IVF anyone?
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jenfrancis - July 10

LOLOLOLOL Ronda! Oh my goodness, I am cracking up! Would have been truly scary tho! Too early!

But its funny imagining you feeling the crotch of your pants! Oh man!


JasJulesMom - July 10

Good Morning everyone. I just got back from OB. Only gained 3.5 lbs so I was sooooooooooooo happy!!! Really trying to keep total under 40. Only 20 so far, maybe it will happen. Baby was doing great. Heartrate was 148. She has been very active lately. I love it, dd is so determined to talk to my belly everyday it is so funny.

Lyly- Glad you are enjoying the summer. I am finally on vacation next week and cannot wait to relax. DH and friend are going to empty the room that will be baby's so I might even pick out some paint next week.

Beth- Hope you are resting.

Ronda- That is so funny with the water and the ankles. The things we think of when we are pregnant. The worrying never stops. HOw old is your dd?

Reshema- Hope you are well.

Jen- Glad to hear move went well. House hunting must be fun especially now that your ankles are cooperating.

Lisa- Everytime I am about to eat something really yummy I thjink of you. Not to mention how envious I am you are constatnly eating yummy things and then lose weight....no fair..LOL

Marina- How much longer till you do transfer?


vw79girl - July 11

Greetings from the beach bum of the group. The weather was gorgeous today. The water a little chilly but nonetheless, an extremely relaxing day at the beach.

Thank you all for your feedback about the mural.
I am so glad you all like it. :)

Jen, I am glad that your move was successful. Hopefully you find the house of your dreams soon. My ankles are good too. I really think I was retaining a lot of water at the time.

Debbie, LOL Glad you think of me whenever you eat something yummy.
speaking of food...have any of you tried those flatbread sandwiches from Dunkin Donuts? I had one this a.m. for the first time and really liked it. :P

Ronda, I would have freaked too! Way too early for your water to be breaking.

Beth, I totally had pain at times when I think Greg hit a nerve. I could barely walk. IT will get easier, it did with me. I didn't have a lot of cushion for him to work with but as the pregnancy progressed, it was better. I think that limiting yourself it good but don't go nuts. Like I said, I had the week off from school and that helped me because I am a go go go kinda girl and it is difficult for me to just rest. I really had no reason to not rest. If you work from bed and keep your stress to a minimum I think you will be fine. praying for you!

Marina and Reshma, thinking of you girls! :)

Julie...I have to admit, this is definitely a perk of being a teacher. I still have 7 weeks off. :)

Lyly, did you find that USB cord yet lol. I will chat with you later on MSN. I enjoy talking so much with you and Julie and Reshma when she is on. Marina and Jen...you too!


Jules614 - July 11

Ronda - so glad your water hadn't broke and that was just your DD. I noticed after my 60 minute walk I am very wet down there and I am not sure it is sweat or my bladder.

JenFrancis Sorry no luck finding a sonic.

JasJulesMom - So glad to hear your appointment went well.

Lisa - Ia m going to be a teacher in my next life and marry rich..



vw79girl - July 11

Jules, you def. should in your next life!
I figure we get about 14-15 weeks off a year with vacations and days off. It's not a bad deal. Lyly knows though, we NEED the summer or else we would go absolutely NUTS. :P


Jules614 - July 11

Honestly - the only school I could teach is college and a lot of professor's don't get summers off. I don't like kids that are too small and whiny (unless they are mine ha ha ha) and I don't like middle/high school because kids are punks 8) I would want to teach students who actually want to be there.



Jules614 - July 11

Quick update – I had my 34 week appointment and it went perfectly. Before they took my blood pressure, I asked that they let me lay down on my left side so that I could relax. That definitely did the trick because my blood pressure was 120/70. Phew! My urine looked good, I had no swelling and Kaitlyn's heartbeat was 138. I lost 1 ½ pounds. I was measuring 35 weeks! The doctor was so pleased with my progress as opposed to last week, that I do not have to see her for two weeks!



bethnyc - July 11

hi girls. So happy it's Friday -- only 6 more days to go till my test. I feel like the first 3 days have gone by pretty fast. I think that's because I worked some of the time (well, pretty much all the time), but as long as I keep my mind off what's going on in my body, I think I'll be ok. Plan to stay in bed for the rest of the weekend -- I have lots of TV on my DVR and why take any chances. I am really tired b/c I'm barely getting anysleep at night b/c of the pain. I can't believe how much it hurts - so different than last time.

Lisa-- i'm like you, not much cushion at all -- I guess that's a good news/bad news thing. I think it can only get better --

Julie - glad to hear your appt went well. You must feel really good. And, only 42 days to go - you must be so excited.

Ronda - great story. I would have freaked out too. but, looking back, it must have been funny.

Lyly, JenFrancis, Reshma, Debbie (did I forget anyone???)- hope you girls are doing well.

So, what do you all have planned for the weekend - hopefully something good.

I'll most likely be online so I'll check in. When do you guys typically talk via messenger? I always forget to sign on, but if I know you're around I will.



vw79girl - July 12

Hi girls...
hope you all had a good day. It was a nice day here. Not too hot but definitely not a beach day.

I did groceries, got a chicken sandwich :), met with a girl to sell some of my artwork and she brought me a cute little baby gift of two candles that say it's a boy and two tiny little bears that are soooo soft and when the baby squeezes them, they are kind of krinkly. They are small, like the size of a rattle and adorable.
My mom and I went to Khol's this afternoon. Got a few things for Greg, myself and the babies. They have excellent prices on everything. All of their baby stuff was on sale and Maternity as well. I made out like a bandit.
My aunts are too lazy to lug the highchairs we registered for to my shower so they gave me the money in advance to buy them. It actually worked out perfect...I went today to get them and although the price went up ten dollars, I got a coupon for a ten dollar gift card in the mail, had a 5 dollar off coupon in addition to them taking 10% off of each chair due to me having twins and another 10% off the total because I opened up a charge. I saved 80 bucks. Well, they did lol. In the end, I had $20 extra so I used it towards this cream that I am in love with and a couple other tidbits. :) I figure it is my tip for going and geting them myself.
I checked my registry today and two more things came off of it. It's fun to see what is disappearing.
Jen~~~ You should get the same deal with triplets. Def. inquire and ask them.
If you are buying two of anything or more I assume, you get ten percent off. I think it was supposed to be once off of the whole purchase but she did it for each item!

Beth, I am usually on MSN at night but sometimes I will pop on here and there. Hope you are doing well.

Julie~ High school art kids aren't bad, but I don't know that I could teach any other subj. I love my art geeks! Another week of vacation gone. They go too fast. So glad your appt. went well.

Reshma E-mailed me today and is doing well. I guess her internet has been down.

Marina, how are you doing?
Lyl? ttyl perhaps?

Debbie and Ronda hope you two are well and enjoying the start to your weekend.

I am off to have a piece of cheesecake! yum! :P


Jules614 - July 12

Beth - Your beta test will be here before you know it. Do you feel different in any way?

Lisa - You are always making me hungry with all the food you talk about.

Today was a bad day. Hubby and I aren't getting along very well. He is being real insensitive. He went to a bar until midnight by himself last night (friend canceled on him and he still went). Then he tried covering it up that he was there alone. It sounded fishy. Married men with children and a pregnant wife don't hang out at a bar by themselves until midnight. Then in marriage counseling today he goes on about how he is a "family man". Well family men don't do what he does - there is more to this than I am saying - but I was so mad I can't even look at hiom right now. He never even asked about my doc appointment. So, I stuck him with Samanatha and I have left for the night. I am staying with a friend until I cool down. A few of my friends will be at this other friend's tomorrow and I think I will stick around. My husband wants to blow off his family and hang at bars - well I can blow him off too. Sorry just a bad day and I am still fuming!



Marina - July 12

Hi guys
Julie,try to calm down.I don't want to defend your hubby or say that he is right in any way,but you should understand,that he probably feels left out(I remember you mentioned you don't have sex until baby is born because of the bleeding )He is a guy and 9 month without sex...hard!And especialy right now everything about us,not them.We are crabby,hormonal,wyiny,gassy ...not to mention,probably not very sexy to them(they'd probably never admit that to us,but...) And we expect them to put up with everything that going on with us-and we are right!Because we are the ones who doing all that hard work!And you must feel horrible and it must be more going on if you mentioned counseling.Maybe you guys better of talking things out,not leave houses,because all you'll do even hanging out with friends, is think about what happened and it's still not resolved.
But I'm glad your appt went well!At least baby doing fine!
There is not a lot news with me.We are getting ready for our Hawaiian pool party next Sat.Should be fun,everybody coming wearing costumes,we'll have a lots of funny games and latin music.Too bad I can't drink,well may be a glass of champaine,I didn't tell anybody about IVF#2,so ...But I'll be a hostess,so can't drink too much anyway!
Tuesday my first baseline u/s(day 10 of lupron) and than I start my stimulation.
Lisa you are so funny with your food-how do you stay thin in life?Or it happened when you got PG?It's funny,because I'm totally oposite-I just don't care much about food,even when you describe so testy what you ate .I hope it'll change with my pregnancy-perhaps I'll start liking ice cream?


Jules614 - July 12

Marina - You are right in many ways. I left the house because I am stressed. I work from home so I don't get out - I decided to work from home over the last 2 yrs because of the IVF and fertility treatments. I lost a job of 5 yrs due to my pregnancy issues and I was afraid to do it again.

My husband works until 7 at night which means I pick my daughter up and I am with her from 5-7. When my husband comes home and finally gets settled it is 8 before he puts Samantha to bed. See he gets out - he goes out once a week with friend's to a bar until midnight. I have always been fine about that. But sometimes I want to go out. See my friend's are all married with children. They can't go out on a work night hanging at a bar and to be honest it isn't my scene either. I also have tunnel vision which means I can't drive at night. so by the time I could go out - it's dark which limits me. I just felt like I needed my time away too. There was a lot in counseling that was said yesterday that really hit a nerve. Between counseling and his lies in the middle of the night along with my hormones - well it is not a pretty mix and I needed to remove myself from the situation. I tried not to be confrontational and I like to leave before I say things I may regret. I spoke to my Mom In law who went through similar circumstances with her husband. She had a chat last night with Greg about my hormones and what is expected of a "family" guy. I guess Greg's dad is going to have a chat with him too as lying about going to bars and hanging out with strangers until midnight is a little unacceptable. I just hate being lied to and feel if you lie about one thing - how do you know a person is not lying about something else. I believe once a lier always a lier. I am just not the type to tolerate it.



jenfrancis - July 12

Julie- I am on your side girl! Sounds fishy that he would be having enough fun to justify sitting there alone? Hmm. Maybe the bartender kept him company.

Lisa - your talented beyond belief! Love the mural!

Ladies - For the past week I have been pretty ill. In pain, just feeling yucky and unable to walk with extreme pain on my right side and into my leg.

I put off going to the dr because I thought a baby was sitting on a nerve. SHAME ON ME!

Finally got too bad and went yesterday. They tried to hear heartbeats and the lady finally after taking measurements said "I can only hear two heartbeats!" I was so upset. I sat there waiting almost an hour to find out what was next.
Finally she came and said they were giving me an ultrasound. Well that lady said right away, they are all fine!
So, they looked at them took measurements etc. Then looked at my ovaries, no really big cysts, so I am laying there thinking what the hell is wrong!
They had taken blood and urine and told me to buy a belly support belt that the uterus is too big too soon and my legs cant support it! Well, I thought hmm, if that is all that will help, ok.
I decided not to sit around the hospital and wait for the dr. since I thought everything was ok....BIG MISTAKE!
So, I left and an hour later, the nurse called me back and said your blood and urine results came in. Blood is fine, but you have a high concentration of bacteria in your urine and have a severe bladder infection, bladder on the right side...hello! I was so happy to have an answer to the pain. SHe said I can not believe you dealt with this pain for a week!

Marina you know me, I dont want to seem paranoid! Big mistake! They prescribed me meds (antibiotic) and already today I am better!

I dont drink enough water and my bladder is filtering out amniotic fluid for three babies, so while they are ok, I am suffering! I am so happy to know what was wrong!


vw79girl - July 12

Julie, I hope things are a little better today. thinking of you. hang in there.

Jen~ DRINK WATER! lol I don't know how you can't when it's so warm out. I drink tons. Do you just not really like it? If that's the case, put a little lemon or lime into it. :) Glad you like the mural. I can't believe it's pretty much done!

Resh, good chatting with you last night.

Have a great weekend everyone!



bethnyc - July 12

Hi girls,

Julie - I am sorry that you and DH are having problems and I don't blame you for getting mad. He needs to understand how you're feeling, what you're going through. But, I'm glad that you are going to counciling and that you can talk with his parents. I'm sure it'll all be fine - perhaps just a bad day for him.

JenFrancis-- i'm glad that you went to the doctor and that you were able to find out what was wrong and do something about it. You must feel so relieved.

Marina - sounds like a fabulous party. Good luck with the stims -- glad you're on your way. Exciting.

Lisa - sounds like you had a good day of shopping.

Ronda, Debbie, Lyly and Reshma - hope you guys are having a nice weekend.

As for me, I moved from bed to the couch today. DH has a friend coming in today from Florida for the weekend so I didn't think laying in bed was the right thing. A good friend of theirs passed away on Wednesday -- 41 years old -- heart attack they think. Really scary stuff and completely made us re-evaluate our lives. We are even more positive that this cycle is going to work so we can start our own family.

Julie - you asked if I was feeling any different. Well, I just (like 5 minutes before I started writing this), got a huge wave of nausea and I thought to myself, OMG, I'm pregnant. It was really my 1st thought and I never felt that way before. I grabed a few pieces of pineapple after that and am sitting on the couch feeling a little nauseated and my mouth is watering like crazy. But, besides that, feel relatively normal. Do you know how many days it takes for the embbies to implant? My transfer was Tuesday, so I would assume that they would be implanted by now, but I'm not sure. And, how many days later would I feel symptoms? I am really trying hard not to think about what's going on in my body and I think that's a good thing.

I hope you are all having a great Saturday.



Jules614 - July 12

Lisa - Things are better. Hubby is taking Samantha to his brother's for the day so I am going to stay here longer. We still have not talked and his attitude is cold but at the moment - I really just don't care. I am going to enjoy my day with my friends 8)

Beth - I had a lot of back ache when I implanted. I knew I was pregnant when I was at Greg's company Christmas party and a guy walked by me who was smoking cigarettes and I got sick to my stomach. I just knew from the way it affected me. I really hope you are pregnant. I will have my fingers crossed.

My friend is in the shower. I have been helping her all day with her baby. She said she feels like I am her Nanny - her husband is sooo cute the way he talks to her with this high pitched voice. He cracks me up.




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