IVF anyone?
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JasJulesMom - June 30

Hi everyone. Sorry I have not been posting. Work has been busy again. Hopefully this will be the last spike for now. I had a busy weeken too. DD had recital yesterday, she did great but it was exhausting. Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Baby is so busy these days, she moves non stop. Everyone is waiting for the day they can feel her too, especially dd.


Jules614 - June 30

Wow it is quiet on this site today. Where is everyone?



lyly14 - July 1

Hey Julie it is pretty quiet around here today. Funny, now that I am not at work I don't have as much time to get on the site. I had a very busy weekend so I haven't even had time to get on to see how everyone is doing. My daughter had her dance recital this weekend and was in 2 shows Sat and Sun. So it has been non stop.

Debbie- My daughter takes tap and Jazz and loves it. She really doesn't like ballet too much but is considering taking it up again because she wants to do competition! Oh boy hours and hours of dance and costumes. I don't know about your dd's dance school but the costumes are so pricey.

So today I went in to see the nurses and get my script for the bcp. I start the pills on Wed. I have an appt to talk to the Re on the 7th but they gave me my calendar today. It looks like my retrieval is going to be on Aug 6th with my transfer on the 9th.

Marina & Beth - how are you guys doing? Where are you all at?

Marina- Let me know about the meds as soon as you talk to the RE. If you can use them I will send them to you.


Jules614 - July 1

Lyly - it does sound like you are busyw ith your daughtr! That is nice she is in dance.

Tonight something freaky happened. I was talking to hubby and all of sudden my arms and face went beat red in a matter of seconds. He asked me if I was hot. I ran to the mirror and I was as red as an apple. Two minutes later I went back to my normal color. I wonder what could have caused that?



Marina - July 1

Hi guys,
we 've been pretty busy ourselfs on a weekend.Nothing new to report.
My DH went in today to give a sperm sample.Will see how that turns out this time.They also want us to repeat STD testing-again!I thought it was good for a year,but now it's a new rule-6 months.Grrr,more money!Good thing-they credited us $2700-part for the failed FET.
Lyly ,
tomorrow we have RN consultation and she is going to write a script for me,so I'll ask if I can replace Vivelle with estraderm and let you know.
My retrival will be approx July 27-28.
that was really strange-never heard of this before.
Lisa,how is that painting going?
Beth,how are you,when is your transfer?
Jenny,Reshma,Debbie,Ronda-hope you all right.


vw79girl - July 1

I was a busy bee on my first day of vacation and worked on the mural for about 5 hours. I am so happy with what I did so far. I have posted a pic on my Live Space. :)
I will e-mail it out to those of you who don't have it but I think I only have Marina's e-mail. Maybe Ronda's too.

Lyl and Marina, glad to hear that things are rolling. :)

Julie, glad you are okay. thanks for the comment on my easysite!
and Jen, I am glad you left one about the mural, wait until you see the updated version!

Hope you all are doing well.

Ronda, Deb, Beth...how are you girls?


Jules614 - July 1

Marina - good luck with your hubby's testing. I remember missing the 6th month mark from going from IUI's to IVF and they made us repeat every single test. We already knew the results.. so, I can understand how you and DH felt.

Lisa - I want a vacation? In my next life I am going to be a teacher so I can have lots of vacations and summers off.



Arabsrcool - July 1

Hi girls,

it has been a busy couple of days, for everyone it seems. My dh and I are in full swing trying to get the bedrooms moved upstairs. I am struggling with the fact I cannot do any of of the lifting over 20 lbs and dh is having to move all the furniture. It is so frustrating!

I am not feeling so perky today. I woke up with a sore throat, didn't sleep well and having alot of pains in my abdomen. I am hoping its only gas, but ouch it hurts! I of course keep running to the bathroom to make sure I am not bleeding. I still feel Cara moving so I think that is a good thing.



Jules614 - July 1

Ronda -

I am right there with you being frustrated from being unable to lift 20 pounds. I have a daughter who is 32 pounds and it is hard telling her I can't pick her up.

I am so sorry you have a sore thoat. It sucks because you can't take much.



JasJulesMom - July 1

Lyly- Julianna takes tap, jazz and ballet. Next year we are moving on to hip hop also. She started when she was two so this is her third recital. Costumes run about 65-70 but when you have to buy more than 1 it adds up. We only have recital in 1 day, two shows. It is the ;ongest day ever. we get there at 11 for the first show and usually finish at 10:30pm. This year was tough for me, I really needed to eat more and felt lightheaded, but we made it. Glad you have date for retrieveal. Knowing when something is going to happen always makes me feel better.

Marina- Glad to see you also have a date for your retrieval.

Beth- How are things progressing with you?

Julie- I got tjose hot flashes alot late in my pg with dd. Watch your salt intake. You are almost there . Did you finish the baby's room?

Ronda- We are going to start the rearranging next week. I am on vacation. I know what you mean about the lifting thing. Dh does things at his own pace, if you know what I mean and I like to work quicker and more organized. It is going to be a challenge. The goal is to get the room emptied out and ready for paint.

Reshema, Jen how are you girls.

Lisa- Send me an email, I would love to see the mural. [email protected].


Jules614 - July 1

JasJulesMom - I don't eat anything with salt. I absolutely hate the taste of salt. How are you going to rearrange your room - any plans yet? What will be your room's theme.

I am starting to get more and more tired throughout the day 'yawn'. I am feeling Kaitlyn constantly now - she is kicking me as I type.



vw79girl - July 1

I think you were in my thread when I sent out the e-mail last night. Let me know if you got it.

Ronda~ Feel better hun, try to rest.

I am off to pick out a cake for my shower with my mom and to go to lunch. :) and do what I do best...EAT lol.

Talk to you all later!


JasJulesMom - July 2

Where is everyone?


jenfrancis - July 2

8)Hey Ladies!
Today was my last day of work. Tonight we are heading out to Louisiana. Hubby driving us then he is flying back to meet packers.

We will be traveling with the dog and cat. FUN - NOT! ~

I am fine, no new updates on the triplets. I am pooped between training my replacement and getting ready to leave.

I am sad to leave my family and funny thing is even sad about leaving my job. Boss was great it was easy work.

Take care all, I hope to be on the computer in no time. Lets see if the other half of the family has a computer!!! :) Hope so!

Lyly, lisa, debbie, julie, reshma, marina, and the rest of you (I know i am forgetting you) take care, good luck,God bless!


vw79girl - July 3

Girls...this is what I have so far. Alexia is my niece and Evan is a student of mine. He insisted on doing Benjamin Bunny and I let him do just that lol. Lexi painted a leaf. I am soooo excited about this project and how it looks so far. :)

and paste the whole link into your browser so you can see it)
I am ready to take a shower... :) Enjoy!


Jules614 - July 3

I don't have time for personals but here is an update on how my OB appointment went. So, I went in for my 33 week appointment. I had a feeling my blood pressure was going to be high and sure enough it was. The nurse checked my blood pressure and it was 150/100. I lost 1 pound and there was no protein in my urine. The doctor came in and checked Kaitlyn's heart rate which was about 158. Her head is down and low. My OB retook my blood pressure and it was 140/90 which still wasn’t good. So, off to labor and delivery she sent me to monitor my blood pressure, do some blood work and monitor Kaitlyn's heart rate. My OB now wants to see me weekly. She also prescribed me some medication for my constipation (suppositories to stick up my bum twice a day) and she recommended either Sennaket, Milk of Magnesia or Dulcolax to clean my system out..

So, off to labor and delivery I went where they checked my blood pressure the minute I arrived and it was 103/68. That is my normal count when I am not nervous. They checked my urine again which was negative for protein and my blood work came back normal. They monitored Kaitlyn on the machine for a little over an hour. She was sleeping because her heart rate never went above 140. They sent me home with a clean bill of health. Labor and Delivery basically said chances are my OB will send me there weekly now. Joy!



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