IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - July 23

JasJulesMom - Funny you should ask about Samantha. In my heart, I only had her 4 days early but according to the OB I had her at 38 1/2 weeks. My original due date (according to when I had my period and I know the day we conceived or at least had sex) made my due date September 28th. When I had my first u/s at 12 weeks, they changed my due date to Oct 6th. But, I knew all along it was September 28th. Samantha was born September 24th.



vw79girl - July 23

I know I am having a C-sect. but since ins. is covering it fully, my OB said it wouldn't be a bad idea to go anyway as they cover relaxation and other things as well as just the breathing.


Jules614 - July 23

Lisa - why doesn't your insurance cover a C-section?


Marina - July 24

Hi girls
I had my u/s today,looks good so far-9 follies in my right ovary and 6 in my left-they all about the same size 13by 11.I really feel my ovaries,I don't think I remember the same feeling last time.I can't say that they hurt,but definately very uncomfortable.I'm on day 5 of stimulation,did anyone have this feeling?And it's mostly when I walk or stand.
Other than that-no changes.


jenfrancis - July 24

Julie I think what LIsa meant was that yes she is having a c-section, but that the Lamaze IS covered by insurance and she wants it for relaxation etc.

Marina - I had about 15 follicles in each ovary and yes, Indeed I can share the feeling of discomfort with you! It was not pain, but it was a pressure and bloating that I associated with the growing follies.
Thats great, thats normal and I would welcome it! I am giddy for you! Sounds like they are right on track! Precious babies to be!
May sound crazy or corney, but I would imagine faces on my follicles when they would measure them! I guarded them and was so gentle with my body while on stims!
Happy for ya!

Lyly- let me know how you are coming. I pray for you every night!


Jules614 - July 24

Marina - I was always very bloated during my stim shots - maybe this is a good sign! Keeps us posted!

Jen - thanks for the clarification regarding Lisa. I took clueless pills today!

Lots of thunder storms tonight.



vw79girl - July 24

yes Jules, Jenny is right lol. the classes cost a total of $125 for like 5 weeks and Ins. covered it so that is why I figured we would do it. :)

Marina, I was soooo bloated during my stims shots. Really bad. my ovaries were barking like crazy lol.


Jules614 - July 24

Lisa -

Our insurance did not cover lamaze classes either. I think we were able to get reinbursed $50 or something but that was it.



Arabsrcool - July 24

Hi girls,

had doc appt today. Was surprised my blood pressure was not up by the time the doc got to me. I waited an hour in the waiting room and another 30 minutes in the exam room....then saw doc for less than 5 minutes. I was fuming. I have to take time off work to get to doc appts and don't mind waiting some, but I thought that was way too long. I gained 4 lbs over the last month and measured one week ahead. I will have to do the glucose test the next time.UGH!


Sounds like you are well on your way to a BFP. I remember how my body felt during stims and it was uncomfortable, bloated, tender.....just blah!



lyly14 - July 24

Marina- Just like all the other girls said, I remember being really bloated and uncomfortable too. It was 10 times worse after the trigger shot and it was so uncomfortable for me it hurt to just roll over in bed or stand up straight, but it didn't last long. I remember I had a 20 follicles and my ovaries where huge.

Lisa- I honestly felt the lamaze was a waste of time. In the moment you are really not thinking about or remembering what they told you, but since you will have a planned c-section you may be in better state of mind and actually able to use the techniques!


Jules614 - July 24

Ronda - Don't worry about the weight gain - the most important thing is your blood pressure was low. I can't believe how long you had to wait. Overall, it sounds like things are progressing well for you!

Lyly - I agree with you - lamaze as a waste of time 8) But people told me that as well and I still went ahead and took the classes.

I went to for my 36 week appointment (will be 36 weeks tomorrow) It went pretty good. I gained 5 pounds in two weeks which didn’t surprise me considering how hungry I was and how much I ate. They measured my belly at 36 ½ weeks. My blood pressure was 130/70. Kailyn wouldn’t stop moving when they were trying to take her heart rate – the OB asked if she could spank her… her heart beat was between 145-148. They told me she is in the perfect position for delivery – she is no longer super low as second time babies can move up and down toward the end – they also said Kaitlyn is going be a good sized baby weighing between 7 ½ - 8 pounds YIKES! They also gave me my strep culture. Other than that, things look good and I go back in a week.



jenfrancis - July 24

Lol - Julie - You say yikes on the 7.5-8 lb baby. I was 18 yrs old facing the natural birth of a 9 lb 7 oz baby girl!

The pulled her out with forecepts and her hand was in one of the spoons and she swung her elbow when they got the head out, and it tore me all the way down!
There was NO SKIN between my vaginal and anal opening! It was a gaping bleeding hole!

Thanks to my obgyn for not knowing her hand was in there! Couldve broken her hand too!

The ladies said Shelby looked like a 3 month old baby!

Good luck and God Bless you!


Jules614 - July 24

Jen - I didn't know you had another child? Wow, nig baby!

Samantha was 6 pounds 5 ounces and I really tore. Of course Samantha had a BIG head.



RB - July 24

Hi girls,

Sorry to have been away soooo long....i have so much catching up to do! first of all, my internet was down and then when it was back up, i developed tendonitis in one shoulder - a recurring injury - and a pinched nerve in the other!!! I have barely been able to move my neck for the past week and being on the computer was a definite no-no. I am feeling a lot better today so here i am and anxious to know how everyone is doing.

i'll try to catch up on the posts and touch base later on but just wanted to say hi and let you know that i missed you all and have been thinking of all of you.



jenfrancis - July 24

Julie - Yep, my dd is 15 yrs old. Had her at 18!

Reshma - Welcome back! Not alot happening really.

Getting my hair done today in about an hour.


vw79girl - July 24

Ronda~isn’t that always the way with Doctors? I hate the waiting and then the appt. is so quick. 4lbs. is like a lb. a week. Didn’t they say that is normal? My OB said that about a lb. a week is perfectly normal.

Marina, I remember having difficulty walking and moving around when I was being stimulated. I was so bloated. Fingers crossed for you and sending lots of baby dust!

Jenny, how did your hair come out?

Reshma, so good to chat with you today and nice hearing from you!!! :)

Jules and Lyl, hope to catch you later. We rented 21 to watch tonight. Looked good.

Debbie ...how are you doing?

Beth, I know you check in from time to time. Hope you are doing okay. :)

Had lunch at Bertucci’s with a friend today. I love that bread and oil. so yummy!

It is POURING here. I feel like it is never going to stop.



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