IVF anyone?
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RB - September 18


I forgot you honey...my bad. How are you coping with the bedrest and everything else? Have you had another u/s yet to confirm whther its really 3 girls in there?



JasJulesMom - September 18

Reshema- Isn't it great when you actually have a date. I am dying to just have her already. Things are very stressful with all these non stress tests, baby does not cooperate and then I always think something is wrong, although they assure me she is fine.

Lisa- Sounds like things are going in the upward direction, I am so happy for you.

Julie- How is the job search going?

Lyly- I haven't seen a post from you in a bit. Have you started your next IVF cycle yet? I am praying so hard for you!!!

Tomorrow is my last day of work, cannot wait!!!


Jules614 - September 18

Lisa - Wow, your LO seem to be doing great! I can't believe how well you are doing with pumping. I am not even having much luck! Good for you. I will look at the pics soon!



lili246 - September 18

Thank you girl I am glad I found you girls it is welcoming and you all are great. I love talking to you because we learn from one to the other.

Breastfeedling is very hard when you don't have enough milk. I would get mad because I just didn;t have enough and I wanted to find something to produce more milk the doctors would always tell me drink lots and lots of water but thet never helped me..lol so I gave up easily.
Besides my kids were hungry eaters thet would eat alot and get mad if I didn't had enough milk..ugh
By the way this last time I got mastitis breast infection in one breast and then passed it to the other breast and I stopped breastfeeding because I was on antibiotics and I don't like take medicine while breastfeeeding so when I started breastfeeding again after my infection my baby got used of the bottle and didn't want any more of the breastfed..ugh :( So I guess I have no luck on that..lol

what a wonderful experience holding both of the babies that is great I bet you were so excited that can't wait to have them home more than ever. Sounds like good news from what the nurse said thos 5 or 6 weeks will go fast and once you notice that day where you can take your lil ones home will come and you won't even have time to talk to us anymore :)
So where can I find your page so I can see pictures of them?

Have a great day



Jules614 - September 18

Lili - Sorry to hear about the problems you faced with breast feeding - what is mastitis breast infection and how did you know you had it? What were the symptoms. I hvae had a clogged milk duct for several days in which I had to put warm cmpresses on it and massage the breast along with taking warm showers.. ah what we do for our little ones...



JasJulesMom - September 19

Well Ladies- I am officially on maternity leave in 2 hours. So excited.

The board has been quiet lately. Hope everyone is OK!!!


Jules614 - September 19

Congrads JasJulesMom - I bet it feels real good@


Goofy5796 - September 19

Hi- I am new to this forum, i usually read the Lovenox and Pregnancy one but was looking for some IVF information. I had a baby girl 4 months ago via IVF. It was our 1st cycle and it worked the 1st time! I was pregnant with twins but lost one at about 6 weeks, but I have my healthy girl now (although I had too many complications!)
Has anyone even gotten a blood clot from IVF treatment? I had a 3" blood clot in my jugular vein that they found at 4 weeks prego! They said it was from the hormones from teh IVF! Talk about scary! I was put on blood thinners for the remainder of my pregnancy and several weeks after. I also had complete Placenta Previa (not sure if this is due to the IVF or not) and was put on bedrest at 32 weeks as i began hemoraging. I ended up having a c-section at 37 weeks and she was 5lb 1oz 19". I had the steroid shots at 32 weeks, so I think that helped.....
Anyway, has anyone gotten pregnant from a frozen Embryo? I have 1 frozen and we are thinking about trying again in a few months, but I wasnt sure if it will work as there is only 1!! I have tried calling the IVF center but I think I scared them wiht my blood clot and they seem to be avoiding me now :)


lili246 - September 19

congrats that is so exciting being on maternity leave I bet you are excited rest alot and be patient for that lil one :) wish you the best!

Julie,it is the same as clogged milk ducts. The symptoms were bad pain on the side of my breast and it looked red. If I touched it, it would hurt and hurt when I would breastfeed I couldn't breastfeed my baby on that breast. It would hurt if I would use a bra of have anything touching my breast. it would also feel somewhat hard on that part that it hurt.

I found out that I had that because I did some researching on the internet and found out that it was an infection called mastitis I was like you didn't know what that was and why I had it.
I went to the doctor right away cause I read that it can go on it;s own but if not you can get pus in it and be worse and might need a surgery so I got scared.
But the doctor said some women just get it when they breast feed it was common. I read that it was like infection you would get because of dust getting inside the nipple.
It did pass to the other breast and it lasted like that for like 3 weeks so at that time I stopped breastfeeding because I was on antibiotics and didn't want that to affect the baby. When I was better I breastfeed him again and he didn't want it anymore. so I gave up it was sad but I did my best.

So how are you doing with breastfeeding?

Welcome and sorry I don't know anything about ivf hope the girls have some info for you. Congrats in the baby girl. So you want to try again right away?

Have a great weekend.



vw79girl - September 19

the website:
www.easysite.com/fedorBOYS :) if you click under news there are more pics where it says "our story"

Goofy, My frozen cycle(I only had one) didn't work so I am no help in that dept. nor am I on the blood clots. I wish you the best of luck though.

yay Debbie...enjoy your time before your little bundle comes! get as much done as you can! :)

I am off to the hospital but will let you know how they are later tonight or tomorrow morning.

have a great Friday night girls!


Jules614 - September 19

Goofy5976 - I am on another IVF chat and one girl did give birth to a little girl she conceived from through a frozen embryo. Placenta previa is quite common but I do see it more often than not in IVF patients. Sorry to hear about your complications. Congrats on the little girl. Sorry to hear you lost her twin.

Lili - I am struggling a little with breast feeding - Kaitlyn is ALWAYS wanting to eat and I feel I don't have enough milk for her. I am trying some herbs and teas to help. I was told if you stress you can lose some of your supply. Since I was laid off two week ago, I am a bit on edge. How are you doing these days?

Lisa - Happy Friday - Call me soon and let me know how you are doing.



lili246 - September 19

OMG thanks for the website I meet your lil ones by picture :) they are a cutie pie both lil ones are wonderful you should be proud girl I am so happy they are amazing they look so little but so strong. I bet they are doing their best to go home soon. it is boring being at the hospital and nothing better than being home so no wonder they are doing good so they can get out of there. I am glad that they have great nurses that is such a relief.
COngrats girl!!!



Jules614 - September 20

lili - is your message supposed to go to lisa?



lyly14 - September 20

Hi girls,
Sorry I haven't been on in a while. I haven't been able to get on the site at work since they have all these advertisements and video ads. The page just wont load. And home has been a bit chaotic. Dr appts and dance 3 times a week. I just have had no time to get on the computer. Not much new is going on with me. I went for my endometrial biopsy on Wed and dh and I are going to the bank tomorrow to have our consents notarized for the upcoming cycle. Now all I have to do is wait for my period which should be in about a week to a week and half.

Debbie- How exciting to be on maternity leave! You are getting so close.

Lisa-I was on the boys site today. It almost made me cry. They are so beautiful, your little peanuts! I hope to talk to you soon, I miss our chats.

Goofy- Congrates on your baby and welcome. I am going for my 2nd frozen embryo cycle as soon as I get my period. I did one before that was not successful and we put 3 embies in. This time we are doing 4! As far as blood clots I have never actually had one, but I have some medical conditions that put me at risk for developing one, as well as m/c. I take asprin everyday and baby asprin and lovenox when we are trying. Did they do any testing on you to find out if you have risk factors for clots? If you have risk factors and take hormones it increases your risks.

Reshma- I hope all is well with you

Julie -sorry to hear about the breast feeding. I had the same problem and finally gave up after 4 weeks.

Jenny - How are you doing? I read about your complications, I hope you are doing ok.


lyly14 - September 20



JasJulesMom - September 20

Lyly-Glad things are moving again for you. I will now have some time on my hands for about four weeks so i will try and keep in touch more. Hope dh and dd are well. Goodluck!!!



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