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Jules614 - July 3

I don't have time for personals but here is an update on how my OB appointment went. So, I went in for my 33 week appointment. I had a feeling my blood pressure was going to be high and sure enough it was. The nurse checked my blood pressure and it was 150/100. I lost 1 pound and there was no protein in my urine. The doctor came in and checked Kaitlyn's heart rate which was about 158. Her head is down and low. My OB retook my blood pressure and it was 140/90 which still wasn’t good. So, off to labor and delivery she sent me to monitor my blood pressure, do some blood work and monitor Kaitlyn's heart rate. My OB now wants to see me weekly. She also prescribed me some medication for my constipation (suppositories to stick up my bum twice a day) and she recommended either Sennaket, Milk of Magnesia or Dulcolax to clean my system out..

So, off to labor and delivery I went where they checked my blood pressure the minute I arrived and it was 103/68. That is my normal count when I am not nervous. They checked my urine again which was negative for protein and my blood work came back normal. They monitored Kaitlyn on the machine for a little over an hour. She was sleeping because her heart rate never went above 140. They sent me home with a clean bill of health. Labor and Delivery basically said chances are my OB will send me there weekly now. Joy!


vw79girl - July 3

Wow Jules, sounds like you had quite a day.
I also had an OB appt.
my results were:

~I lost two lbs.
~The heartbeats were both in the 158-160 range
~he measured my uterus and said it is where it should be.
~I will be having a C-section most likely due to my surgeries etc.
~My urine was okay
~ I go back in 4 weeks for an U/s to measure the buggers

I also found out today that the 3D will cost us double the $125 because there are two. Such bull. But whatever. i did about $360 worth of free lance artwork this past week so I figure that will go towards the 3D. I just would really like one. That isn't until I am 28 weeks.

I brought in pictures of the mural. Everyone in the office went nuts over it. :)

Had a hair appt. and went to do groceries so I don't have to go tomorrow. I am pooped as I woke at 5a.m. and couldn't fall back asleep.

How is everyone doing?


Jules614 - July 3

Lisa -

Glad your appinment went well. How are you feeling? You enjoying the thunder storms? Good job for losing 2 pounds.



vw79girl - July 3

yes Jules and in honor of losing the 2 lbs, I went to BK and got my famous chicken sandwich :)


Jules614 - July 3

Lisa -

You are too funny. Samantha got a bad report at school today so when daddy got home he grounded her - no TV for the night. She cried so hard she forced herslef to throw up all over the bed. I hate when she does that. See what you get to look forward to? Only twice the babies twice the trouble 8)



lyly14 - July 4

Hey girls- Happy 4th of July everyone!


Jules614 - July 4

Happy 4th too!



vw79girl - July 4

Happy 4th of July to all of my girls!!! :)


Jules614 - July 4

I am so constipated - I am ready to cry 8(
ha ha ha - I will have to eat some chili or something



JasJulesMom - July 5

Happy 4th of July everyone. Glad your appointments went well Julie and Lisa. I have another anatomy scan Tuesday, remember they said baby was too small and they scheduled me wrong, so I am looking forward to seeing her. I have my regular OB on Thursday and I am sure I did not lose any. Hope I did not gain too much. My ankles have been really huge the last two days. I hope it does not continue


vw79girl - July 5

okay i just typed out a post and completely lost it so here goes again:

Jules, I hope that the constipations subsides. :(
Debbie, Put your feet up and drink lots of water, that helped me.

Went to my parents today to spend the 4th with Family and Friends. Luckily the weather held up and the sun did shine which was nice.

what did Lisa eat? I am sure you are all wondering. well there were all kinds of things there today:

5 layer taco/mex dip & scoops
onion dip and chips
all kinds of crackers and some yummy sundried tomato/cheese dip

all kinds of marinated meat on skewers with veggies
rice, corn on the colb, salad mmmmmm

fruit salad and strawberry shortcake(homemade biscuts) and real whipped cream YUM!!!
the babies and I are stuffed :) :)

hope you all had a good day!
It feels like a Saturday


Jules614 - July 5

JasJulesMom - Good luck at your appointment - hopefully, you can get a clearer due date.

Lisa - Sounds like you ate well. Any heart burn yet?

My fourth was good - had a get together with some friends. Last minute the girls decided to go see Sex in The City - I saw it for a second time. I heard my daughter set off fireworks with daddy! Kaitlyn kicked the entire movie. My friend loved feeling her.



vw79girl - July 5

nope...no heartburn yet!!! lol :)


lyly14 - July 5

Hey girls hope everyones 4th was good. I have been so busy with the new puppy. It's like having a new baby in the house. Lol. Dh is already spoiling him so I see what I have to look foward to if we finally have a baby! Pudge has been in the bed sleeping with us, I don't even let my daughter sleep in the bed with us. Dh definitely needs some parenting skills otherwise we will have one spoiled puppy.


vw79girl - July 6

Ronda and Resh,
Happy 21 weeks!!! :)


Jules614 - July 6

good to hear no heart burn!




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