IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - July 22

Jen - we sure do have it rough. When r u finding out the sex of your triplets?



jenfrancis - July 22

Tried to make an appt today, but no one takes triplets in this small town and then the others did not want new patients.

I will just have to wait till we get to Houston. So about mid August when things settle down, I can get in somewhere for the anatomy scan.

Why cant we just decide what we want and place an order for it! I would mail a check to God in Heaven and buy a baby if it were that easy! Then I would not end up with 3! Just would have my one boy!

Well, today the heat got to me. I had to come home from the mall and lay down. Yuck.
Plus I am missing my DH. He is stressed out by this school and really has been ugly on the phone. So I think I will relax early, wait for the storm and just chill out. I wont be calling him, only wait until he feels like talking.

I just keep thinking, he dont want me to call because I am interrupting him on the beach or whatever else he may be doing on his free time down there in Virginia Beach! I am kind of upset with him.
Take care ladies.


vw79girl - July 22

Marina...Great pics you are truly a Hawaiian goddess! It looks like you guys had so much fun! Good luck at your appt. on Wed. :) I hope you have lots of follicles!

Jules, Sorry Samantha has been having a rough time. Hope she is feeling better.

Jenny, I know...aren’t those belly casts cool? I am thinking about doing something like a sun or a moon. I am not sure if I just want to do the belly or the one with one hand over the breast and one over the belly. I think I will do it in my 8th month. Depending what you do, if you just do the belly, you can totally hang it in the nursery. I was thinking about doing the sun or moon to hang in the nursery and then later in our spare room which is that theme anyway. You must be anxious for your scan! I am excited for my u/s next week and then the one in Aug. The 3 D! I know you miss hubby and it sucks he is stressed. hang in there.

Lyly, glad you will be starting your stims again soon! Lyl...I started to try to get pg at the same time as my sister in law. She had been on the pill and went off of it. three months later, she was pg. They have two children and plan on more. It just seems so easy for them and at the time it hurt like hell. Not to mention all of the friends and students I see get pregnant at the blink of an eye. I am praying for you hun. :)

Our Lamaze classes start on the 5th of Aug. Although I am going C sect. My doctor thinks I should still go to the classes and experience the breathing etc. and meet other couples. I think it will be fun. My ins. covers it so why not.

Debbie,Ronda and Reshma, hope you girls are doing well!

Beth, thinking of you girl. Hope you are hanging in there.


JamieP - July 22

Hi Everyone,
I am not sure if any of you remember me but I had a FET in Feb and got pregnant and then had a MC so we are back at it and have our egg collection on Thursday. We had a bit of a delay in getting started again as I had a cyst the refused to disappear. Anyway, only a couple of days until egg collection and then the ET will probably be on Sunday. In the past I have had a 3 day transfer and it has worked so probably going for that again.

My regular doctor is away on vacation so we have had to use another doctor (same clinic). He has done things a bit differently so I just hope it is all ok.I was a bit peeved as my regular doctor did not do a hand over of my file so the new doctor know nothing about me or my history. My last fresh round was very good so lets hope this is too.



Arabsrcool - July 22

Hi girls,

don't know about you all, but I am feeling huge! The heat sucks and I am still not feeling so perky. I am going to ask the doc on Thursday when I have my appt, when does the "glow" of the 2nd trimester start? I am still waiting and feel pretty run down and crappy alot of the time.


hang in there. You and dh have had alot of changes in the past couple months. Being apart is also hard and stressful for both of you. Hopefully dh will realize he was being a jerk and call back in a much nicer mood. he has to realize, you aren't feeling quite yourself either with 3 little people thumping around in your tummy.


belly cast looks neat, very you.


good luck with stims, this is your time for BFP.


Poor Samantha, that must hurt!



vw79girl - July 22

Welcome back Jamie, sending you lots of baby dust and hoping this is your time! I just joined in Feb./early March after my BFP on March 10th so I don't know much about you. Where are you from?

Ronda, I am sorry you aren't feeling great. Are you tired a lot? I find that when I don't get a good night's sleep I feel lousy too. Otherwise I have been good. My left ankle is swollen again. Moreso yesterday than today. I kept my feet up all night and am on the couch now resting and it is almost back to normal thankfully. Some days I feel huge too. But we are only going to get bigger lol. Have you gained a lot? I think for me, it's hard because I started out so small. I am really feeling bulky.


JasJulesMom - July 22

Ronda- I know what you mean about feeling huge. The heat does not help the fact that I cannot see my feet much anymore. I have been trying to avoid this 95 degree weather at all costs. I also know about the whole 2nd trimester thing. I am still waiting to feel great and I am almost in 3rd trimester.

Lyly- Keep you spirits up. I know it is hard. My friend got pg last year while on the pill and not wanting another baby. It was the hardest thing for me, but what does not kill us just makes us stronger for the journey.

Hope everyone else is doing well.


Jules614 - July 23

Jen - That has to be frustrating not being with your hubby now.

Lisa - Enjoy your lamaze classes. Ours were a waste of money - I hope yours are better than mine were.

Jamie - Welcome back - good luck!

Ronda - I hear you about feeling huge. I need a walker

I am having trouble when I have a bowel. I think Kaitlyn is pushing on a nerve in my anus and I get shooting sharp pains. There is no bleeding or anything but I have trouble going poop 8(



lyly14 - July 23

Hi girls- I took my last bcp today and am now just waiting for AF. I go in on Friday for blood work and sono and hopefully start stims.

Hi Jamie- Sorry to see you back under the circumstances but glad to see you have not given up. I wish you the best of luck with this cycle. Sending lots of baby dust your way!


jenfrancis - July 23

Hi Jamie - I dont know who you are since I have only been here since January.

Hope this fresh round is your turn!

Lyly- You know we are really going to be watching you this time, I am sending you triple the dosage of baby dust! 80 fingers and toes all crossed for you!

Lisa - lamaze classes? I was told women with multiples should not waste time or money on that since we mostly have to have a c-section. No reason to breathe when they are taking the boys. Strange.

Julie - take your time, try a mild laxative and just go when its ready to come out. I heard if you relax your pelvic floor muscles, and wear the belly support belt it prevents hemmorhoids (Spelling) and it allows the belt to support the baby up off your colon. Be careful! God, you are having issues. And there is nothing funny or humorous about it. I really pray for you to have some relief. And DD, oh that sweet little girl. did they lance the pimple or boil? Or what? I mean not like you could put a hot compress on it down there!

Well, take care journey gals!


Jules614 - July 23

Jen - samantha is fine. I think teh pimple went away after putting cream on it - or at least it doesn't hurt her anymore. By last night she said it did not hurt anymore. I brought a pee specimen to her doc today and they never called so ia m assuming it was normal.

AS for my butt issue - i think the baby is on a nerve and she needs to BACK OFF - ha ha ha

I agree - no point in a lamaze class if you are getting a C-section. I am not sure there is a point of one if you are getting an epidural either... I mean once you get that there is no pain.... it's like heaven! no kiddin. I had such a great epidural experience that my labor was a piece of cake. I pray for another good experience.



Marina - July 23

Hi ladies,
Jamie-welcome back!Hopefully this time around you'll get your wish.Unfortunately, Lyly and I went through our FETs and it was a failure also,now we are starting a new fresh one.I'm on my day 5 of stims,my retrieval date around 29th,so we'll be pretty close.

Lyly-you are close!I'm starting feeling my ovaries grow(lol)First 5 days went pretty fast for me,I was so busy with my party,that I didn't even think about that.Tomorrow I go for my first u/s to see how many follies and how they grow.

Julie-sorry hon,4 more weeks...I know, it doesn't make things easier-it hurts now.
Jenny-sorry about your hubby,did he call you finaly?


jenfrancis - July 23

Yes he called with the same dumb attitude. He is stressed about selling the house. And anything i say he says he already knows or knew.

I am letting him handle it all.

But its not stressing me or worrying me.

anyway, i am headed to bed. Nite.

Lyly- marina, and Jamie - best wishes, lots of luck and God bless!


Jules614 - July 23

good morning ladies - How is everyone doing today? I can already feel the humidity and it is only 6 a.m. yikes.



JasJulesMom - July 23

Goodmorning All.

Jen- Thinking of you. Hope things with hubby get better. How are you doing with thestorms hope you are safe and away from the craziness.

Julie- Hope you feel better. You are so close. Did you go 40 with Samantha? Did OB give you any indication of your status right now?

Welcome back Jamie. Lots of baby dust to to you.

Marina and Lyly glad you are on your way!!

Reshema where have you been?

Ronda- Stay cool and try not to over work yourself. This weather is a beast.


Jules614 - July 23

JasJulesMom - Funny you should ask about Samantha. In my heart, I only had her 4 days early but according to the OB I had her at 38 1/2 weeks. My original due date (according to when I had my period and I know the day we conceived or at least had sex) made my due date September 28th. When I had my first u/s at 12 weeks, they changed my due date to Oct 6th. But, I knew all along it was September 28th. Samantha was born September 24th.




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