IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - July 25

Lyly - I am sorry your DH put you through this. Sometimes I don't think they understand how important this process is to u. Not to mention the lupron made me a CRAZY person with raging hormones. I hope you are feeling better now.



jenfrancis - July 26

Did not get my hair done girls. Could not decide what to do! Darn it. I just went with a family member.
I think I may do something next week we will see. NO more color for me. I have to save moolah and let it grow from all the damage its suffered.

Lisa - i saw that pic. It is nice! That was a nice one! Awe. You look like you are having twins. Momma!


Jules614 - July 26

I took tylenol PM last nght to finally sleep - much better now.



JamieP - July 27

Thanks for your good wishes everyone. I had 2 transfered today. Very good quality. Fingers crossed one of them sticks. I am not keen on being pregnant with twins because my last pregnancy was a twin pregnancy and it was a bit of a disaster but after my m/c in March I decided to put two back. I have 4 for the freezer!

Marina - not long to go now before your ER. Hope it all goes well.

Lyly - good luck with starting your cycle.



Jules614 - July 27

Jamie - bets of luck. I will be thinking good thoughts.



lyly14 - July 27

Hey Jamie- Great news about having 2 great embies to put in and 4 to freeze! Lots of baby dust to you. They say things happen in 3's so maybe it is time for you, Marina, and I to get good news.

Tonight is day 3 of stims for me! This cycle is very strange. I took my last bcp on Tues and expected to get a period with 3-4 days but I only have some very light spotting. I have never started a cycle without a full bleed. I know my lining was very thin on these pills so maybe this is normal. I hope so. I guess I will call tomorrow to talk to one of the nurses.


Marina - July 27

Congrats Jamie on your transfer! :)
I'm terrified also to put 2 in this time,but I think I'll take a chance since this is our last try.
Had my u/s today-they say I'm doing better this time-less eggs(15 this time),but they all almost the same size(about 20-21mm) and grow better.So I'm waiting on a call from them on my blood and then I'll know when the trigger shot-tonight or I go one more day.

Lyly,what do you use for stims again ?I bet it's nervewreckind for you to do this cycle different way,but I guess we have not much choice here but to trust the doctors.I don't trust mine anymore-he was promissing "to take care and do his best" at our appt. after my embies did not survive-and took off to Montana right before my retrieval!How nice of him,huh?
But I'm not even upset,I liked the other doctors better anyway and who knows-maybe it's for the best!My DH furious though,he is going to let him know about this after we done.It's all about money at this office,now it's clear.
Ok,guys,have a nice Sunday. I'm off to bring my huge ovaries on my DH brother's boat to keep him company and his new girlfriend(or at least he hopes so).


bdantonio - July 27

good luck marina


Jules614 - July 27

Good luck Marina and Lyly - this is great that so many of you are doing IVF togther. It is always comforting knowing there are people along you in the same position.



vw79girl - July 28

6 months today girlies!!! :) :)


Jules614 - July 28

Wow Lisa - That is awesome...



lyly14 - July 28

Hi Marina- My protocol is
BCP -21 days Last pill 7/22
start stims Fri 7/25 (day 3 after stopping BCP)
Menopur 300 iu (4 vials) and Dexamethasone pill daily
return for b/w and u/s on 5 day tues 7/29

They have me down for a possible start of ganerelix on 7/30 (antagonist which prevents premature ovulation).


Jules614 - July 28

Good luck Lyly - I don't think I was ever on any of those meds..



Arabsrcool - July 28


I had to give myself ganerelix and I advise to give it in the thigh....it has a little sting to it.


almost there!!!! You said you are only going to transfer 2 embies, are you going to freeze the rest for FET? Of course,you are not going to need them you are going to get BFP!!!!


I hear you on the cost of having color done. Haircuts are expensive too....but I have too much gray hair now, not to get highlights (they help hide the grey). Plus I know I feel better if I'm happy with my hair.....the bigger my belly gets, the more I want my hair to look good!


Glad to her you also are gaining weight!. You must of have been tiny, tiny, tiny, before you got pg. I hear you on the eating when you are hungry. If I am hungry and don't eat, then I get sick! I hear you about all boobs and belly. I look at my boobs in the mirror after I get out of the shower and think "who in the hell do these honkers belong too?". I cannot believe how large marge they have gotten! I want my little boobs back! Of course when they come back they will be 36 longs after breast feeding!


Glad to hear you got some sleep. Its so frustrating when you are tired, but cannot sleep. I have been taking benedryl to help me sleep at night.


eat lots of pineapple and just hang out and take it easy.



JasJulesMom - July 28

Good Luck Jamie- I know the time you have to wait will be rough, but I hope you will get BFP and it will be well worth the wait.

Marina and Lyly- I hope things do come in 3's and you get your BFP also. Lyly are you still planning on going with 3?

Ronda, Reshema, Lisa- Happy 6 months.

Jen- Hope you are doing well and staying cool.

Julie- Almost there, maybe sooner than later!


JasJulesMom - July 28

Wow I know this sounds really corny, but I just realized I was under 100 days. Looks good to see only 2 digits. Wish it was October...lol.



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