IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - June 26

Beth - I am ok - cats puked and I just stepped in it dragging it all over the house.

Lisa - Glad your appointment went well.

It's official - I got a hemmorhoid! I got one around this time with Samantha as well. My butt is on fire. I just shoved some tucks in it and had to buy Colex???




JasJulesMom - June 26

Beth an anatomy scan is an ultra sound where the tech looks at all the babies organs and takes pictures for review, to ensure all is well. They also measure all the major bones in the body and look at the spine to make sure there are no deformities. It ususally takes about 30-45 per baby so Jen should be in for a long scan when she goes.


vw79girl - June 27

hang in theere, that sucks. I had problems with those about ten years ago but since my surgery, will never have them again. good luck hun.

Yes, Beth, like Deb said, it measures the organs etc. kidney's the cerebral whatever lol, makes sure the ambilical cord is coming out of the right place, measures the belly and lots of other things. Greg and I were there for about an hour and a half to do two of them lol.

I forgot to add that Heartbeats were 160 and 158. Of course Paul's is faster and always has been lol even though he is smaller.

I have a breakfast to go to tomorrow for 7:30 with my colleagues and then turning in grades etc./wrap up before a 1:30 cookout at my Principal's house for the afternoon. It's supposed to be a nice day. Planning on wearing that cute new tank with the embroidered Suns. :) :)


Jules614 - June 27

Lisa - I am sure you will give us the scoop on everythng you ate at breakfast! I went to the 99 tonight and had a lobster roll. YUMMERS!



vw79girl - June 27

Of course I will give you all the scoop as it is a buffet breakfast. I may even tantilize you with the goodies at the BBQ. :P

I made a copy of the u/s of the boys together and then one of each of them from today and matted and framed them in glass clip frames and hung them in their room. They are so cute!


vw79girl - June 28

I am officially done school and on vacation for 9 weeks! :D

Julie, so glad your u/s went well and Kaitlyn is doing okay. What a relief. I like the profile pic.

I am exhausted from all of the eating today.

the breakfast was delicious: A plethora of pastries, a gorgeous fruit
platter, scrambled eggs, french toast, sausage, bacon, grilled english
muffins, home fries, coffee, tea, oj, cranberry juice.
I went grocery shopping on a full stomach which is good.
My principal has an annual BBQ at his house so I joined my colleagues in some good food and laughs. Most of them of course were getting smashed but not me, I pigged out on the many pasta salads and dips and had a cheeseburger too. That was around 2 so needless to say it's about that time...I am making a snack.
Hope you all had a good day. Have a great weekend my girls!
On Sunday Ronda, Reshma and I hit the 5 month mark! :)

Jenny, good to talk to you today!


Jules614 - June 28

Lisa - I just met a friend and his daughter at Freindly's. I had the Honey Chicken sandwish with fries. I then had peanut butter ice cream. I have gas REAL bad! HA HA



RB - June 28

Lisa, i was laughing my head off while reading your post!!!! thank goodness i was eating while reading it or i would have had some serious cravings!!!

Julie, i love the profile pic as well! You must be so relieved that everything is ok...sorry to hear about the hemmorhoids...i hope i dont get them...but my mom and sister both did so i am afraid i am doomed. Your are so close now...just a few more weeks!!! I am so excited for you!!

Jen, i loved your u/s pics!

Ronda, Lisa...20 weeks!!!! we're half-way there!!!

Debbie, Lyly, Marina, Beth...how are you girls doing?

I had my anatomy scan on Thursday and everything was ok. Zara measured at 19w 6d which is right on target and her hb was 150. She was moving around but kept her legs firmly crossed so we didnt get another peak to make sure there was no mistake the last time. Unfortunately i dint get a 20w u/s pic as i had hoped cuz the tech didnt print one for me...i was really pissed.

I did post my 15wk u/s and one of the 3D images and some pics dh took today on my Spaces page and also on my easysite (thanks Lisa - it was super easy to sety up)

The address for the easysite for those not on msn is


girls, i am off to bed...have a great weekend!



vw79girl - June 28

Resh...that's cool you set up an easy site too. It's very user friendly mine is www.easysite.com/fedorBOYS for the girls who don't have the MSN. I am off to bed!


Jules614 - June 28

Reshma - I am so glad everything at your ultra sound went well and you are measuring on track. You are just about half way there. How do you feel?



RB - June 28

Julie, I am so relieved to have made it to this point!!! I am also so thankful that in spite of my two scares, Zara is doing really well. I have been feeling a lot more movemnt and some of her kicks are getting really strong :)

personally i am feeling great...even with the constant heartburn and some weird sensations down below :-\ and I love that my belly is finally looking like a pregnant belly :)

Ronda and Lisa...what about you guys? Anything significant happening at the half-way mark?

How are the rest of you girls doing?



Jules614 - June 28

Reshma - So glad to hear you are enjoying your pregnancy. I enjpyed my first but I am not crazy about this one. I love Kaitlyn so much though...



vw79girl - June 29

20 weeks today girls!!! :D :D


Jules614 - June 30



Marina - June 30

Congrats to all ladies who now "over the hill"-20 weeks mark! :)


JasJulesMom - June 30

Hi everyone. Sorry I have not been posting. Work has been busy again. Hopefully this will be the last spike for now. I had a busy weeken too. DD had recital yesterday, she did great but it was exhausting. Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Baby is so busy these days, she moves non stop. Everyone is waiting for the day they can feel her too, especially dd.



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