IVF anyone?
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JasJulesMom - July 28

Wow I know this sounds really corny, but I just realized I was under 100 days. Looks good to see only 2 digits. Wish it was October...lol.


Jules614 - July 28

Ronda - I am right there with you with the getting sick when hungry part. I start dry heaving. How are you feeling - 24 weeks! You are getting there...

JasJulesMom - I hope sooner than later!!! Congrads on making it under 100 days! It will fly by! It feels like just yesterday I was there...



jenfrancis - July 28

I am staying cool. I am doing good. Waiting for dh to get here should see him Thursday or Friday evening. I am going to get a spray tan and try to find somewhere to get my hair straightened (flat ironed).

I would love to get mani-pedi, but i bought nail polish yesterday to do myself. :(

I am staying inside mostly, so i dont feel heat. It gives me a headache and I have to lay down. I am hitting the grocery store early today, then KFC for some of those spicy crunchy wings. They are sauceless, but when you bite them I guess they have a kick! Looked good on the commercial when they were eating them. I may get a side of coleslaw. Which i love!

The triplets are fine. One was in a weird position in the middle of the night and I almost cried it hurt! I rolled around in the bed for a minute of two pushing on the hard lump, hoping he would move, then i forced myself literally forced myself out of bed to try to stand up, and by the time I walked to the bathroom, he moved. I actually said thank you, outloud to him! Oh baby dont do that again. Wonder what happened! They are losing room in there!

Dont rush things Debbie! I know I am not! I am so nervous I wont have enough patience! I dont know how I am going to handle everyone wanting to hold them too! I cant hold all three at the same time, so I know people are going to try to take over!


Jules614 - July 28

Jen - I can't imagine being pregnant with three - you must fel movement all the time. What is the latest amount of time the docs will let you go before delivering? What is the average weight on triplets? How exciting. At least you are not due in the summer...



lyly14 - July 28

Well i finally got a bleed. How wierd day 4 of stims. Don't think it is going to last long it is so light but steady now. I hope my lining has enough time to thicken. I guess I shouldn't really worry. My lining is usually 12-15mm plenty thick.
Julie- These are all new meds for me too except for the after retrieval meds (pio, lovenox, medrol, doxycycline, estraderm). I guess that is why I am so nervous. Its even very different from any protocols i've read about. The first time I did lupron, then gonal f and repronex then ovidrel trigger. This time I am even using a different trigger (HCG 10,000units) its crazy. oh well I hope the change is good.

Ronda- I thought the ganerelix was a sub q injection in the belly. You did it in the thigh? I don't think I could inject myself in the thigh. I don't really have much fat on my thighs, they are very muscular, but my belly has plenty. I would think it would hurt more.

Debbie- All our consents were signed and we put down to put 3 embies in so that is the plan.


Jules614 - July 28

Lyly - new meds could be a good thing. My friend who is 27 weeks pregnant tried all new meds this past IVF and she got pregnant the first try after 2 or 3 failed attempts. Maybe your luck will be just as good!



jenfrancis - July 28

Julie -

Ok, I think they will let you go as long as they have room, and the amniotic fluid is like more than 6%. SOmething like that.

They tell me they have never seen anyone go longer than 35 weeks. But the average is 30-32 weeks. My due date is November 13th which is my 32nd week. So hopefully I make it that far, or even farther. Anytime after November 1 is safe, they can give hormones and sterroids to speed up lung maturity.

The docs tell me they need to be at least 4 lbs each! Which is 12 lbs of baby! I know i will stretch! DD was 9.7 and my belly looked disgusting after wards! So I am already researching costs and location of a tummy tuck! I will not feel good about myself looking hideous!

I feel them all the time now, almost 18 weeks and they are insane! I feel like I have a living ferris wheel inside me! Three spinning around and thumping at me!

Yay lyly- thats great, I think you have plenty of time to thicken that lining. Are you taking a baby aspirin? That helps I hear the think the blood a tad and it helps thicken the lining! Not to mention helps with any headaches that may come along with the stims. Yay! You are on your way! I know what they say about stats with implanting 3, etc, we got all three to implant, there always is selective reduction... So I am hoping for one for you!!!

Jamie- Lots of prayers and positive (BFP) thoughts!


Jules614 - July 28

Jen - You say they have not went longer than 35 weeks - is that according to the initial due date or the fixed due date. I see technically you are only 17 weeks but by your due date you are 24 weeks - how come the docs make that change?



Marina - July 28

Hi girls!
Did the trigger shot last night-they called me after my blood work and told me to do it yesterday.So my retrieval tomorrow at 8:30.
Lyly,I'd do the stims shots in the belly-I 'm the same way-it's easier for me and painless then thigh.
They put you on a huge dose on Menopure,but if this kinda substutute the 225 Gonal -the evening dose(or Follistime I was doing),it makes sense.I was doing only 75 IU Menopure in the morning and 225 Follistim at night.
Jen,wow it's hard with trplets.I can't even imagine how harder it will get later.They will probably put you on a bed rest at some point-too much pressure on your cervix.
Congrats to 26 weekers! :)


JasJulesMom - July 28

Marina- You must be excited. If they do retrieval tomorrow, what is the date for your transfer?


jenfrancis - July 28

Julie - the 35 weeks is the longest my dr has ever heard of triplets going. They run out of space and amniotic fluid.

The 32 week due date of November 13 is what the doc gave me as my due date.

They said I will not go to January 1st. (40 weeks)

I have the two tickers on there to keep track, I guess I have what realistically 14 weeks left, even though I am only 17 weeks now!

It gets complicated with multiples. I decided for me to put the two tickers. So I can keep track of development, but also so I would know how much longer I have.

YAY MARINA!!!! Wow - how exciting, we are right there with ya girl!


Jules614 - July 28

Marina - Good luck tomorrow.

Jen - Thanks for the info on triplets - How complicated but very interesting!



Marina - July 28

Thanks girls for your support!
Debbie,I think the transfer will be on Sunday( they only do 5 day transfers)-works out for us perfectly,we have Monday off-so I'll have 2 days to relax without taking time off work and rescheduling my clients.


Marina - July 28

[quote author=bdantonio link=board=12;threadid=5034;start=1785#51650 date=1217179326]
good luck marina
Thanks Beth! :)I see you finally figured how to put picture on your profile :)


Arabsrcool - July 28


how exciting....how many follies are they anticipating retrieving?


you can give ganerlix either in thigh or stomach. I just preferred the stomach for follistim and thigh for ganerlix...but its wherever you are most comfortable giving it. Isn't it amazing we know what our linings are etc when going through this process. WE know more about our bodies than we ever thought to!


wow interesting info on triplets. and 14 WEEKS.....wow that really brings it into focus!



lyly14 - July 28

Marina- I know what you mean about 300 iu of menopur being alot. Last time i did the gonal and repronex both at night but started with 225 gonal and 75 repronex. It is so wierd to stim with only one med, but that is the reason for the high dose. I hope this produces good quality eggs! I go tomorrow morning for my first check on my follies. Good luck with your retrieval. How many follies do you have?



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