IVF anyone?
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vw79girl - August 5

Debbie, It wasn’t a good day for me either. Sorry to hear about the GD. I have my test for that in three weeks. Who knows what my outcome will be. Hang in there. My weekend was good until yesterday morning when...

My cat Vinci was in the nursery on Sat. night and we closed the door not knowing. He ate a good long piece of ribbon that was on a stuffed animal and threw up every two hours last night. Needless to say, I feel like I was on a feeding schedule only I was consoling him and wiping up wattery puke. :( He is at the vet overnight and may need surgery tomorrow. I am beside myself. I am hoping he passed it in his poop but most likely they will have to remove it. Poor little guy.
I was having some funky discharge and got a little nervous... so I made an appt. and...
I found out two things today when I went to the OB...
#1 I have a Yeast infection(fabulous) and...
#2 possible UTI (will find out tomorrow)
the boys are both fine. they listened to the HB and she checked to make sure my cervix was fine and nothing indicated preterrm labor or anything so phew. Paul had the hiccups and was kicking away.

good luck tomorrow. text when you are done. :)

Marina, Thinking of you! Rest girl!

Jules, I kept busy cleaning today so I wasn’t on line at all.

Jenny, Resh, Ronda, how are you girls? Jamie???

Hello Tanya!


Jules614 - August 5

Oh Lisa - following in my foot steps with the yeast infection - DO not put the appliator in all the way (if yu have to use one) and tear your cervix like I did!!!! What did they give you for antibiotics? Is it just one pill?

I hope you don't have a UTI - I have not had one of thos ein 8 yrs but remmeber they are painful!

I went to the mall tonight and got pedicure since I can't reach my toes anymore.



Marina - August 5

Lyly,good lluck tomorrow!You probably need that valium now ,not for the transfer-lol

Lisa,sorry,hon-that nasty yeast is very common in pregnancy.Thanks god nothing more serious.

Tanya stay positive,miracles happen.But don't be afraid to put 3 in-gives you better chance.
I'm glad I can start living normal life tomorrow,sick of layind dawn.You guys probably don't remember that by now lol


Jules614 - August 5

Hey Marina - I hear you with the bed rest. It was hard never moving for2 days! I am adhd which means I don't stay still - putting me on bed rest is like throwing me in jail 8)

he he



lyly14 - August 5

Hi girls- Egg retrieval went well. They got 11 eggs. Thats 5 more than last time. Lets hope they fertilize well. I can't wait until tomorrow to hear how many fertilized.

Marina- Valium?!? I have never been given valium for a transfer. But today would have been nice since my BP was up a tad. I was really nervous that they were going to have a problem with the retrieval again, but thankfully they didn't.

Well I am really sore so I am going to lay down.


Jules614 - August 5

Lyly - That is wonderful news. 11 sounds like a great number!!!!



Tanya1231 - August 5

I took valium also for my last transfer and I was still a wreck so this time he order 1mg Xanax (he said he reserves that for his high strung patients) I didn;t think it was too funny!

Thanks for the advice Marina. I think if they call and say that they are absolutely perfect we will do the two. If they are anything less than perfect we will do three.

I am glad you are off bedrest. I am not looking forward to doing that again. I thought I would have bedsores by the end of it. It is so hard for me to stay down that long. Now...the wait, I hope it goes quickly for you. OhHHHHH and I hope this is it for you!!!!


JasJulesMom - August 5

Lyly- Glad to hear things went so well. When will you know how many fertilized. Did you do ICIS again?
My Number is 203. Not even sure what that means except anything over 140 is a problem. They did not send me for the three hour test because they said my number was not questionable, it was a definite. I have an appointment to see endocrinologist today and dietician tomorrow. The hope is I can control it with a diet change. Hopefully I will not need insulin.

Marina- How are you doing?

Jamie and Tanya hope things are moving well.

Lisa- I am so sorry to hear about your cat and yeast infection. It is as if it rains it pours. After hearing from DR., my painters never showed so the nursery is still sitting unpainted and I downloaded a virus to my husbands laptop, not even sure how I did that. Let's hope today is a better day for both of us.


Arabsrcool - August 5

Hi girls,

Sorry its been so long...My grandmother passed away last week and I have been dealing with that. No time for computer.


I will keep my fingers crossed for Paul. He has defied the odds so far and will continue to do so. Sorry to hear about the possible UTI, yeast infection, and your kitty.


I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the one for you.


Sounds like this retrieval went more like is supposed to go!


sorry to hear about the test failure. Hopefully they can get you all set with diet etc.



Jules614 - August 5

Tanya - I took valume too.

Ronda - My condolences regarding your grandmother



Marina - August 5

Hi girls,
I'm off the bed today!My dh ordered to take it easy,so I'm not back to work yet.
Julie,you right,it's hard to do,especialy if you don't feel ill!

glad everything went well.Yes,they give valium when you do the transfer.First time it did not effect me AT ALL.Maybe too much water,who knows.This time I took it first and then start drinking water.I was so high that my dh had to walk me to the car lol!You are suppose to take it 1 hour before.But the main reason why they do it because they dont want your uterine wall to contract and expell the ambryos and to relax your cervix for easier penetration of a catheter.
You definately should ask your doc why they did not give you that.
how is your kitty?My nut cat went yesterday and layed down right in the middle of the busy street,in the middle lane that separetes the traffic!!!He decided to take a nap!My dh was running to get him because 2 cars were going both ways and one would definately kill him(not to mention how probably "happy" they were to see the black cat running in front of their cars ::))
Debbie,let us know how endocr.appt.went,what they say.
Tanya,when do you start your FET?are you doing Lupron or natural?
Ronda-I'm very sorry about your loss!
How are you feeling?


lyly14 - August 5

Marian- I have done 2 different transfers by 2 different doctors and neither have offered or ever mentioned needing valium. I have had no problems with cramping or anything after the transfer and really wouldn't be happy to take it anyway. That stuff makes me tired and loopy.

Debbie- So was the 203 after an hr or 2 hrs? Mine is 189 after 2 hrs and I am borderline. Anything after 200 is definite diabetic. A normal should be 140 or under but they say from 140-199 it is pre- diabetic but I am not sure about in pregnancy. I can tell you you should really watch your carb intake and avoid white carbs (bread, pasta) all together. If you eat whole wheat and whole grain carbohydrates they get into you blood stream slower and don't cause a quick rise in your sugar like the white breads that break down quickly. Also you can have the good carbs with protein (meat cheese peanut butter etc) and that will also slow down the rise in sugar. If you balance you can still enjoy some carbs but they tell you to stay away from processed bleached breads. Good luck it is really not too bad and hopefull you will return to normal after you deliver.


JasJulesMom - August 5

Ronda- Sorry to hear about your grandmother.

Lyly- It was 203 after 1 hour and you are right if it was 199 it would have been borderline. I guess I should look at it this way, the dietician will teach me how to eat right and I can pass it on to my family as well as hopefully lose the baby weight much quicker. I am getting ready to go to appt. I will let you guys know how it went.


Tanya1231 - August 5

I have already begun the meds. I started estrogen last Friday, I have an ultrasound the 11th, and a transfer date of the 20th or 21st. I am getting NERVOUS!!!


Jules614 - August 5

Marina - eat that pineapple - have hubby get you some!!!

Lyly - I think they offer the valume just to relax you. You know how they say rape victims don't get pregnant because it is a stressful situation - I think the valume also helps to relax you in order to have better results. The transfer is not any different than an IUI. There isn't any pain involved. I never understood why my clinic offered it.. but I was curious how it would effect me - hubby said I was loopy - i personally didn't feel any different but myabe I was feeling it and unaware!

JasJulesMom - I worked with a nutricionist my second trimester of my pregnancy to prep me for the diabetes test I lost 10 pounds my second trimester - it can only help you... It sucks you tested positive for GD but at least it goes away after delivery.



lyly14 - August 5

Ronda- I am so sorry I missed your post earlier. Sorry to hear about your grandmother.



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