IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - August 7

Thanks Marina!


vw79girl - August 8

Good luck tomorrow Lyl!!! :)


JasJulesMom - August 8

Lyly- Hope things go well for you today.

Marina how are you feeling?

I wonder what happened with Jamie, have not heard from her in a while.

Lisa, Ronda, Reshema, Jen Hope you are all well.


bdantonio - August 8

marina lots of baby dust for your hpt on sunday


Jules614 - August 8

Marina/Lyly -

Best of luck with the baby making!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




lyly14 - August 8

Hi girls just a quick update before I go lay my butt on the couch: We had 3 embies transfered today :) 2 were 8 cell grade 1/2 and the other was also 8 cell but grade 2 :( I was hoping for all grade 1's but hopefully these are good enough. Anyway they were able to freeze 4 of the remaining embies and only one did not make it to freeze :) Not too shabby. Ok I am off to rest now.


Arabsrcool - August 8


got luck with hpt on Sunday. I will be thinking BFP for you!


Sounds like everything went well with transfer. Stay down, eat pineapple and rest!


almost there!



Jules614 - August 8

Lyly - That is awesome! Wow 3. This is your time! I am feeling good!

Ronda - How are you feeling these days?



vw79girl - August 9

too excited to sleep...my shower is at 11 today. :) :)

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Lyly~ REST girl

Marina...good luck with the HPT. fingers crossed!


Jules614 - August 9

Lisa - Enjoy your shower! How exciting I want to see the pics after!!!!



JasJulesMom - August 9

Great news Lyly get lots of rest and your beta will be here before you know it. What day will it be?

Lisa- Enjoy, I am sure you wiull get great things today.

Marina- When are you going to use HPT? Keep us posted.

Julie- Get lots of rest, your life is about to get pretty crazy, how exciting, your beautiful bundle is almost here.


lyly14 - August 9

I am so proud of myself right now. I was actually able to do my own progesterone shot! Dh is a big baby when it comes to needles (or anything medical) and my mom usually does the IM ones for me, but she is away until the 19th. So I had to have one of my friends do the shots for me. I have tried everynight since I started to do it myself before she did it but I just couldn't do it. Well tonight I got it in no problem. I was so happy. I hate to rely on people.

Hey Debbie- My beta is friday 8/22. They don't test until 2 weeks after the transfer! Its so long. My last RE did 2 weeks after the retrieval. So I may do a home test on the 19th which is 2 weeks after my retrieval but we will see. How is the change in diet working out? Do they have you testing your blood sugars? I have a glucose meter at home but it was not prescribed by my doctor since my levels were borderline. My friend who is a type 1 diabetic had a brand new extra one and gave it to me. Do your numbers have to be below 140 for the diet to be considered successful? I hope you can get it under control with diet but if not the insulin shots are not too bad. Keep me posted on how you are doing.

Julie - I got your pics. Wow I can't believe 38 weeks already.

Marina- How are you doing? Getting close to your beta! Are you still going to test tomorrow?

Lisa- I am glad you got lots of stuff from your shower today. I can't wait to hear all about it.

Ronda- I am trying to rest. I am not even going to my cousin's tomorrow for a party because I want to stay off my feet as much as possible, but as for the pineapple I can't stomach it. I hate the taste of pineapple :(


Jules614 - August 10

JasJulesMom - what is rest?

Lyly - Good job on the progesterone shots!



vw79girl - August 10

Girls... wow, you know the saying "my cup runneth over"...yeah,,, wow...I am so overwhelmed right now but in a good way. :) :) I can't believe how many things I got today. It was insane. I felt like I was opening gifts forever. It was wonderful though, everyone had a good time. The food was delicious and my cake was gorgeous. I am in the process of uploading them to my kodak picture gallery and the livespace. I put a couple on the easysite (www.easysite.com/fedorBOYS) ...they are under where you click for news and tied into the u/s pics. It was the only way I could add them in and keep it simple and also free. lol.
The boys are both kicking me like crazy right now!!!. They must be excited about all of the gifts too!

Lyly, good job, I am so proud of you. I don't know that I could have done them myself. warm compresses and massage the area a little. Will totally help.

Jules, I hope I look as good as you at 38 weeks...you hot mama!

Marina, I hope that your HPT is good news tomorrow if you do one!!!

Deb, Ronda and Jules...I will e-mail pics when I have a chance. :)
I think everyone else has live space?

Reshma...where are you girl
Jenny, hope you are doing well. I can only imagine your shower!

the food:
Brunch style

Greek salad
yummy rolls
Broiled chickenTenders with special sauce
Fried chickenTenders with duck sauce
oven roasted potatoes mmmmmmm
egg strata(like a quiche sorta thing)
pancakes & Syrup
fruit platter
pastry/danish/muffin platter

the cake...yellow cake with lemon in the center and butter cream frosting. it not only was beautiful but it tasted divine.


Marina - August 10

Hi guys,
Very quiet on this board these days...
Yeah,I'm going to do ept tomorrow,I wanted to do it today(my DH b-day) and give him the perfect present,but...I chikened out.I know it still too early,what if it was BFN-I did n't want to spoil his day and be sad myself,last time I did on a 7th day and got BFN and 2 days later it was BFP.So,will see tomorrow,but Monday for sure.
Somebody told me that Bali's(the island ) women use pineplle as a contraception-ecpecialy not very ripe ones-go figure!I've read- it's good for you because it makes the blood thiner and prevents clots.If pineaplle could prevent pregnancy pharmacutical companies would go out of bussines.
Julie,you don't look big at all for almost 39 weeks.
Girls,I've seen today the most wierdest pregnant woman,I couldn't help myself I was just keep stearing at her-her belly was so strange,very narrow on sides and all forward like she had 2 balls one after another,almost unreal,like her body was totaly separate from her belly.
And that belly was huge,I don't know how she wasn't falling forward and still able to walk.Wierd!


Marina - August 10

Lisa,I'm sorry,we got disconected,I can't get back on messanger right now for some reason...You put your post right before me while I was writing to you



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