IVF anyone?
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vw79girl - July 15

Beth, I am going to check my journal and get back to you on symptoms that I had. I know I had nausea just before my beta and then that entire week but none so far for the rest of the pregnancy. I'll get back to you. :)


vw79girl - July 15

ok so I found a thing on Baby center.com that compares the size of the baby to a food to give you an idea of size. At 22 weeks, it is the size of a spaghetti squash (@11 inches long...whoa! and I have two of those in there!). Leave it to me to find this haha :P


Jules614 - July 15

Beth -

I barely had any symptoms of being pregnant until I was 6.5 weeks. My sister in law had NO symtoms throughout her entire pregnancy with the exception of a mised period. Everyone is different. Any thought of taking a HPT?



Marina - July 15

Here is what i had.First couple of days -nothing,day 4 -I start having metalic taste in my mouth and was kind of short of breath sometimes(but I'm not sure if this was from mild overstim.),gassy and bloated.Day 7-suddenly I felt extremly tired and dizzy.That day I desperately started looking for symptoms and found this web site, where everybody was taking hpt's(I didn't even think of it myself,I didn't know then they are sensetive enough),so I took hpt-it was BFN.Gosh,I was upset.Then I did it on a next day -and to my surprise it was faint positive.But nothing else.


Arabsrcool - July 15


Your party sounds like a blast!!. ARe you set for meds now?


Just a few more days and the symptoms are positive things!


I am so sorry you are having such a hard time with dh. Men can be such jerks sometimes. I totally understand your issue with lying.....then you always wonder if whats coming out of their mouth is the truth or not. My dh is getting ready to leave on Thursday with a bunch of guys to go to a motorcycle thing called the Boogie. I hate it. people are running around naked, acting stupid etc. He always says, you can go, YEAH RIGHT!. 5 1/2 months pregnant, no tolerance of people acting stupid and I sure as hell don't want to see a bunch of people naked (nor do I want to sleep on a tent in the 90 degree heat). doesn't that sound like alot of fun!


You always make me hungry when I read your posts!


drink liquids of some sort! you cannot mess around with the triplets in there making your body work triple time. I would call the doc with any symptom, even minor!. Have you found a doc there yet?



Jules614 - July 15

Ronda -

I am sorry your DH wants to go on a motorcycle escapade while you are pregnant. Tell him to be careful. When I met my DH he sold his motorcycle because I told him I would not date him if he drove one. I am old school and find them too dangerous. Good luck. 22 weeks - WOW! How are you feeling?



jenfrancis - July 15

:)Ronda - thanks for the advice!
No doctor yet, my daughter and I are still in Louisiana and hubby in school until Aug.1st. So until we get to Texas I will rely on the E.R.

On days I am outside, I am drinking about 8-10 bottles a day! Almost one an hour! So I think I will either go broke or my plumbing will explode from so many flushings!

I try to do 4-5 on days I am inside.


Jules614 - July 15

Jen -

don't drink too much water. Someone on the news recently went into a coma and died from drinking a gallon of water. Just find out your limits to how much water you can drink. 8)



bethnyc - July 15

Thanks guys for sharing your symptoms. I'm glad that there's nothng "normal" and that if I'm not feeling anything that I shouldn't worry. I guess I'll know for sure in 2 days. As for an hpt, I don't think I'll do one becuase I don't want to get upset (and if it's negative, I'm sure I will). I'll know soon enough and am truly hoping that I get good news. I feel like we've been through so much and that our time is here...



Jules614 - July 15

Beth - we are all sending you baby dust and hope for a BFP!!!! Positive thoughts!!!



vw79girl - July 15

I had a terrible sinus infection and headaches during my 2ww, I also woke up with the sweats a few times. I think all of this was due to the hormones. My transfer was on Feb. 27th and my beta scheduled for March 10. I did do a HPT on the 8th and got a positive. Did another that night, one on Sunday and another on Mon. a.m. before my beta. They were all positive. I only did one, well...four because I figured this was it (our last try at ivf) and why not use them. I also wasn't spotting at all not a drop and for me that was a good sign as in the past I spotted just before AF came. I was a little tired but the real tiredness didn't come until the weeks following. I had to nap almost every day and I fell asleep so early at night. My beta on the first draw was 305. The second draw was two days later and it was 661. Sending you TONS OF BABYDUST!!! *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Jules~ I am off to the pool. I will be thinking of you. :)

Jen, glad you are staying hydrated. Are you feeling movement with those buggers? I feel it on both sides. One is on my left and one on the right. My two little spaghetti squash lol.

Marina, how are the party plans coming?

Ronda and Reshma. I can't believe we are 22 weeks!!! Feels so great.
Ronda, I don't blame you, that doesn't sound too fun to me either.

Debbie...how are you doing?

I posted another belly shot on Live Space so check it out if you want. My belly is getting round now.


Jules614 - July 15

Lisa -

U suck! Enjoy your pool while some of us have to work. ha ha ha.



Marina - July 15

I suck too-enjoying the pool every day,but yesterday out electric cove r broke and it's 95 F outside!!!Waiting for people to come and fix it-we can't open the pool!
But the good thing is-it happened now,not when people come over in costumes for the party!I hope we at least will be able to open it by Sat.!


Jules614 - July 15

Good luck Marina - I hope your pool gets fixed as well. The only pool I have is a $10 kiddie one I bought for my 4 yr old 8)



JasJulesMom - July 16

Hi everyone-Been very busy. I am on vacation this week and have spent most of it so far emptying what used to be dh office to start gettingthings ready for baby. we got everything moved and I am now looking for a light fixture for the room to replace ceiling fan. Hoping tobuy paint tHursday. we are taking a break tomorrow and going to the beach.

Glad to hear all is well. Benn thinking about you Beth, hope you get BFP Thursday.

Gotta go but hope to get back on soon. I will do personals next time.


Jules614 - July 16

Geeze - all you people going in pools and to the beach! I am sooooo jealous!




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