with other girls who are still on the roller coaster ride.

I just wanted to give you an update. I started spotting this morning so AF is well on its way. Yay! Not very often I get excited to get my period. Usually I am sad but not this month. So I start my meds for FET second day of AF. Looks like I am right on schedule


FeCC - September 26

Hello all,
I am writting this in consideration to all of you that always responded my questions and always have a kind word to tell me everytime I write in here.

By yesterday night I was sure I would get my period soon, so today I went for my beta test just as part of the "protocol".... for some reason the doctor did not call me today with the results. I did not call back either, since I know the results.

Anyhow, this evening I noticed I had still a home pregnancy test so I did it... and it confirmed my symptoms. I am not pregnant.

This is the end of my journey... at least with doctors and medicines. If God wants to send me the gift, it will be in a natural way. If not, I will have to learn how to live my life and accept the way it is.

I am done fighting against it.

Thank you all and I wish lucky to all of you.


Jules614 - September 26

Lyly - Best of luck with your cycle. I understand your desire to start a new thread. You and I have been writing for a year now and I wish that you had your baby now as we started IVF together. Life isn't fair and my heart does ache for you.

FeCC - I am so sorry. Best of luck! I know people that failed at IVF and got pregnant naturally so keep the faith.



JasJulesMom - September 26

Lyly- I am so glad you are so strong and continue on with your journey. I totally understand the need to vent to women who are still in the thick of the battle. I wish yiou all the luck. Please keep us posted on your progress thus cycle. I will keep everything I have crossed for you.


JamieP - September 26

Jen sorry you are still struggling with having 3 girls but I really think you will feel better once the babies arrive. Your babies are bound to be tiny once they arrive and you will walk over hot coals to make sure they are OK. The instant love and protection you feel for your baby is hard to describe but it will come even if not the very moment they are born within a few days.

lyly good luck with your cycle. I am feeling really positive about it! I have everything crossed for you and am sending positive, sticky vibes your way.

FeCC I am so sorry to hear your news. I can understand how you feel about being 'done fighting it'. It is a very hard road to travel and the emotional toll is incredibly difficult. Have you considered adoption? Good luck and lets hope for a miracle for you.



lili246 - September 26

I am sorry to hear that but hey girl keep your head up and your faith everything is possible. I wish you the best of luck!

We sure understand you girl it is hard hearing other ladies about their success stories but one thing is for sure never get jelous because your turn will come. I know it's hard but you have to be patient for your turn to come. Best wishes!!

Hows your pregnancy coming along? How are you feeling?


jenfrancis - September 26

Thanks :-\ to all the ladies on here. I appreciate the good the bad and the ugly. I hate to sound so ungrateful. But I think there should be some allowance for these feelings, since we did pay 30 grand and I tried so hard , like the rest of you. I just had my heart set on something that did not happen.

i am seeing a counselor and am on anti depressants believe it or not. I am not making it up when i say i am having a hard time.

I have BOXES AND BOXES of boy stuff from my sister and friends. So putting that away has been painful. I have had a VERY HARD pregnancy and between having a pump implanted in my thigh, a home uterine monitor numerous bladder infections, and gestational diabetes I have really just had it.

I am sorry if i offend anyone.

Lyly - I know i have been away, but I have read your journey. I have read your new thread and I know it sounds shallow, but I honestly care about you. I hope you get pregnant. I hope and pray this is your cycle! Claim it!

Lisa, long time no hear, I have read all about your baby boys! How cool! Hope they come home soon. I did think they were sort of small. They told me my triplets have to weigh about 4 lbs to be safe. I dont know how I will have 12 lbs of baby in there, they are about 1 1/2 lb now! How can they get that big when I am due in 7 weeks? Well, I guess since my cervix is stitched up with that cerclage, I guess that will buy me some time.

Julie, Debbie, Reshma Jamie- all the lovely ladies, take care and God Bless!


Arabsrcool - September 26

Hi girls :D

Had doc appt today. Everything still looks fine. I will be 33 weeks on Sunday. However I did get a yeast infection (1st ever) from taking the antibotics to get rid of the nasty cold. More suppositories, oh BOY!


I glad to see that you posted again. I was really concerned about you. Totally understand how you feel, and I also know you struggle with seeming ungrateful. You have had a hard run of the pregnancy and not to get your wish of at least one boy is hard. Don't worry about offending anyone, this is were you can vent and let off some steam. I know if hard to vent to people who haven't been down the infertility road.


Your boys are sooo cute! Hope you are doing well.


Almost there, I know pregnancy is getting really uncomfortable for me! Hope you are fairing ok!

Lyly and Marina,

I read the other post, totally understand the new thread. You both will remain in my thoughts and prayers.



lili246 - September 26

Ronda is right you really didn't offend anyone because you did express your feelings but you sounded like if you don't want those lil blessings. I know you wanted a boy but hey take what god is giving you. I bet you will be bless once again and luckly with a boy.
I know what you mean about being sad that you didn't get not 1 boy in your pregnancy but once you see those lil girls you will be full of love and that sadness and depression will go away those girls will be your life believe me.
My first pregnancy was a boy and my second pregnancy another boy. But really I wanted a girl not to lie to you but when I found out that I was having another boy tears come out because I was so sure it was going to be a girl but it didn't happen like that. About those tears were wiped I thank god for this lil boy right now he is 9 months old and is such a blessing I thank god everyday for my two kids. But sure pray to god that if I get pregnant again I will have my lil girl. We need to keep tha faith and be happy with what we have.
God bless you and those lil girls ¢¾

With much respect and hope that I didn't not offend you because it wasn't my intention. I have read all the things you have been through to get here where you are and you have to be bless girl.

Good luck !!


JamieP - September 27

Jen I totally agree with the others. If you can't speak your mind here where can you speak it. You really are on the home straight - only 7 weeks to go (although I am sure it seems like forever to you at the moment). The babies will do a lot of fattening up during that time especially in the last few weeks.

A question for you all on progesterone. How did you all take it and how much for how long? I am on 400 mg suppositories twice a day and am also taking it orally twice a day. It seems like a lot and I am sick of it. After my 12 week scan I will be weaned off it so am guessing that will take 3 - 4 weeks as I am taking quite a lot. Is this along the lines of what you other ladies have had?



bdantonio - September 27

Hello all sorry i havent posted lately angelina has not been feeling well.
Jenfrancis: I understand how you feel about wanting a little boy I did always want a boy; however as strange as it is my dh never did he wanted all girls. With my first child that i was able to carry to term when i found out that it was a girl during pregnancy i was scared and upset. I ams the only girl in my family i am a huge tomboy even to this day. I was like what the hell am i going to do with a girl. I never played with dolls or dress up i like football. However i delt with it. She is going to be 4 in january and shes a tough little girl who loves sports. When i had my last daughter i was really hoping for a boy 1 of each but once again it was a girl. I also went through alot with her i had a picc line home nurses complete bedrest and a whole lot more i felt like i was going through it all and was getting another girl. However now that they are both here i oculd love them anymore.

Jamie i took my progestrone till 14 weeks and then i was weined off but that only takes like 10 days.


vw79girl - September 27

sorry i have been a little busy busy the past few days. The boys are doing well. Benjamin is over 4 lbs (4 lbs. 3 oz.) and Paul is 3 lbs. 6 oz. They are climbing steadily and doing very well. Their only major issues are that of the apnia for Ben and some oxygen dips for Paul. Benjamin is most likely moving from his isolet to a crib in the next week. He had his first bath from us last night. Photos on the website. :) Paul is a little behind Ben but not much. He is progressing just as nicely. We are confident they will both be home by my due date of Nov. 16th and the doctors seem confident that Ben may be home even sooner than that. I have seen a lot of babies up in the NICU with lots of problems. Ours are minimal and only require one Nurse to be with them thankfully. They are 4 weeks old today!!!

Ronda...thank you for saying how cute they are. I think so too but I'm the Mommy lol. Hang in there girl, you are getting there.

Debbie, you are even closer!

Reshma, not sure if you check this but I miss you and think of you often.

Lyly and Marina, glad you started that other thread. I keep you both in my prayers every night. I know this journey has been tough for both of you and I hope that in the end you both are able to have another baby/babies. xo

Lili, You always have nice/positive things to say to people. thank you.

Jamie, hope you are doing well!

Jen, I am sorry you are going through such a rough time with everything. Focus on taking it one day at a time. That is what I am doing right now. It helps.

Jules, we keep missing one another on Im. Hopefully I can have a min. to call you soon. Miss you!


Meg - September 27

Your boys are so precious! It brings back so many memories for me... Although, our twins were born a month later than your boys, I still remember those first milestones, being able to nurse, first bath, moving to a open crib... I scrapbook and I could have filled a whole book of just NICU pictures we had so many! I definitely whittled them down or else a first year book could have been volumes. I will continue to keep you and your boys in my prayers, as I know it is a long journey in that first year of life w/ a preemie. I will also tell you that your adventures are only beginning, you will have MANY more to come w/ twins ;)

To all of the other girls, I hope you are doing well and continue to keep experiencing the joy that pregnancy and motherhood brings.

And those of you on the continued journey, you will be Mothers either again or for a first time. I have met many women on this site, as I have been on here off and on since 2003, and those who never thought it would work after many IVF's and m/c finally got their dreams. One girl just had a son a few weeks ago after a 6 yr. infertility journey. I will pray for you, as if it weren't for other's prayers for me, I don't believe I would be where I am today. I also posted an Emily Dickinson poem on my fridge, called "Hope Is a Thing w/ Feathers", and read it every day to remind myself to never give up hope. W/o hope I felt there was nothing left, so I made myself hope a little each day.

Take Care,


JasJulesMom - September 28

Hi All,

I am so close to my c section I am starting to get nervous.I am worried about so many things. Is everything going to be Ok? Is the baby going to be healthy will my gestational diabetes go away. i am so worried about my kids and how they will be while I am in the hospital. I just wish she was here I was home and it was all over.


I know what you mean about being uncomfortable and unable to move. It can be frustrating.

Lisa- The boys are getting cuter and bigger by the moment. before you know it you will be taking them home.

Jen- I really hope all goes well for you. I know the struggle and the complications muct be adding to your stress. Once you see those beautiful girls you will be fine. Do you have any help when you get them home?
How is your diabetes? So far mine is under control, I just hate all the testing and worrying about the foods I eat.

Reshema- Haben't heard from you. Hope all is well. You Ronda and I will have our bundles soon. So exciting, although Lisa's boys cheated and came a bit early.

Marina and Lyly cannot wait to hear about your cycles and really pray they are a success.

Jamie- How is everything progressing with you?

Julie- Hope all is well.


vw79girl - September 28

Thanks so much Meg! I know what you mean about having a lot of NICU pics lol. I think I will most likely scrap the scrapbooking as I don't have a lot of time to get too involved. The books I have done in the past are amazing and so much fun to look at but I think I can still do a great job with a slip in album that has room for journaling. I can also add stickers etc. :) I may scrapbook a few pages here and there at some point but with going back to school and caring for two when they do come home, I doubt I will have the time. It is nice to hear from someone who has been through the same thing and know that your children are doing just fine. thank you :)

Debbie, Don't worry about the C section honey. I can honestly tell you that it really wasn't too bad at all. After a week, I felt pretty much back to normal. Just tired and headachy from the Epi. My headaches lasted for a few days but then I was fine. Tylenol or Advil helped with any pain from the incision. She will be here before you know it and she will be beautiful. Enjoy any sleep you can get now girl!



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