IVF anyone?
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JasJulesMom - September 20

Lyly-Glad things are moving again for you. I will now have some time on my hands for about four weeks so i will try and keep in touch more. Hope dh and dd are well. Goodluck!!!


Jules614 - September 20

Lyly - I was wondering what was going on with you. I was thinking you may have taken a break from the website since you are having such struggles conceiving. So glad you are back and ready to try again. Your persistency is refreshing. Watch, you will have multiples from all your patience 8)



bdantonio - September 20

hey everyone been busy. Julie dont feel bad with breastfeeding once i went to pumping i had a hard time produceing also, it didnt help that angelina ate alot. I made it to 6 mths and stopped. It was sad and i tried eveything to continue but it just wasnt work.


JamieP - September 20

Hi Girls,
This will be short and sweet. My ultrasound was fine! Can relax for a few days now. I go back in 2 weeks. It sounds like everyone is doing OK. Jen I wonder how it is going with you. Take care everyone.


Meg - September 20

Thank you for the welcome. I guess I still visit this site, b/c I still can't close the door on wanting more children. I feel extremely blessed to have 3 children, when I thought I may not even have one. I also feel very greedy to want another child. Also dh is completely satisfied w/ the three that we have. In the same breath I am scared to embark on the baby roller coaster again and am scared that if by some crazy chance I did get p/g, I am afraid of m/c yet another time. I wish I could just feel at peace w/ the situation, but I just can't. Do any of you feel this way, or am I just being ridiculous? Dh and I don't use any birth control either, I just follow my cycle closely and know when it is "safe" and not "safe". After trying to get p/g for many years, it is very easy to try to not get p/g either! I secretly hope for an oops baby, but w/ dh bad sperm and my knowing my cycle like the back of my hand, I truly doubt that will ever happen for us.

Our twins were from a frozen medicated cycle. We transferred 4 embryos, three took, I lost one at around 11 wks. and went on to have twins. We began trying for a third, when our twins were 6 months old. People thought we were absolutely crazy!! We were lucky and had a natural p/g after trying for a full year exactly. I was followed by the RE for that p/g though b/c of my previous m/c. My hands were definitely full w/ 3 children in 2 years time and still are, but I don't regret any of it.

Your boys are very precious! You are completely blessed :) I hope they are able to come home before or around your due date. I remember always asking when do you think they will be coming home and being disappointed when they would change dates. Thankfully ours came home at the 36 wk. marker. They did come home on monitors, as per my request. Now at almost 5 both are one of the tallest children in their class!

Thank you all for listening! Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers, as I always pray for those who struggle w/ infertility, as it was one tough journey to get to a baby!

Take Care,


wolffie - September 20

Goofy -

Hi! My son is almost three months old. He was conceived via IVF (also on our first try). I was also pregnant with twins and lost one around six weeks. I was on bed rest until i was 16 weeks along b/c i continued to bleed after the miscarriage of the one baby. I had a low lying placenta (not fully covering the cervix) however it 'migrated' prior to delivery (I needed a c-section anyway) but my doc did say that placenta issues are more common with IVF pregnancies. Anyway, my dh and I have also been considering using our frozen embryos. We have two left but i don't really have much hope as i haven't heard very good reports of frozen transfers. However, I feel like they are my little frosty embies and I want to give 'em a shot. If they don't work we will try for a fresh cycle next summer. Congrats on your daughter!

Hello, to the rest of you moms and moms to be! I usually post on the pregnancy forum but my 'group' has been quiet for awhile. Congrats to all of you!



vw79girl - September 20

Thank you Meg. I am sooo hoping mine come home by 38 or so. Undoubtedly one will come home and the other will follow.
I was looking at your journey at the bottom of your post. You have had quite a ride yourself. Did both of your twins come home on the same exact day?

My babies are 3 weeks old today already!
Ben is 3lbs. 8.8 oz.
Paul is 2 lbs. 12.8 oz.
I just went up to see them by myself as Greg is trying to do a bunch of things to finish up projects he started in the yard. I like to have a little Mommy time in the afternoons. They were both sleeping so comfortably. our little angels. I can't wait until after dinner to go and see them again. :)

Jamie, I am glad your ultrasound went well.

Lyl, I am glad you liked the pics on the site. My favorite ones are the one of us as a family and the one of them together. That one is just precious.

Julie, perhaps we can talk on Mon. if you aren't too busy. let me know.

Reshma and Ronda...how are you girls holding up? and Debbie...you are getting there girl!

Jen, I hope you check in soon and let us know how you are.

Marina, anything new with you?


JamieP - September 21

Meg you should absolutely not feel greedy for wanting another child. People who do not have all these infertility issues would never feel greedy for wanting another child. I can also understand how you are scared to embark on the baby roller coaster again especially with the fear of m/c etc. The way I see it is that you have to look to the future and think will I be disappointed that I didn't at least try again. Good luck figuring it all out.

Lisa great to hear the babies are doing well.



Marina - September 21

Hi girls,
I've been reeding your posts and I'm glad to see everyone going good.

Debbie-finaly well deserved rest !Enjoy it while you can.

Jamie-glad you got to see your little baby on u/s doing well,I know how nervewracking it could be-living from one u/s to another...

Julie- when I had my son I was brestfeeding for 4 month and then he quit on me-I didn't have enough milk because we didn't have pumps back then(I lived in Ukraine) and I had to pump milk with my hands after feeding him to keep the milk going (nightmare!)and it took about 45 min.I didn't have time for anything else.But that was 14 years ago.

Lisa-I see how your little guys progressing and getting stronger every day and and feel so happy for you!

Reshma and Ronda-you guys are very close!
Jen-how you doing on a bedrest?

Beth-how is things with you?I think you had to have your FET by this time?
Lyl-did you start acupancture yet?I'm going now and taking chinise herbs.I read a lit about it lately.

As for me-we got a bad news on my DH's test(we went to see urologist and he ordered sperm DNA fragmentation assey).The test came back with 82% of pathology.I don't know if you guys familiar with this ,but the normal range on this test is less then 30%.If it's more,then it's more likely cause early m/c or implantation failire.This is what statistic says and urologist made the point that we better use donor sperm. I was trying to find more info on this subject,but was surprised that it so little information about this.
When we went to see my new RE,he was very sceptical about this test and explained us that this test and the way how they do it(I told you that whole story how they collected it) very unrelaible and there is very little reserch on it.And since we are doing ICSI,that should take care of tis problem.
So,now I'm totaly confused and we don't know what to do.Looking back at my bad luck with cycle #1,failed FET,failed IVF#2-since nobody had no explanation what the hell happened,I more likely belive it could be the sperm issue.But it seems like RE sceptical about this whole sperm issue thing ant tells me that evry ejuaculation is different and vary in result(yeah,but I think it's pretty hard to go magicly from 82% to less then 30%,unless the test was done wrong,which could of happen easily and the half of sperm died before it got there)
So,we have to make a hard choice between donor's and my DH sperm.And this is not easy.I'm almost ready to start b/c pills,just waiting for my period and it's 7 days late(very unusual for me!).
Did anybody hear anything simmilar to my story?I can't find any info or statistic on this test except what this company who does this test gives you.
Sorry for the long post.Have a good weekend girls.


lyly14 - September 21

Hi Marina- I have actually not gone for the accupuncture yet. Thinks have been so hectic at home with back to work and my dd's activities (therapy and dance) and my puppy's training class. I just don't have a moments peace to fit it in plus the expense is just too much right now.

The urologist said dh's problem causes early m/c right? Your m/c was definitely not classified as an early m/c. Maybe what your RE has to say about icsi is right. I think you would have more problems growing blasts if his sperm was really that bad. It is your decision and I will show you support either way (donor or not). Just really think about it.. Is it possible to do half and half? Or is that just too much to wonder which one made it, if you have a successful pg? So much to think about. I wish you luck! Oh yeah 7 days late huh? Hmmmmmmmm, any chance you could be pg? Or did you already test to make sure?


Marina - September 21

Lyly-you are sounds like my RE-exactly lol!He said the same thing about not being early m/c and about blasts.That is why I'm very confused now.It would be much easier for him just gladly agree to use donor's sperm and not trying to convince us to try my DH sperm.We might try one more time w/DH sperm and just pray really hard.RE against mixing donor with husband on a first try.
I don't think there any chance that I might be PG (I have blocked tubes,remember?),I just think that my cycle got messed up after IVF,which is very irritating,because I could of been on b/c for a week already and start things rolling again.
I sent you an e'mail.


bdantonio - September 22

Marina i would have to take a test just in case. I was told i had a 2% chance of getting pg naturally but it did happen once unfortunitly i did loose it.


Meg - September 22

Our twins did come home on the same day. We were very lucky, since many times that doesn't happen. Your boys weight gain is great. It is wonderful that they are doing so well. I know it is a long road and each day is a milestone.

Have you looked at old posts from Dr. Smith? They go back to 2005. He was a great source of info for me, whenever I had questions regarding dh sperm issues. He was a straight shooter, and gave detailed info, not like Dr. Jacobs, who really never answered the questions that I asked. I got more from Dr. Smith about sperm and fertilization than I did from my RE sometimes. It stinks that he no longer answers questions on this forum. I knew more about sperm than I ever wanted to. I hope you are able to get the answers that you need.



Jules614 - September 22

I hate that I am not always notified when someone posts. Before I know it, I log on and there are tons of messages. Do any of you feel like you are not always notified when there is a new post?

BdAntonio - My first daughter was natural - had a 7% of conceiving - when I least expected it - it did happen. 6 months BF is great! I went three months without formula with Samantha and another 3 months half formula half breast milk since I went back to work.

Marina - Don't give up hope - I know people that got pregnant under unique situations. Two of my friends were adopted because their moms were told they couldn't conceive. After both were adopted, their mom's got pregnant because they weren't trying to hard. Wow - pumping milk with your hands. That must have taken forever! They have come a long way in 14 years.

Lisa - I am around Monday - give me a call or I can call you. I will need your #. I think I may have the number you called me from the hospital on caller ID but I could be wrong.

Daniella - I notice A LOT of IVFers have placeta previa from my other chat - is that common at any pregnancy or more common with IVF? I am not sure you know but I thought I would ask.

Meg - There is nothing wrong with wanting another a child. There eis a girl on my other chat who has 3 kids with her first husband - she got her tubes tied and remarried. Now she wants a 4th child with her new husband and will be going through IVF. A person feels what they feel and don't feel like you are being greedy.

Jamie - You must be so relieved your u/s went fine.

AFM - Kaitlyn was up from 7 p.m. - 3 a.m. Then she got up every 2 hours. I have barely had any sleep. I hope tonight i better but fear it won't be as Kaitlyn slept most the day. I try keeping her up as well as my DH and mom - and she just passes out. I have put old water on her toes, taken a cold soda bottle and touched her with it, stripped her down to her diaper, moved her around and she just keeps sleeping! Any suggestions?



Goofy5796 - September 22

Thanks fro the info! Ya we want to try again soon! I am almost 34 so I dont want to wait too long. I dont think our chances are very good though with only 1 frozen embryo left! I dont think we would be able to go through another complete cycle though seeing the complications we encountered last time around- we got our daughter, but VERY risky to try again. My hubby and I were thinking of just trying the frozen cycle, but from what I read the chances of onyl 1 embryo surviving the thaw cycle is not very likely. I have only heard of people trying it with several.....But we are still trying to get in touch with the IVF clinic to talk to them about it. I went through a ton of testing once i got the blood clot, but i have no factors as to why i got it, everything came abck normal, so hemotology said it was from the fertility medicine. If you read the REALLY small print, it says blood clots could be a side effect of the hormones. I got OHSS from the cycle too, so i must be very sensitive.

Incase anyone is interested, here is the Link to our website :)



JasJulesMom - September 22

HI everyone.

Marina- SOunds like you might want to try HPT anyway. Things can definitely suprise you!!! I agree with Lyly, you would definitely not be classified as an early miscarriage, although as she said I will support you either way. We are here for you.

Lyly-Sounds like you are very busy. Is the puppy behaving any better? How is dd doing with school starting? Wow your next procedure will be here before you know it. I pray having the biopsy helps things stick.

Julie- Sounds like the baby has her days and nights mixed up. I hate when that happens. I am sure she will adjust soon. I hope I do not have any issues with breast milk. i plan to pump exclusively and bottle feed. I was told by my endocrinologist this will help get rid of the gestational diabetes. Although I am nervous.

Lisa- You boys are so cute. I love that website.

Ronda, Reshema, Jen- How are you ladies?

I wonder how Beth is?

JAmie- So glad your ultrasound went well. I know what you mean about always feeling the need to make sure things are good. I am going for NST twice a week and I still worry something is wrong in between.

AFM- I had a NST and ultrasound today, baby was great. I got some really cool pictures of her face this time. I have another on Thursday and a regular OB appointment. Next Thursay I have to go for another growth ultrasound. i am interested to see how big she will be!!!



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