IVF anyone?
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lyly14 - July 28

Marina- I know what you mean about 300 iu of menopur being alot. Last time i did the gonal and repronex both at night but started with 225 gonal and 75 repronex. It is so wierd to stim with only one med, but that is the reason for the high dose. I hope this produces good quality eggs! I go tomorrow morning for my first check on my follies. Good luck with your retrieval. How many follies do you have?


vw79girl - July 29

Marina and Lyl, thinking of you both and hoping you both have luck this time and how great will it be to have a buddy to grow with!
Saying prayers for you both and Jamie you too!

Ronda, I am entering the beachball stage with my belly lol.
Jenny...take a belly shot will ya? and post it on your Live Space.
Resh...you too!
Ronda, I totally hear you or was it Jenny that said that having your hair look good just makes you feel better. I don't hilight mine, just a wash to keep it looking good and get rid of the three or four grays that pop up. lol I find that dressing up and still doing makeup and my hair etc. always makes me feel so much better.

Jules, I feel like we haven't chatted in forever. you are getting so close girl! :)

Yay Debbie...under 100 days. :)

I feel like the little guy is crawling up into my rib on the left side. Jules, Ronda, Debbie, Resh, any of you ever feel that?

I am really hoping I will be able to go until Halloween. I would love the C to be scheduled any day after that. I would really rather be out from Nov. 1-March 2nd. If they come too early, I will be going back end of Jan. early Feb. which would kind of suck. we'll see. They will come when they are ready I suppose.

I have an u/s on Thurs. I am really excited. It's been 5 weeks I think since my last. They will see how big they are etc. :) :)


Jules614 - July 29

Lisa - wouldn't taht be cool if you had a Halloween baby?



Marina - July 29

I think guys,I have 15 total this time.Not as many as last time,but they told me they look all almost the same size,which is good.So will see how many will be tomorrow.
Lyly,I have 3 vials of Menopure left,if you need extra-let me know,since you are using the hell a lot of this drug this time.


Jules614 - July 29

Marina - I believe taht when you have too many eggs you are over stimulated. I se ethem die quicker when there is more. I had only 10 after my retrieval and 7 made it the next day and 4 survived thed day of my e/r. Of the two i put in, one made it. Remember all it takes is one 8)



JamieP - July 29

Good luck Marina hope the ER goes well. Julie is right - it only takes one!!

Lyly, I hope it is all going well and you are managing to cope with all that medication.

I am just waiting! I am suprised at how tender I still feel from the ER. Although I am begining to wonder if some of what I am feeling now is from the progestrogen. I have a slightly sore lower back which I am sure is from it but can still kind of feel my o's.

That is interesting about triplets Jen. I would ask your doctor if you can visit the SCBU in your area so you know what happens when they come early. Really they do not like them to come before 32 weeks as they are totally finished developing by 32 weeks and the rest of the time is basically fattening them up. I really think visiting the SCBU would help if they came early then you would know what you were in for.



Jules614 - July 29

Jamie - I was ver sore from my e/r. I was also VERY gassy!



JasJulesMom - July 29

Hi All. I am so tired I cannot stay awake during the day. I feel my head wanting to hit my desk constantly, but wouldn't you know it, I cannot sleep at all at night. I toss and turn all night long. Dh probably wants to kill me. I have a terrible cold and that is just adding to how crappy I ma feeling. I know the third trimester is no picnic, but really I am just barely there and it is starting already...yuk!!! Sorry to complain so much but no one else really understands, they probably just think I am being bitchy.


Jules614 - July 29

JasJulesMom - I am in the EXACT same position as you. I have been up since 3 a.m. - I am exhausted all day and I toss and turn and pee every 40 minutes during the night! i had to take tylenol PM Saturday night just to get some sleep. You should try that - it is fine to take during pregnancy.



vw79girl - July 29

Debbie, I too have difficulty sleeping some nights. Not every night but most. I also fall asleep as soon as I lay on the couch during the day. Luckily I am still on vacation from school.

Jules, I would totally LOVE two little Halloween babies lol. Two little monsters haha!

gorgeous day here! have a good day girls. Goddess belly is off to sun herself. :B


Jules614 - July 29

Lisa - a tough life you have indeed! ha ha ha - Nice talking to you last night 8)



JasJulesMom - July 29

Lisa- Have fun now, you deserve it, because I have two friends with twins and they will definitely keep you running..lol
I am envious of you, I remember how easy my first pg was. When there was no one to take care of but myself. Now dd and ds keep me going that's for sure.
My kids are wishing for a Halloween baby also, but I do not think I will accomodate. That would mean I would be 39 weeks pg. I am really hoping OB says 10/21 is a good date. I am counting the weeks. I am so uncomfortable and at least 10 weeks before C-section. I hope I make it with a family still loving me when this is all over. I have been so cranky, I do not even feel like shopping...lol


vw79girl - July 29

Debbie...you don't even feel like shopping...now that's cranky lol. :)

Jules...good to talk to you as well. I know I know...a tough life I lead these days.

I am getting excited for my shower next Sat. I am seeing things disappear more and more from the registry.

I am venturing out into the heat to water my flowers. Loving the AC this afternoon. :)


Jules614 - July 29

Lisa -

I guess you are not having a surprise shower??



JasJulesMom - July 29

Lisa- I told my dh you cannot have it both ways. If I am not cranky and tired all the time I am going to shop. I think he is trying to decide if he wants to deal with the cranky wife or the shopaholic...tough decision..lol


lyly14 - July 29

Hi girls I went in for my first check this morning and I know nothing except they are keeping me on the same dose. This new place does not give out any info. What the [email protected]#$? I am so used to knowing everything (lining follies E2) that not knowing is kinda stressing me out. They left me directions on a voicemail and all they said was 300iu menopur and dexamethasone pill and return tomorrow for b/w and u/s. I am going to have to ask tomorrow about this. Maybe their other patients don't care to know, but my last RE kept me very informed. Its my body and I want to know exactly what is going on with it and how it is responding! I mean am I wrong? Did anyone elses RE not give them the info? Okay enough whining. I am off to mix my shot. What a pain in the ass. I miss the gonal f pen. It was so easy to use. Take it out put the needle on dial and shoot. Now I have to sit here and mix 4 vials of powder change needles then shoot. I guess I am a little cranky from these meds cause it seems I am whining again! LOL



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