IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - July 12

Lisa - Things are better. Hubby is taking Samantha to his brother's for the day so I am going to stay here longer. We still have not talked and his attitude is cold but at the moment - I really just don't care. I am going to enjoy my day with my friends 8)

Beth - I had a lot of back ache when I implanted. I knew I was pregnant when I was at Greg's company Christmas party and a guy walked by me who was smoking cigarettes and I got sick to my stomach. I just knew from the way it affected me. I really hope you are pregnant. I will have my fingers crossed.

My friend is in the shower. I have been helping her all day with her baby. She said she feels like I am her Nanny - her husband is sooo cute the way he talks to her with this high pitched voice. He cracks me up.



lyly14 - July 12

Wow so much going on around here. I haven't had much time for the computer lately. We have been out and about all day and night since dh's friends have been on vacation this week. We have been doing the couples thing alot and having so much fun. We have been going to the shooting range (learning to shoot was great!) and riding quads and dirt bikes. I figured I should get it all in before the stims! And just going out to lunch, dinner, having bbq's and shopping. It has been really nice but I miss chatting with all you guys.

Li- I feel like we haven't spoken in forever! Hopefully after the weekend we get to chat on msn.

Jenny- Bladder infections are so common with pregnancy. Did you have a fever? If you let them go too long they can go to your kidneys. I was on antibiotics my whole pg from 4 months on with my dd because I kept getting kidney infections. They can be so painful! Make sure you take good care of yourself! Drink tons of water and get lots of rest.

Marina- Did you get the package yet? If you didn't you should get it by monday.

Beth- I hope your 2ww goes by quick! Lots of baby dust to you.

Reshma and Ronda - How are you guys doing?

Julie- Hope things get better at home quick. Its never fun being upset and fighting.

Did I forget anyone?


Jules614 - July 12

Lyly - no you didn't forget anyone - sounds like you are having fun lately!



Marina - July 12

Julie-that is good you got your in-laws on your side,somebody could explain to your hubby about power of hormones and responsibilites of being a family man!Really,all they do is give a sperm sample(men,not your in-laws,lol).Gosh, aren't they so selfish somrtimes!
But ,you right,when it comes to lies-I just hate it.You deserve an appology.

Jen-omg,man,you forgot about our conversation!There is nothing not very important in triplet pregnancy!And Lyly is right,if infection moves to your kidney-it's a magor problem!Glad you took care of it!

Lyly,I didn't get your pakage yet,but may be on Monday.
Can't wait to start already.

Beth-usualy it takes 48 hours for the embies to implant,but sometimes it's longer.With FET,for some reason,nurse told me,it takes them longer to implant and it also depends if they are 3 day or blasts(blasts implant faster).Hopefully,that wave was a good sign.And if you'll get morning sickness-take it as a blessing,it means they are a strong embies.
I knew I was PG when we were at Menards shoping for Chistmas and I suddenly felt dizzy and sooo tired,that I didn't care anymore and fell asleep as soon as we got home-I normally never take naps in the middle of the day.
Have a great weekend everybody,I'm going to rest before my big party next Sat by the pool and work on a costumes and decorations


Jules614 - July 13

Marina -

It's a tough situation. My in-laws are interferring now. I am frustrated.

How is your pregnancy going?



Marina - July 13

Pregnancy??? ??? ??? ???
Julie...you are confused.I'm only in a process. ::)
I wish it was going though already.


Jules614 - July 13

Sorry Marina - I meant how is your IVF going? How are you feeling physicallya nd emotionally?



vw79girl - July 13

Hi girls...
Beth...when is your Beta?

Lyl and Jules~ Hopefully talk to you later on line. Hope you guys had a good day.

Marina, your party sounds like it will be a lot of fun. Make sure you take pics and post them on your Live Space.

Ronda and Reshma...5 1/2 months(22weeks) for us today! :)

Debbie and Jenny...hope you girls had a good weekend!!! Jenny, I hope you are feeling better.

I slept in a little today. Greg works on Sun. so that is my catch up day on laundry etc. I prepped veggies for Chicken Catchatorie(having my parents over tomorrow night), made a KEY LIME PIE...Yum :P, and a pasta salad. also made salads and stuff for Greg for the week. It was a productive day. Now I am laying on the couch for the rest of the night.
I can feel the boys moving around and kicking a little as I type. :) :)


Jules614 - July 14

Lisa - Your boys are going to be lucky to have a mommy who cooks and eats so well@



vw79girl - July 14

thanks Jules. That is what Greg always says when we are eating dinner. I hope you are both right! :)


Jules614 - July 14

Greg has been trying to be a good boy lately - he gave me a foot rub last night and offered to do another tonight - who is this person??



Marina - July 14

Julie,see,sometimes we gotta kick their butts!
Enjoy foot rub! ;)

Lyly,I got your package-thanks a lot!!!I should be good for now. :-* :-* :-*

Beth, how it's going?When is your beta?
Jenny- how you feeling?How that house hunting?
Reshma,didn't hear form you for a long time,hope everythind going fine.
I had a sad moment today-went to the dentist(last time I was there right before my miscarage,everybody was so ecxited for me),they all stared at me,like with a big ? ??? in their eyes,because they didn't know if I had my baby(they knew it was supposed to be by the end of July).Yeah...had to go over what happened ,again.Sad. :(


Jules614 - July 14

Marina -
That is so sad. My heart breaks for you. I always have it in the back of mind what if I lose my baby at 8 months? I think it would destroy me. You have been amazingly strong and optimistic. I am so impressed wth you.



bethnyc - July 14

Hi girls. I hope you all had a good weekend. I did alot of resting and am still working from home the rest of this week till my beta.

And, speaking of the beta, it's on Thursday. Work has been really busy, so I've been trying not to think about it at all. I wish I felt some sort of symptoms, but all I have been feeling is an overall sense of fullness (I'm not hungry at all, but forcing myself to eat) and really bloated by the end of the day. My lower back hurt on Saturday night a bit, but feels ok now. I think it may be too early to feel symptoms -- how about you guys. Did you all have symptoms this early on?

Julie - foot rubs -- hey, at least you're getting something good out of the argument.

Lisa - I'm sure you will be a great mom. Seems like it from what I know about you.

I have to finish up some work, but wanted to say hi.



bethnyc - July 15

Hi guys. I thought I sent a post a few hours ago, but I guess I didn't since I don't see it here -- strange...hopefully this isn't up there 2x.

Things here are good -- still resting - working from home this week. And, work is so busy that I haven't had much time to think about the 2ww and what's (hopfully) happening in my body. I feel ok - wish I had some real symptoms though. Here's how I"m feeling -- I have no appetite (although I do force myself to eat b/c I know I need to), my lower back hurts a bit after I'm sitting for a while and I'm really bloated at the end of the day. Not sure if that means anything, but perhpas it's too early to really feel symptoms. I've heard that the real sypmtoms occur between week 4-6, but not sure. What did you guys feel during your 2ww?

My beta (what does that mean anyway) is on Thursday. I can't believe it's almost here. I am excited and nervous, but really feel positive this time around.

Julie - seems Greg has had a change of heart and that's great. I find that dh is always extra attentive when we fight (especially when he's wrong). So, enjoy it while you can...

Lisa -- I can tell that you'll be a great mom. And, that's from the little bit that I know about you.

Marina - I'm so sorry you had to go through that again. I'm sure it wasn't easy. But, hopefully you'll have great news the next time you're there.

Lyly, JenFrancis, Reshma, Debbie & Ronda - hope you girls are doing well.



vw79girl - July 15

Beth, I am going to check my journal and get back to you on symptoms that I had. I know I had nausea just before my beta and then that entire week but none so far for the rest of the pregnancy. I'll get back to you. :)



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