IVF anyone?
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lyly14 - July 29

Hi girls I went in for my first check this morning and I know nothing except they are keeping me on the same dose. This new place does not give out any info. What the [email protected]#$? I am so used to knowing everything (lining follies E2) that not knowing is kinda stressing me out. They left me directions on a voicemail and all they said was 300iu menopur and dexamethasone pill and return tomorrow for b/w and u/s. I am going to have to ask tomorrow about this. Maybe their other patients don't care to know, but my last RE kept me very informed. Its my body and I want to know exactly what is going on with it and how it is responding! I mean am I wrong? Did anyone elses RE not give them the info? Okay enough whining. I am off to mix my shot. What a pain in the ass. I miss the gonal f pen. It was so easy to use. Take it out put the needle on dial and shoot. Now I have to sit here and mix 4 vials of powder change needles then shoot. I guess I am a little cranky from these meds cause it seems I am whining again! LOL


Jules614 - July 29

Lyly - my place was the same way. All they did was give me instracutions every day with no explanation.



jenfrancis - July 30

:o ::) ??? :-[ :-\ :'( Hey ladies,
Just went to the Emergency room, again! Pain on the right side! Woke up a few nights ago unable to stand up straight, well you guessed it, another bladder infection.
This time they will give me a stronger, longer regimen of antibiotics. Seven days one tablet every 12 hours.

Damn its painful, my bladder is working overtime, and the heat aint helping. I drink ONLY gatorade and water! So she said its not my fault, I am filtering for four people now!

prayers for me, y'all! I tell you what, this is not fun, Headed over to CVS to get my meds, need to start ASAP.


vw79girl - July 30

Jenny girl, keeping you in my prayers...that blows. I can't imagine how uncomfortable that must be. I have back pain on my left side every day. It is almost up where my shoulder blade is. I think it's from all the extra weight in front from the belly and boobies. Other than that I can't complain so I feel for you.

Jules, nah...no surprise shower. I am too clever to figure stuff out usually and my mom wanted to make sure I wasn't working later that evening so she told me to take it off. It's fine. I don't care to be surprised for it. I am looking forward to it but know it will be a little overwhelming.

Debbie, you are funny, I like what you told DH.

Lyl, I know mixing those meds suck. I was spoiled or should I say Greg was because we went from the mixing meds to the follistim pen. My place was ok about telling me info. I was having all of my testing at my regular ob. My u/s etc. so they were pretty good.

Jamie when is your beta?

Marina...how you doing? Reshma??? miss you


Marina - July 30

Hi ladies
I was sleeping all day today after my retrieval.Not feeling very well.Very crampy and bloated,feel like 26 weeks PG like Lisa with twins lol. Very different from the last time,when I was up and running 2 hours later.
Considering take a day off tomorrow too,if it not gets better over night.
But anyway,they got 16 eggs,9 looked very good.I just found out that last time I was overstim.,but they did not informed us,only told me to drink that icky protein drinks for a few weeks-my E level was over 4000(and I didn't feel anything!).Now it was normal ,and no worry for overstms.,but wow I don't feel near up and running!

Lyly,in my office they don't really tell you the numbers either,but I always ask them straitforward,and it depends on a nurse too.Some of them are not very friendly at all.

Jenny,you poor girl!Infection again.Did you find a permanent doctor to see yet?


JamieP - July 30

Jenny I am sorry to hear about your infection - just what you don't need.

Marina I am pleased all we OK with your ER. Hopeful you will feel better soon. It took me longer to recover this time than it has in the past.

Lyly at my clinic they ae not too forward with information but don't hold it back either - they answer all your questions when you ask.

My Beta is not until Thursday week - seems like an ice age away. Also, I will be out of email contact for a few days as we are moving house. Good luck with your ET Marina.



Jules614 - July 30

Jen - I am sorry to hear about your bladder infection. Are you prone to them or is it just a pregnancy thing? Are you feeling any better today?

Lisa - It sounds like your little ones are on your sciatica. I had that with my first pregnancy and it was not fun. My baby shower (with Samantha) was supposed to be a surprise but I tricked my friend into giving me her calendar to look at - where I took a sneak peak where she had "Julie's shower" circled. She caught me in the act and was so mad. I also found out my mom in law was flying in for it.

Marina - I felt the same way after my retrieval. I hated my retrieval more than labor. I was throwing up from the anesthesia and I had a follicle burst inside of me from over-stimulation. I almost ended up in the ER. Then I was crampy and bloated for about 5 days. It wasn't until day 3 or 4 I was told I could take Gas-X for the crampiness. It really helped. The good news was, I did get pregnant 8)

I have been fighting a sore throat. I took some more tylenol PM last night to help me sleep. I feel more energetic today!

Jamie - Are you feeling any pregnancy symptoms?



jenfrancis - July 30

??? Nope not prone, never had one in my life till July 11th, and then yesterday. Seems like a pattern every two weeks.

Hope this stronger medicine works, as I still woke up this AM with pain. I took my full days dose all at once this morning. I will take one pill tonight before bed too.

Trying to kill this bacteria. Thankfully the babies have been pretty quiet and still in there. I read online somewhere that babies sense when you are sick and they sort of lay still and hybernate until your body is recovered. That was so sweet!

I am going back to lay down for a while. No work, no cooking, no shopping, etc, just rest.


Jules614 - July 30

Jen - when u say bladder infection do you mean a UTI? I am not sure what the difference is. Either way, I hope you feel better.



jenfrancis - July 30

From what I understand, A UTI is in the urethra, the urinary tract. They symptoms are burning and pain and blood in the urine.

A bladder infection is bacteria in the bladder which my only symptom is pain on my lower right abdomen. They found bacteria in the urine.

A kidney infection, according to what Lyly told me is you will have a fever and mid back pain.

What I had was thankfully only a bladder infection.


Jules614 - July 30

Jen - I had a UTI once and a kidney infection once. The kidney infection put me in the hospital. It hurt bad! I hope your bladder infection gets better.



lyly14 - July 30

Sorry girls I grew up with a family in the medical field (father dr/ mother aunt sister all nurses). I know way to many medical facts. Not to mention you learn alot when your family has a ton of medical problems.

Julie- A UTI is a general term for any infections in the urinary tract (kidneys, ureters, bladder, etc). Sometimes they can give you a specific spot of infection (bladder infection, Kidney infection, etc) based on your symptoms but basically it is an infection of any place that has to do with the urinary tract.

Marina- I am sorry you are feeling crappy, I felt that way for a few days after my ER. But it sounds like it went well. Can't wait to hear about your embies. I'm rooting for you.

Well, I went back to dr this morning for b/w and u/s and I asked about getting told the results. The NP who did the u/s went over all the blood from yesterday with me and as she measured told me all my stats (endo and follies). She said she would note to leave my blood levels on my voicemail instructions. So I guess they don't offer unless you ask. She told me they are more than happy to share if I want the info. So now I know I have 5 follies on my left measuring between 9 and 11 1/2 and 4 on my right between 7 and 10. I also have multiple smaller ones on each side that she did not measure. I'll am still bleeding a tiny bit but my lining is starting to thicken already.


Jules614 - July 30

Lyly - Wow you are lucky to have so many medical specialists in your family. Thanks for the update on the terms. It sounds like your new lab is being good to you - as long as you ask for their explanations.



lyly14 - July 30

I just picked up my voicemail instructions and they left my E2 level. Yay! Its going up nicely. They are keeping me on the same dose for the menopur but I am now starting the ganerelix. I don't have to go back in until Friday now. Well it seems I am on track with my calendar, so only about a week until my retrieval!


bdantonio - July 30

Jenny there are alot of woem who become prone to blasser infections during pregnancy i never had one wither but had alot of them with my last pg


JasJulesMom - July 31

Sorry to hear about infection Jen hope you feel better.

Julie I am fighting off a sore throat also, I think dd passed it on. yuk

Glad to hear things are doing well for you lyly. Soon you and Marina will have your BFP!!



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