IVF anyone?
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Arabsrcool - August 15

Welcome mommyof2. I am sorry to hear about your prior miscarriages. You will find alot of support here. In response to your question about the frozen ones, most clinics will not freeze "poor" quality embryos. Usually they take the best to transfer, then freeze any remaining embies that look "normal" and could go on to create a pregnancy. You must remember, less than ideal embies can go ahead and thrive in their mommy!


maybe the no headache and upset tummy is a sign you are about to meet your baby. I keep getting on the site and looking to see if you have had that baby yet!. I never passed a mucus plug, my water broke with my dd, so who knows what else came out.

I think my dh has finally realized he needs to get it in gear, that I am about to enter the third tri-mester and there are still things to be done!



Jules614 - August 15

Mommyof2 - Usually they used the best quality embryo's for the first transfer, however, it doesn't mean that the less qualities ones won't work - all it really takes is one.

Ronda -Congrads on making it to your 3rd trimester. How are you feeling?



lyly14 - August 15

I'm getting antsy! I know I can't take a test yet but I just want to know. Grrrr! One more week until my official test, but tuesday will be 2 weeks since my retrieval.


jenfrancis - August 15

Lyly - you are so strong! Goodness girl! I think this is the time for you! I doubt you would still be going two weeks later without AF if it was BFN!


Jules614 - August 16

Lyly - u have so much will power.



lyly14 - August 16

Girls it has only been one week since my transfer. I think it is way too early to test. Did any of you test 7 days after a 3 day transfer?


Jules614 - August 16

I had my transfer on a Saturday (I think) and I tested on a Saturday...I think...



lyly14 - August 16

Well according to all the due date calculators for IVF I would only be 3wks 3days if I was pg so I think that it is too early for me to test. I am going to try to hold out until at least tuesday (if I can)


Jules614 - August 16

Good luck Lyly - do you feel any different?



vw79girl - August 16

My transfer was on Feb. 27th (a Wed.) and I tested on Sat. March 8th and got a positive. My beta wasn't until the 10th which was two days after I did a HPT. I would have to look at a calendar to count how many days. ok... I just looked, it was 10 days post transfer that I tested. Hang in there honey, praying for you!

Jules...how you hangin' in there? hope all is well.

Girls, I heard from Reshma tonight. Her internet is all messed up and hopes to be on soon. She posted and then before it got locked in, she got knocked off the net. She is still resting a lot and working when she can from home. Her husband is still working on their house and she is still staying in their old apt. She is probably having a C sect. week 38ish which would be the end of October. As always, she sends her best and she is sending you lots of baby dust Lyl. :)

I am working on my thank you notes and more than half are done. I feel like it is taking me forever.
My mother in law is making me a funky hospital gown to wear when I go in. I found a cool website but refuse to pay the crazy prices they are asking. She can make me one just as nice.

Debbie, take care of yourself.

Ronda...hope you are doing well.

Jenny girl, how are those triplets doing. :)

Marina...thinking of you hun.


Jules614 - August 16

Lisa - I was wondering where you have been - so unlike you not to be online???

Do you have writer's cramp from your thank you letters?



vw79girl - August 16

no writers cramp thankfully. I am finishing up the last ten today. If they do something from the restaurant I work at, I will be able to write one BIG thank you note but may have a few to write once they do a little something at school. We really are blessed with so many good friends and relatives around us.

p.s. I am going to the beach tomorrow. I need it!


Jules614 - August 16

Lisa -

You are such a beach bum - ha ha ha - we are getting big T stornms here .. I hope you don't get caught in them...



vw79girl - August 17

off to the beach girls...have a good day!!!


JasJulesMom - August 18

Lyly- Are you hanging in there or do you think you will hpt.

Julie- How are you any labor signs yet?

Hope everyone else is doing well.


Jules614 - August 18

No labor signs 8(




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