IVF anyone?
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JasJulesMom - August 4

Marina- Stay relaxed and lots of Baby dust to you. Hope this is your time.

Lyly- Please let us know how everything goes. I am pulling for your BFP more than you know.

Lisa- How was your weekend. I was at the beach yesterday and it was beautiful. Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Jenn- Hope you are feeling better.

Julie- Almost there girl. I am so excited for you and I feel like once you have your baby it just starts the ball rolling for the rest of us.

Reshema, Ronda, Hope you are doing well.

Jamie- How are you doing, almost time for HCG!!

Well I am in my third trimester, I thought it would never happen. Cannot wait to hold my beautifil baby in my arms. I am sure you girls know, the closer it gets the more exciting it gets.

Lisa- Was your shower this weekend?


Tanya1231 - August 4

Some of you may not know me...I frequented this board much more back in May during my last fresh cycle. Well we have moved forward and are in the midst of a donor frozen embryo cycle right now. Last Friday marked Day 1 and I began meds with a tenative transfer date of August 20th or 21st. I am lost in the decision of how many to transfer Our last cycle we transferred 2 "good" 3-day embies and ended up with a chemical. I have sugn3d the consent for 2/3 this time but I am torn. On one hand it would be horrible to have triplets that have a TON of health issues and spend their first months in NICU and I have to be realistic in knowing that is a possibility. On the other hand, I do not want to keep doing this forever. Help!!! This time will be blasts (quality unknown)


Marina - August 4

Hey Tanya,remember me?We've talked about embryos before...
Well,it's a very tought decigion and only you can make it.But my personal opinion-put 3 in,because by the statistic(at least at my clinic) they have 0 chances triplet PG out of FET.You'll be very lucky if you'll get PG with one out of tree.Don't worry about triplets,but it will give you better chance that at least one will make it!Good luck to you!


JasJulesMom - August 4


Any news yet on the other two embryos?


Tanya1231 - August 4

Yes Marina, of coarse I remember you... Maybe I will put in three, I don't know. What are the success rates of FET's at your clinic? Mine says around 40%. So they say...


Marina - August 4

Oh,Debbie,they called me in thr morning and said that the other 2 didn't make it to blasts,which is concerning to me.Out of 16 retrieved only 2 were good for the transfer./well,we'll just pray this is all will need.Last time I had 6 ecxelent quiality, and this time only 2.So this is it,nothing to freeze,but to be honest,i don't belive in FETs now,because i don't know anybody personaly or on this forum who had a good outcome from FET.


Jules614 - August 4

Marina - 2 good blasts is a good sign! Hurrah for you! Eat plenty of pineapple for implementation!

Lisa Yeah we keep missing each other - very busy weekend and it's girls night out tonight!

JasJulesMom - Congrads on making it to your third trimester! What a great feeling it is!

Tanya - Chances of triplets are not very high - though it does happen - look at Jen. But, Jen seems to be
doing great. Talk to her and see what she is up against - only you can make the decision. My clinic made the decision for me. I was only allowed to put one back in. Good luck!

I have a conference all now!




JasJulesMom - August 4

Well ladies, my first bump in the road. My Dr office just called to tell me I have gestational diabetes. I am beside myself. I was so convinced the test would be negative. Have to see an endocrinologist and dietician and I don't know. My head is just spinning.


Jules614 - August 4

JasJulesMom - so sorry about the GD! What is the next step! Will you change your diet or take meds?



JasJulesMom - August 4

Not sure Julie. I guess both. I have to see endocrinologist first.


Jules614 - August 4

JasJulesMom - Good luck - keep us posted~



Marina - August 4

Debbie,i'm so sorry.try to do your own reserch too,don't only rely on what your doctor say.I don't know about GD,can't help in this area.


Marina - August 4

Tanya,I want you to stay positive and hope for the best,but 40% for the FET looks a bit overated.When they mention "success rates" what do they mean by that-clinical pregnancy or live birth?What age group?
My clinic clames their % in group of women less then 35 live birth is34 %.


lyly14 - August 4

Marina- I am sorry to hear that your other embies did not make it to freeze. I assume they picked the 2 to transfer that looked better and that is why they waited a day to see if they would freeze the other 2. It only takes one good one! Try to stay positive and know we are all praying for you.

Debbie- I am sorry to hear about the gestational diabetes. Did you fail the 3 hr. glucose test? Did they tell you how bad your numbers are? I am pre-diabetic so that whole thing is no stranger to me. I am sure I will be full diabetic if I get pg.

Tomorrow is the big day girls. I go in at 6:30 am for my retrieval. I hope they don't have the same problem my last dr. had. I'll let you know how it goes.


Tanya1231 - August 4

You know they did not specify but my guess would be clinical pregnancies. I am worried!! And broke!!!!


vw79girl - August 5

Debbie, It wasn’t a good day for me either. Sorry to hear about the GD. I have my test for that in three weeks. Who knows what my outcome will be. Hang in there. My weekend was good until yesterday morning when...

My cat Vinci was in the nursery on Sat. night and we closed the door not knowing. He ate a good long piece of ribbon that was on a stuffed animal and threw up every two hours last night. Needless to say, I feel like I was on a feeding schedule only I was consoling him and wiping up wattery puke. :( He is at the vet overnight and may need surgery tomorrow. I am beside myself. I am hoping he passed it in his poop but most likely they will have to remove it. Poor little guy.
I was having some funky discharge and got a little nervous... so I made an appt. and...
I found out two things today when I went to the OB...
#1 I have a Yeast infection(fabulous) and...
#2 possible UTI (will find out tomorrow)
the boys are both fine. they listened to the HB and she checked to make sure my cervix was fine and nothing indicated preterrm labor or anything so phew. Paul had the hiccups and was kicking away.

good luck tomorrow. text when you are done. :)

Marina, Thinking of you! Rest girl!

Jules, I kept busy cleaning today so I wasn’t on line at all.

Jenny, Resh, Ronda, how are you girls? Jamie???

Hello Tanya!



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