IVF anyone?
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JasJulesMom - September 22

HI everyone.

Marina- SOunds like you might want to try HPT anyway. Things can definitely suprise you!!! I agree with Lyly, you would definitely not be classified as an early miscarriage, although as she said I will support you either way. We are here for you.

Lyly-Sounds like you are very busy. Is the puppy behaving any better? How is dd doing with school starting? Wow your next procedure will be here before you know it. I pray having the biopsy helps things stick.

Julie- Sounds like the baby has her days and nights mixed up. I hate when that happens. I am sure she will adjust soon. I hope I do not have any issues with breast milk. i plan to pump exclusively and bottle feed. I was told by my endocrinologist this will help get rid of the gestational diabetes. Although I am nervous.

Lisa- You boys are so cute. I love that website.

Ronda, Reshema, Jen- How are you ladies?

I wonder how Beth is?

JAmie- So glad your ultrasound went well. I know what you mean about always feeling the need to make sure things are good. I am going for NST twice a week and I still worry something is wrong in between.

AFM- I had a NST and ultrasound today, baby was great. I got some really cool pictures of her face this time. I have another on Thursday and a regular OB appointment. Next Thursay I have to go for another growth ultrasound. i am interested to see how big she will be!!!


Arabsrcool - September 22

Hi girls,

this site has been giving me fits because of all the pop up ads and videos they have added. My computer at work keeps closing down the site.


your boys are sooooo cute!!. When do you have to return to work?


How are you holding up. I have a doc appt on Friday and am wondering if they are going to check the plumbing! Sleeping is getting harder and harder as I get bigger and bigger!


You are officially off work!!! Hurray. Glad your appt went well and baby is doing fine.


Hopefully Kaitlyn will start sleeping longer periods so you can gets some rest


you should take a HPT. I have a friend the doc's told her she would never get pg "naturally" and she has twice. Stranger things have happened! Interesting about the sperm test.......so your new RE thought it was a waste of time?


Anyone know how soon they start looking for the "signs of birth"????


Marina - September 22

You guys are so funny with HPT test ;D.It was the last thing on my mind-I know my body too damn good to think that I might be PG-with my blocked tubes and my DH sperm-lol.I know,I know-miracles happen,but I don't think it's my case :-\,I'd feel something by this time.Don't even want to waste money on hpt.I called today my old RE to ask him what he think about the sperm test results(he doesn't know we left him yet)-he basicly said the same thing-not proven,not reliable ::).So,I'm going to wait until the end of the week to see if I get my period and if not,go check my progesteron level.I think for sure it's all the stress about" what to do" messing up my hormons.
Meg-thank you for reminding me about dr.Smith forum :),I know, I've been reading some posts and find his answers VERY informative and detailed ,and I did find some info about this test and a web site.Too bad he is not on anymore,only porno.I agree with you ,dr. Jacobs not always very helpfull-not in my case,anyway.I asked him 2 times about sperm issue-and he tells me about the eggs ::)!I know damn good all about eggs getting older,my question was about sperm!!! >:(


Jules614 - September 22

Goody5706 - Best of luck with your 1 frozen embryo - if that doesn't work what will be your next step? Do you know what quality your one frozen embryo is?

JasJulesMom - Do you ever post your u/s pics on a website? Glad to hear everything went well.

Arabscrool - Signs of labor - I spotted, lost my mucus plug, cramps, nesting, etc... You feeling anything yet? I hope not as you still have a couple months left 8)

Marina - I hope your period never comes 8)



vw79girl - September 23

Hey girls,
been a little busy pumping milk and going to the hospital to see the boys. Paul is 3 lbs. today!!! 3 lbs. 1.4 oz. and Benjamin is 3 lbs. 14 oz. so he should be at 4 by Friday I would think. They are both doing well and off of their C Paps and on just Nasal Cannulas breathing well and pretty much on room air. Benjamin isn't spitting up anymore which is great. He continues to do the non-nutrative breastfeeding and they think he will actually start feeding next week or the week after on bottles. I am getting a little more rest overnight and only pumping 7-8 times a day now which is a lot easier believe it or not. I am updating pictures every day or so and doing a blog on our website. I upgraded it in order to put more stuff on it.

I hope your period stays dormant honey.

Jules, sorry, I wasn't home all day yesterday. Hopefully we can talk later this week.

Ronda, I will go back Oct. 6 and then come back out on leave when one or both come home. So hopefully I will only be back to work for about a month or a few weeks after that. Then I will be out until March with my little honey pies. Following that my Mom and Dad will come here to take care of them every day until summer vacation.

Goofy, good luck with that embryo!!! :)

Debbie, so glad your appt. went well. and Jamie, glad your u/s went fine too!

Reshma, thinking of you hun. Hope you are doing well.

Lyly, glad we got to chat the other night. I have missed talking with you on Msn.


Jules614 - September 23

Lisa - sounds like your boys are growing at a good speed!


lili246 - September 23

I am so happy for you it sure sounds that your lil boys are being strong and growing up very good. I am happy and bet you can't wait until they come home. So where do you work at?
That is nice that you will be off until march enjoy that time because time goes fast. But glad that your parents will take care of them that is great. I am bless that my mom takes care of them.

Hope that everyone else is doing good.


bdantonio - September 24

fast is not the word i cant believe my little one is 7mths old


vw79girl - September 24

Lili, I am an art teacher at a HS in our area. :)


FeCC - September 24

Hello All,
Long time I dont post anything here, since my failed IVF back in may. Well, today has been a hard day so far and I would like to ask somethings.... see if someone could help answering:

I did another IVF, 2 8b fresh embrios in Sept/14. My beta is schedule for tomorrow. I have no simptoms at all, I had a light breast tender feeling before, but its gone (I think it was more psycological).

Today I woke up with a headache, when I went to the bathroom and wiped miself I saw a very light red in the toilet paper.

I learned from the other IVF that my period will not come until I stop with the progesterona shots.

I really wanted honesty at this point... anyone think that still the "miracle" could happen to me?


JamieP - September 24

Hi FeCC,
It happened for me! I got a full blown period and got a BFP. I am now nearly 11 weeks pregnant. To be really honest it is probably unlikely but still very possible. Maybe one is miscarrying and the other is not. . . who knows there are all sorts of ways it can work out.

Good luck tomorrow. Let us know how it goes.



Jules614 - September 24

FeCC - It could also be implementation bleeding - VERY common with pregnancy! I had it with my daughter Samantha who is 4 yrs old today!

As for me, Kaitlyn had her 1 month check up. She now weighs 10 pounds 2 ounces which means she gained 2 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks. She is 22 1/2 inches long. The doc said to me, "Any concern we had about her in the hospital, forget about it." What an amazing thing to hear! It's also Samantha's 4th bday today. I surprised her at school with popsicles and twizzlers for the class. They don't allow cake or cupcakes unless peanut free 8(



jenfrancis - September 24

Hey girls - its me, we have no internet cable or phone at the house still thanks to Hurricane Ike. So i come into the office one time a week.

I am going to have counseling. I still can not handle having all three girls and I am really depressed and sad. And angry.

I know we wont be able to afford another child, or IVF, so even if we could afford the IVF, I would not want to risk it being another girl!

So my husband will not have his son, neither will I, no football buddy, or haircuts together, all the clothes my sister gave me for her twin boys sit in boxes as we have been still moving into our new house.

I am sorry for everyone else who just would be happy to have a baby. I sound like a bitch I know. I dont care anymore. I have all kinds of issues with this pregnancy and to know I am going through all this for girls is aggravating for me.

Say what you want. I only log in once a week any way. But where else can i vent. My husband doesnt want to hear it. I cant talk to anyone else. Email me directly if you want. [email protected] talk to you later.


FeCC - September 24

All, thanks for the quick and realistic reply.

I will still be hopeful, but also need to prepare myself to another "NO" tomorrow... hard to prepare myself to that.

This is probably our last try.

We still have another 3 embryos frozen... but not sure if We will do anything again - one 3day-embryo 10B and 2 5day blastocystis not so good quality.

I am tired... wanted so much that this works... asking God so much... praying.

Thank you all.


JasJulesMom - September 24

FeCC- I wish lots of luck and baby dust tomorrow!!!


lili246 - September 24

I know it is hard getting what you want but hey those lil angels don't have any fault. God is amazing and you should thank him for those lil girls. They are not even born and you are thinking this way what will you think if they don't make it to this world? With much respect and I know everyone has a different opinion but you are bless by having those lil ones there are women around here trying to get pregnant which others are and they are not happy about it. A son/daughter is such a blessing and we should be happy about it.
I just hope that god helps you and make your life more happier. You can always email me directly aswell I will be glad to help you girl. Be positive.

I agree with the girls it sounds more like implantation it happen to me aswell and look I now have a 4 year old boy. Let us know what you find out girl. Good Luck!

wow you have a great job that is great :)

Happy birthday to your lil girl!! it is always a relief when the doctor tells you your lil ones is doing great. :)

have a great day ladies




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