IVF anyone?
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vw79girl - August 2

Julie, when did you start getting stretch marks? Do you remember?

Debbie, omg, yes that would totally be exciting. I soooooo hope to go 37 though lol. we'll see when those buggers are ready.

Beth, I agree, dr's don't know everything. I am staying positive because he has been a little miracle since day one with them telling me he may not make it in the first place due to his enlarged yolk sac. The dr's didn't think he would grow or anything and look at him now, 24 weeks and still going strong. :)

Lyl, I am excited for you to have your retrieval and transfer this week!!!

Jen, thanks for the prayers.


Jules614 - August 2

Lyly - Personally, I am not surprised that after having 19 follicles only 6 survived. In my personal observation with IVF people (and I am on a lot of chats) the ones that have a LOT of eggs after the retrieval are the ones that don't make it - quantity doesn't always make quality. I have seen people with only 3 eggs have all 3 eggs make it and get pregnant and I have seen people with 20 eggs have only a couple when the cycle is over that don't live due to overstimulation. I am not saying this is always the case. I am just saying I see it happen often where someone has only 5 or so eggs and goes on to be pregnant. So, keep the faith 8)

Lisa - I started stretch marks around my 7th month with my daughter and I started then around my 4th or 5th month this time.... Not every fun - but once you have the baby, they lighten up quickly.



lyly14 - August 2

Julie- I guess you probably don't remember, but when they did my last retrieval it was a disaster. I had 19 follicles but my RE couldn't see my ovaries during the procedure and was only able to safely remove 6 follicles out of the 19 just by randomly poking around. All 6 that he did get were mature and fertilized, so I suspect I would have had a lot more if he was able to see my darn ovaries and get more. I felt very luckily because like you said not all the follicles you see are good and mature. When he told me he only got six I was so upset thinking that they wouldn't even be all good, so in that case I got really luckily. But who knows if he had gotten all of them how many more would have been good. So now only having 9 or 10 makes me worry how many of those will actually be good!

I guess its just that I was concerned about the different protocol and now I definitely am stimming very differently so you always worry about the unkown. It may be just the thing I needed or maybe not. Only time will tell. I was just hoping that if it doesn't work I would have more frozen this time to do more FET's before my insurance cuts me off.


Jules614 - August 2

Well Lyly - you have not had your e/r yet so anything is possible. I believe your time is due. You were one of the first people I was chatting with on this site. I don't even think I was pregnant when we started talking. I will have every finger and toe crossed for you. You have been such a trooper from the beginning. At least no more cysts, correct.



vw79girl - August 2

Jules, if I don't have any yet then maybe there will only be a few in the next couple of months. I wonder. I don't have one yet thankfully and surprisingly.


Jules614 - August 2

Lisa -
Most my friends got them - but they are seriously no big deal...



lyly14 - August 3

I just got back from the RE and it looks like I have about 14-15 follies but 2 of them are only measuring 10. NP said it looks like I may trigger tonight but they may wait one more day. So it looks like my retrieval will either be on Tues or Wed. I am honestly hoping for Wed. I would really like one more day of stims to get those 2 smaller follies a bit bigger before I trigger, but either way I am happy. I will let you all know what they say at 4:00pm. Hope everyone is having a good day.

Marina- How are you? Did you do your transfer yet? I know they were telling you Sunday or Monday then Sat so let us know. Hope all is well. Sending baby dust your way.


Jules614 - August 3

Lyly - I am shocked they would even discuss triggering until your follies hot at least 17 or 18????



lyly14 - August 3

Julie- I have 14-15 follicles total that they are measuring. Most of them are in the range of 17, 18, and 19. The biggest one is about 19 1/2. I do have some smaller that are 14, 15, 16. Out of all the follicles there are 2 that are only measuring 10. So that leaves me with 12 to 13 good size follies. She did tell me they may wait one more day, but could possibly be tonight. I would prefer to wait the day and let those 2 that are 10 grow so when I trigger they will mature and grow to the right size, but I have enough follies that they consider to be the right size now. If I go till tomorrow I will be exactly on the schedule they put me on. If I trigger tonight it will be 1 day early. I will let you know after I hear my voicemail instructions.


lyly14 - August 3

Well they didn't wait for the voicemail they just called me directly. I am triggering tonight and have to return to the office tomorrow for blood and retrieval instructions. So I trigger tonight at 9pm and my retrieval will be tues morning. Hopefully out of those 12-13 follies most of them are mature. Wish me luck girls.


Marina - August 3

lyly did they take your blood TODAY to make sure you are ready to trigger?Why they want to do it toorrow?

yes I had my transfer today,very uncomfortable to write layin dawn so I will tell everything as soon as i can sit


Jules614 - August 3

Oh Lyly I misunderstood your first e-mail - you also don't want them going too large because they will burst and I learned from experience how painful that can be - and for me it was more painful than labor! Best of luck. I am routing for you. I just read you are triggering tonight - that is probably the best route to go.

Marina - You are sore from your transfer? I hope you had a couple good quality embryo's - sending you baby dust.



lyly14 - August 3

Hi Marina- Yes they did blood today. They always do both blood levels and sono. They wait for the results of the blood before they make their decision on instructions. They don't just base it on the U/S. They use both the blood numbers and follicle size. My E2 level is about 300 points lower than the first IVF at trigger but I had about 7 more follies that time. I'm really not sure why they do blood the day after trigger. Maybe to make sure the trigger got into your system. They have it down on my calander for blood and retrieval instructions day after HCG trigger. I guess I will ask tomorrow what they test for when I go in.

How did your transfer go? You put 2 blasts in right? How many did you get to freeze? I can't wait to here all the details when you are feeling up to it.


Marina - August 4

Hey girls
the transfer went well,pretty fast,Jules im' not inpain or anything,it's just I have to lay dawn fot 2 day s now and it's very uncomfortablt to print in this position.
Well this time we had only 4 good quality(made it to blasts on time) embies(out of 16 thet retrieved)We put in 2 blasts and tommorow they will call us ,because they want to watch one more day the other 2 to decide if they worth freezing.So i guess tomorrow we have to make the decigion.
Lyly-yes,i forgot-they at your clinic check your blood after HCG shot,it's common,but my doesn't do it.
Well you have 1 day to relax-have a drink,you are free for eggs and not prego yet lol


vw79girl - August 4

Lyl...thinking of you and hoping that you get lots of good follies. :)

Marina~ sending you lots of baby dust!!! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Jules~ tty tomorrow I'm sure

Ronda and Reshma! 25 weeks girls :)

Hope you are all doing well...Debbie, Jenny, Beth, Jamie...fingers crossed for you!


JasJulesMom - August 4

Marina- Stay relaxed and lots of Baby dust to you. Hope this is your time.

Lyly- Please let us know how everything goes. I am pulling for your BFP more than you know.

Lisa- How was your weekend. I was at the beach yesterday and it was beautiful. Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Jenn- Hope you are feeling better.

Julie- Almost there girl. I am so excited for you and I feel like once you have your baby it just starts the ball rolling for the rest of us.

Reshema, Ronda, Hope you are doing well.

Jamie- How are you doing, almost time for HCG!!

Well I am in my third trimester, I thought it would never happen. Cannot wait to hold my beautifil baby in my arms. I am sure you girls know, the closer it gets the more exciting it gets.

Lisa- Was your shower this weekend?



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