IVF anyone?
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vw79girl - July 24

Ronda~isn’t that always the way with Doctors? I hate the waiting and then the appt. is so quick. 4lbs. is like a lb. a week. Didn’t they say that is normal? My OB said that about a lb. a week is perfectly normal.

Marina, I remember having difficulty walking and moving around when I was being stimulated. I was so bloated. Fingers crossed for you and sending lots of baby dust!

Jenny, how did your hair come out?

Reshma, so good to chat with you today and nice hearing from you!!! :)

Jules and Lyl, hope to catch you later. We rented 21 to watch tonight. Looked good.

Debbie ...how are you doing?

Beth, I know you check in from time to time. Hope you are doing okay. :)

Had lunch at Bertucci’s with a friend today. I love that bread and oil. so yummy!

It is POURING here. I feel like it is never going to stop.


Jules614 - July 24

Lisa - 21 what is that about? who is in it.

I am swelling today so I am going to keep my feet up tonight.



vw79girl - July 25

Jules...put those feet up!
21 is about six MIT students who were trained to become experts in card counting and subsequently took Vegas casinos for millions in winnings.
Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth are in it. about to watch it...I'll let you know how it is!


JasJulesMom - July 25

Hi All. Just got back from more shopping at Babies R Us. Purchased a new car seat with dd. I bought a smaller booster than what we had. I need to free up some room in back seat for baby so ds is not squashed.
I also bought some crib sheets and diapers, wipes and two really cute outfits.

Ronda- 4lbs is quite good in 4 weeks. Average is about 1.5 lbs per week.

Lisa- Glad to hear you are still pigging out happily and not gaining alot. How do youdo it lol....I heard movie was good although not a big fan of Kevin Spacey

Reshema- Sorry to hear you are still have a rough time. I bet you will be so happy when you are holding your beautiful bundle.

Jen- Wow I did not know your daughter was a teen. How does she feel about the impending arrivals? DD was 9lbs 15oz, so I know what you mean about looking like a 3 month old as a newborn, the only difference for me was she was born via c section.

Marina- When is your retrieval?

Lyly- How are you doing? How is the puppy? Whendo you start the stims?


Jules614 - July 25

Lisa - I look forward to hearing how the movie was.

My feet are doing a little better!



JamieP - July 25

Hi Everyone,
I had my ER on Thursday and they got 13 eggs. 9 mature and 8 fertilized normally. So lets hope they grow nicely the next couple of days. ET will be on Sunday. In the past I have had issues with 'slow growers' although this was not an issue last cycle so I hope that is will not be a problem for us this time. Lets see.

Marina - I have had the same feelings as you described. In fact I get it every month when I O. It is normal so don't worry about it.

Hope everyone else is doing well.


Jules614 - July 25

Good luck Jaimie.



JasJulesMom - July 25

Good Luck Jamie- Lots of Baby Dust your way!!


jenfrancis - July 25

Awe, Jamie! Get rested these next few days! I hope you wont have any problem getting all 8 eggs to grow!
Hope you have great quality embies!

Good luck! Electronic hugs coming your way!


vw79girl - July 25

Baby dust Jamie! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* I'll be praying for you!

Off to grocery shop girls! Made sure I ate before though...or else, It would be a dangerous experience as I would buy way more than we need lol. :P

Have a great day!


Marina - July 25

Hi girls
Thanks for input,I guess evry time it's different and nurse told me it's normal.When she pushed my right ovary today on u/s to see better ,I almost droped the list where she had me to write down the follicule size.
It seems this time,I'm growing a tiny bit faster,so they think retrieval on 29-30.
good luck Jamie!


JasJulesMom - July 25

Wow Marina, aside from the horrible discomfort, you are alsmost there. 4 more days.... bet you can't wait.


Arabsrcool - July 25


Yeah, I think 1 pound a week is normal, but still kinda sucks seeing that scale go up. I want to know how you eat, are carrying twins and not gaining alot of weight???? I want in on that secret!

My dd was 8l lb 12 oz when when she was born. It will be interesting seeing how big Cara is in comparison. I know I feel much bigger this time, but people say that is because things are already streched out. I know I have been having alot of round ligament pains. Ouch they hurt!


Good luck on Sunday. I hope all embies grow and you have plenty for Sunday and some to freeze just in case.


You are almost there!. Hang in there and go get a pedicure. That always makes me feel better!


how the hair come out? did you do any color? I hope dh is coming around.....I know he is probably stressed out, but you aren't sitting around eating bonbon's either!

Have a great weekend.



vw79girl - July 25

Ronda. I am definitely gaining weight lol... I started at 109-110 in Jan. before stims. The day of my retrieval I was 122 and my jaw dropped to the floor. They bloat you so much and I felt like I was retaining water at the time too. The nurse at the Reproductive Science Center said not to worry about it. I weighed myself this a.m.(I think our scale is accurate) and it said 149. So technically I have gained like 30 lbs. since the retrieval but 40 from where I was originally. I feel like that is a lot. I am trying to go by how I look and not the actual weight right now. I feel like I look all belly and boobs so I just keep telling myself that. I am not noticing extra weight in face, arms, legs or butt. So hopefully that is a good thing. I don't know, everyone is different and I know I am carrying two but this extra weight is really killing my back. :( I can't help but eat. When I am hungry, I hate to deprive myself.

Marina...pretty soon!!! :) hoping for good things for you girl!


lyly14 - July 25

Hi girls- I was so annoyed earlier today. I went in for my first u/s and b/w today. I had to drag dh with me because when I asked him to go to the bank yesterday to get the ivf consents notarized he said I'll go tomorrow. So I told him they needed to be in by my appt in the am so he could either get them notarized by the bank or come with me to my appt and they will witness them there. So of course he said he would just come to the appt. So I had to drag him out of bed this morning and he didn't want to get up and he ended up making me late. We waited so long for them to do my b/w and u/s. So on the way home he was grouchy and tired and so was I! While we are driving he says to me "you should slow down you know your tires are no good, if they blow out you'll flip the truck over". Nice now you tell me that! I mean they didn't just get bad today. He is the one that used to work on cars. How long has been letting me drive around like that? He knows I don't exactly drive slow, do you think he would have said something earlier. Anyway needles to say I had to cancel my plans to go to Splish Splash because he told me not to drive that far with the tires. Great what a morning. Had to search around for someone to change them today and it cost me $805 for 4 new tires and an alignment! But on a happier note....

They left my instructions on a voicemail system. I am going to start my menopur and dexamethasone pill tonight and for the next 4 nights and return for more b/w and u/s on Tues. Wierd that I am starting the stims and haven't even gotten AF yet!?! According to my bw they said I should get it by tonight or tomorrow and that it doesn't matter and I could go ahead and start. My lining is very thin though compared to other times with no bleed yet. It was 5.4 and it is usually around that on day 3 of my period, so I guess it will be a light period anyway from the pills I was on. Yay!


Jules614 - July 25

Lyly - I am sorry your DH put you through this. Sometimes I don't think they understand how important this process is to u. Not to mention the lupron made me a CRAZY person with raging hormones. I hope you are feeling better now.




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