IVF anyone?
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lyly14 - August 20

OMG Julie that is great! I can't wait to hear all the details. I can't believe the day is almost here. You must be so relieved. Wishing you the best for a quick labor and a healthy baby girl.


vw79girl - August 20

you must be so excited!
I will miss talking to you late night; for you will be very very busy. :)
what time tomorrow???

Hubby and I had a tour of the maternity ward last night at the hospital. We got to see the nursery(only one baby though) and the rooms as well as the birthing room/c-sect room. It all felt so real. I got into the car and felt overwhelmed with joy, fear, excitement and just cried.

thinking of you Lyl.

Ronda...I am getting BIG haha and you?

Debbie, I am glad you are having a c-sect so I can pick your brain and get some info before mine. You are getting so close too!


Marina - August 20

Good luck Julie!


bdantonio - August 21

good luck julie


Jules614 - August 21

Hey guys - I am supposed to check in at 7 a,m, however, if too many people go into labor tonight then mine can be rescheduled for another day! So, it could be a waiting game. If you don't hear from me by noon then chances are I did get induced. Thanks for all your thoughts. I am a nervous wreck. I doubt I will be sleeping tonight.



JamieP - August 21

Good Luck Julie.

I had an ultrasound today and another blood test. The ultrasound showed a sac measuring 5w 3d so at least it is not an ectopic. The blood test came back at 2215 which the doctor says is OK even though it is low. So it is just a matter of waiting now. I am not good at waiting. I go back for another ultrasound in a week.



Jules614 - August 21

Jamie - That is GREAT news! COngrats! You know what, my current pregnancy - the numbers were very low and slow and here I am hitting 40 weeks tomorrow.



JamieP - August 21

Thanks Julie. I have everything crossed that this is viable!

Good luck tomorrow.


bdantonio - August 21

Jamie i will keep you in my prayers that everything turns out okay over the next few weeks


Jules614 - August 22

Hey everyone - I just wanted to let you know Baby Kaitlyn arrived today at 6:04 p.m. I was induced at 9 a.m. It was painful until I got the epi and then everything went perfect! Kaitlyn weighed 7 lbs 14 ounces. I will write more in the next day or two. I am exhausted and at the hospital.



JamieP - August 22

Congratulations Julie! I am pleased it all went OK. Hope you manage to get some sleep!!



bdantonio - August 22

congrats julie


JasJulesMom - August 22

Congratulations Julie. Get some rest while you still can.

Lyly- Thinking about you today. Hope you get BFP!!!


vw79girl - August 22

Congrats Greg and Julie!!!
Can't wait to see some pics of her when you are able to send some!

Take care of you and the new bundle of joy!!!
<3 Lisa


Marina - August 22

I've seen picture of your little one-addorable!


Arabsrcool - August 22


what a precious girl!!. I'm glad she is finally here. You have started the line of births to come! Hurray!!!!


Yes I am getting quite large marge. I know how big I am with only one, I hope that you are even bigger than I am!

My balance has started being affected and I hate it when I drop something, that means I have to bend down to pick it up! I told my husband if my belly gets much bigger, he is going to have to start shaving my legs! Right now, I ate a big yummy lunch and Cara is pounding the crap out of me! However feeling her move is very reassuring! Glucose test is next week, YUCK!


I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that this is a viable pregnancy!




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