IVF anyone?
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JasJulesMom - July 21

Hi everyone. Just got back to work today, so not much time. Just wanted to check in and say hello and see how everyone was doing.

So sorry to hear about BFN Beth. I was really praying for you. Good to see you are in better spirits and ready to meet the next challenge. I have many friends who have adopted as well as my cousin. They are all beautiful children.


Jules614 - July 21

Hi JasJulesMom -

Happy Monday!


vw79girl - July 21

Hello girls!
Hope everyone had a good weekend!
I am off to lunch with a friend!


Marina - July 21

Hi everyone
I hope everybody had a nice weekend.
Lisa- sorry hon,I didn't mean to ignore your message on messanger-I got up after the party and went to transfer my pictures from the camera and it just hit me that I have an appt. for a blood work at the clinic! I'm on my day 4 of stim.- and I totaly forgot about it!So I had to fly and I got your message only when I got back,but you were off line by that time.
My party...It was a total and absolute BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cant belive how we could pull if off with so many people,but it was the best party we ever had(that's what people said)
We had to cancel on Sat. because of the weather,and move it to Sunday-it was gorgeous day for that,no rain-just like we wanted.
I have a million pictures,I'm going to go through all of them and put it on Spaces and Facebook for you to see.
And,by the way,I won a prize for the best costume-miss Hawaii Queen 2008(LOL)
I will put some comments,so you guys know what was going on.
Now I can relax and go on with my protocol.I have another appt. on wednesday to see how my follies grow.


JasJulesMom - July 21

Marina- Good luck Wednesday!!


Jules614 - July 21

Good luck Marina!



jenfrancis - July 21

Marina I will look on spaces for the party! Hope you have lots and lots of follicles on Wednesday!

Lyly - how are you feeling? those little water balloon follicles filling up?

Lisa - I love the idea of the belly cast! Some were really neat! I like the ones with the hand over the breasts and one hand on the belly. I would consider doing it, but where on earth do you hang that? i would wait closer to the end i think too!

Reshma , ronda, julie, debbie hope things are smooth and normal with you and your girls!

I am waiting on the phone to ring with my anatomy scan appt! I am looking forward to it! If Al is not here by then I am having them print pics and put in an envelope for us to be together.

Have to take my dd to mall to get shorts and tops for the weather here.


Jules614 - July 21

My daughter is screaming bloody murder at school - have hubby taking her to the docs (trying to schedule an appointment0 hope she doesn't have a UTI!



jenfrancis - July 21

Julie - Oh no! Maybe its related to throwing up. Do you feel bad for putting her on restriction and getting mad at her?
I hope she will be ok. Poor baby!


Jules614 - July 21

No idea what is going on - have an appointment at 3:15.



bethnyc - July 21

Julie - I hope your dd is ok. Let us know.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.



JasJulesMom - July 21

Julie- Hope dd is ok. I am sure this just adds to all your stress with the impending arrival of your little one. Some things are never easy.

Jen- Can't wait to hear what you are having. Hope you are feeling well.


lyly14 - July 21

Hi girls hope everyone is doing well. I was feeling a little bummed this morning. The couple we have been hanging out with the past few weeks told us they were trying to get pg again. She even asked my to help her interpret the ovulation kit and it was positive. They have a 5 yr old and a 1 yr old. Well she just told me this morning that she is pg! First month trying. Figures right some people have it so easy. I am happy for her just wish it a bit easier for us gals. She is hoping this works for us so we can be pg together, which is sweet, but I am a bit doubtful. I wish I could be more positive but it is so hard.

Julie- I hope your dd is okay. Keep us posted.

Jen- I take my last bcp tomorrow. I am not sure if it was the brand of bcp I took this time but I didn't have as much of the spotting I usually have. :) Then I go in Friday to make sure I am good to start my stims.


Jules614 - July 21

Lyly - I so know what you are feeling - I had been trying for 3 yrs and my best friend who got married in June, went off the pill and was pregnant on her first try by September. It is unfare and as much as you want to be happy for them - it is just a reminder of how sometimes things aren't fare in life.

My dd has a pimple in her vaginal area - can be a result of chllorine, or not wiping properly - etc.. needless to say no infection.. jsut needs time to heal.



jenfrancis - July 21

Lyly - I cant imagine how painful that is knowing your friend got pg on the first try. Ughhh. Well, try not to get down. Your baby (or more) could be right around the bend. Less spotting, means a more cushioned lining! Yay! Thats actually great! So once you start the stims, you get a period? Let me know!

Marina - Oh man! That party looked like fun! You look like you will make a great, fun mom! The men looked cute in the bra and skirt.

Well, we are here in Louisiana and Hurricane Dolly is headed our way, so looks like a trip to the grocery store and gonna get comfy in the house for a few days of torrential downpours!

Julie - glad that its just a small boil! Poor baby girl. We sure do have it rough in the private places compared to men, who barely wipe, and still manage to stay healthy!


Jules614 - July 22

Jen - we sure do have it rough. When r u finding out the sex of your triplets?




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