IVF anyone?
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bdantonio - August 1

Jules64: I was induced by request. I do not have easy pregnancies, I have always been bedridden the entire time. With my first i kept having the contractions really bad and going to the hospital but i would never progress and they would send me home. Also being small statue 5'2" By the time i am 36 weeks i have a hard time breathing with them on my lungs. At my 39 week check up i was not progressing or anything however i was contracting every 5 minutes, and she was not dropping. I asked to be induces i told her i wasnt sleeping, couldnt breathe, and was in to much pain. This was a friday she put me in to be induced sunday. I went in and was induced. I had the medicine for 20 hrs and never got past 3cm. at that time my body was worn out, my blood preassure was up from the stress and i started to get a fever. I got to the first 3 cm in the first hour, and they broke my water, so they were scared of infevtion so i had a c-section, which i did not care at that point i just wanted her out. Afte they did my c-section as soon as they were done my fever was gone and my blood presure went back to normal, so they just told me my body was done with labor that it couldnt take no more which i could of told them that. My last pg i opted for the c-section i did not ever want to do labor again.


lyly14 - August 1

Just got back from the dr. The nurse said I was getting close and gave me a quick exam (blood pressure, lungs, heart, weight). It's only been 7 days of stims so I am hoping to not trigger until monday. I have heard egg quality is not so good if you don't stim for at least 10 days. Okay so today I had a different NP and even when I asked for info she was a bit stingy. She told me I have 6 follies (1 more now) on the left and only 3 on the right (what happened to the fourth from 2 days ago?) She didn't mention any sizes only that I was getting close to my retrieval. I will see what my E2 level and instructions are later today and I will do personals later.


Jules614 - August 1

bdantonio - Wow, what a story! YIKES! I don't blame you for opting for another c-section! I was on bedrest (my first pregnancy) my last week from borderline hypertension - but honestly, I think that was caused by the stress of my job. I delivered at 38 1/2 weeks. The closest I got to a C-section was when I had an epi-dip which meant my daughter's heart rate dropped as a result of the epi. Thankfully, within 30 minutes it went up enough that they allowed me to deliver vaginally. I was lucky because I dilated 5 centimeters on my own from home - then I went to the hospital (9 hours of dilating 5 more centimeters) and it took me only 50 minutes to push her out once she was crowning. I pray my experience this time around is just as good.

Lyly - I triggered on day 9. I stimulated very quickly from the meds. Did you have to take repronex.. I think that was what really made me stimulate.. God luck with everything. It has been a long journey for you and I am praying extremely hard for you.



bdantonio - August 1

jules i delivered my second daugther at 37 weeks. They had stopped my labor contractions a few times but never dialated. However with her i got really big. My stretch marks started to split open and once again i was bed ridden the whole time. I couldnt breathe again but this time it was worse so at my 37 week check up they moved my c-section up. She was big though for a 37 weeker she was 7lbs 15oz and 21 3/4 inches long. Shes still big at her 4 mths check up she was 16.2 lbs and 26 inches long.


JasJulesMom - August 1

Lisa- I think you should stay positive. Although I know it is hard not to worry. Great that both heartbeats are good and babies are progressing. I think they tell us these things ro protect themselves sometims and do not realize how much stress they added. Good thing you can keep eating though, that would be a disaster if they told you to control your appetite...lol.

I just had the glucose test yesterday and the orange is not terrible as long as it is really cold. I had cola with dd and it was horrible, so if you have a choice go for the orange. I just hated sitting for an hour and waiting. Hope all comes out well and I do not have to go for three hour test. That one really sucks and seems to take an eternity.

Lyly- Hopefully all goes your way with your phone call and you get the time you feel you need. How many follies grew enough for retrieval your first time?

Marina- How are you feeling? Did cramps subside?

Julie- Sorry to hear you are having a tough time with Samantha. Maybe she is having some difficulty with the thought of sharing you with a babay. I know my ds was really jealous and did not like his sister very much when she first arrived. I am hoping things go smoother this time around.

Jenn- How is the bladder? Hope you are feeling better.

Reshema, Ronda- Hope you guys are well.

Jamie- Any symptoms yet?


vw79girl - August 1

Deb, thank you...I agree that sometimes they need to cover their butts. Oh god if they told me to control the appetite, I would be devastated. lol.

Lyl...getting close girl. thinking of you!

Marina...how you feeling?

Jamie...hope you are resting!

Jules, Thank you too! they told me that about the kidneys. They are both developed and doing fine so that is a good sign. :)


JasJulesMom - August 1

LIsa- I was just thinking if they only think you are going to go 35-36 weeks and you have a c section, we may delicer at the same time. That would be so exciting.


bdantonio - August 1

vw79girl: I also wanted to let you know not to worry cause dr's can be wrong. With my first daughter i had the first trimester screening, triple screen and a level 2 u/s they all told me that my daughter had downs and that she may have a heart problem and i was asked to terminate. They also wanted me to do an amnio however i refused the amnio due to the chance of m/c and at that point i had already lost 3. I told them that i would take my chances and let it rest in gods hands. She was born perfect. No downs no heart problems nothing and as you can see in the picture she is fine and shes a big girl too. Doctors dont know everything and they can be wrong and in my case they were.


Marina - August 1

Yeah,and I also hate when they tell you this stuff before even there is any symptoms-like they told one woman that got PG with twins about "vanishing twin"syndrom,that there is a chance that she might lose both-why would you do this?Like we don't have enough to worry about.She is allright ,but scared to death that she can lose the other one any day.
when I went ,they had me to write down each time the folicle size on both sides in my chart while she was doing the u/s.So how do they monitor you if they don't write the readings each time?How does she know the progress if it's a different nurse each time?And you right,it's the best if you stimulate for 10 days before the trigger.Maybe they should reduce your meds?

how is Angelina?Are you back to work yet?


jenfrancis - August 1

Hey ladies,

Well I am ok, but I am down to one pill a day for the bladder infection. Two was making me sick! I was throwing up, diarhea, orange poop and bright canary yellow pee. I was feeling so light headed and nausious.

I will just take my chances, but that sheet CVS gives you said if you are pregnant or breast feeding consult a dr. I know the benefits outweigh the risks, but it was just too much for my body right now. I will still take all of it, but only one pill at night time, until my system clears up and my stomach does not feel this way.

Lisa- I am sorry to hear this about Paul. Prayers for him. I agree with the rest of the ladies too. Just leave it in God's hands and pray.

Lyly- not sure why they are so stingey with the info! I would agree they should slow down the dosage! Sounds too early, maybe they are rushing you, or maybe they want you on THEIR schedule. I dont think the eggs have time to fully mature. Remember thatlady on the other thread you and I talked to, your own words to her were it ought to be at least 10 days! Be careful, even if you have to cut the dosage in half, they will be none the wiser. Just dont rush it. I think this cycle could be the winner!

Ronda - I see you on email, but not much on this panel. Reshma - Hope you are hanging on in there! Beth - hope you are doing well and Jamie - fingers crossed for you dear!

Debbie & Julie Just want to say thanks for all the advice along my journey.

I know when all you guys have your babies you wont be on here much. I am hoping to deliver right along with all of you! November 13, hmmm we will have to see.


lyly14 - August 1

Hey girls- I really don't want to trigger before day 10 so hopefully she was just figured only 3 more days till trigger and that is why she said its getting close. I will know more later. I really don't want to play around with my own meds just in case I decrease too much and mess up the development. So I can only go by what they say really.

Marina- the NP writes down the measurements each time on a small yellow sheet and then transfers the info to my chart. So they do keep track from one time to another, but they never ask me to write anything.


bdantonio - August 1

AMrina yeah i went back to work when shes was 3 1/2 mths old it sucked i wish i could afford to stay out longer. At her 4 mt check up she was 16.2lbs and 26inches long shes a big girl shes comming up on her 6 mths check up in a month.


lyly14 - August 1

Well I just got my instructions and I guess they are not planning on triggering me early. My instructions were for the next 2 nights (same dose). I don't go back until Sunday for more b/w and u/s. But they didn't leave my E2 numbers on the voicemail this time! Uhgg , how annoying. So now I have to call back in the morning and find out. I do feel better that sunday brings me to day 10 of my stims.


Jules614 - August 1

bdantonio - I guess it is safe to assume you will have a C-section with your third. I have some pretty nasty stretch marks at the moment from this pregnancy. You can play connect the dots with my hips 8)

JasjulesMom- I hope you pass your glucose test. I did the orange both times. The first time I liked the taste. This time, I yacked a couple hours later! It really upset my stomach.

Lisa - Keep up the positive thoughts. You have made it this far!

Jen - I am so glad to hear your bladder infection is getting better!

Lyly - Glad they are holding off on your trigger. Are you feeling good about this cycle?



lyly14 - August 1

Julie- I really don't know how I am feeling about this cycle to be honest. I think at this point I am just going through the motions. I am trying not to think about it. Part of me is hopefull but the other part says okay what about next time? How soon can I do this again? Last time I had like 19 follies but they were only able to retrieve 6 this time I only have like 10. So I am concerned about that, but what can you do. I just have been disappointed so much over the past 3 yrs I know how easy it is to fail and how difficult it is to succeed. I don't plan on giving up but I don't want to tell myself okay this is going to be it just for it not to work.


vw79girl - August 2

Julie, when did you start getting stretch marks? Do you remember?

Debbie, omg, yes that would totally be exciting. I soooooo hope to go 37 though lol. we'll see when those buggers are ready.

Beth, I agree, dr's don't know everything. I am staying positive because he has been a little miracle since day one with them telling me he may not make it in the first place due to his enlarged yolk sac. The dr's didn't think he would grow or anything and look at him now, 24 weeks and still going strong. :)

Lyl, I am excited for you to have your retrieval and transfer this week!!!

Jen, thanks for the prayers.



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